Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 5 News

Wednesday, 25 February

[18:00 PM] Gripp hunts
Gripp reports:

On Wednesday night I and a friend of mine went to [REDACTED] College to kill [REDACTED]. We tried to find him around the College, hoping that he would be celebrating open season. He was nowhere to be found; so we lurked into his staircase, and had a look around. He definitely was in his room, and had left a message for us outside. We didn't manage to get him out though, and while waiting for him, we noticed suspicious movements of people. At that point we knew that he knew we were out there, and left.


Open season has been declared! That means all live players are licit targets for all other live targets. (except police of course, but they may still target incos and wanted.)

Below are the remaining assassins and their details (I will update this post as players are knocked off, so refer to this if you want to know who is still alive)


Salman Iftikhar
Kings College Cambridge
Keynes 319
No Water

Name: Yuan Zhang
College: Selwyn
Address: I5 (i5), Cripps Court
Water Status: No Water

Thomas Stone
Blyth 40
No water

Name: Adam Beaumont
College: Churchill
Address: 8P, North Water
Water Status: NO Water

Name: Aiden Chan
College: Jesus
Address: 24 Malcolm St, Room 6
Water status: No water

Name: Alessandro Mariani
College: King's
Address: Keynes 213
Water Status: No Water

Friday, 27 February

[10:30 AM] Aqua Grunt 1 AKA Aqua Leader Archie (Jacques Elliott) killed by K
K reports:

To avoid disturbing his neighbours, I decided to kill him in the morning before his 11 am lecture.

It was easy to find his accommodation block and the outer gate was left carelessly open. I waited briefly outside another locked door before gaining entrance when someone hurried out. It took me some time to and find his room, but fortunately, there were no civilians or informants around. I hid in a corner just outside his corridor and waited... After 10 minutes, I saw him walking out of his room and into the bathroom. As he came out, I stabbed him with a knife.

[19:35 PM] Archbishop of Banterbury gets another kill, this time on Week 5 (Peter Jordan)
Archbishop of Banterbury reports:

The shadows grew longer, the daylight grew thin,
The wind howled, and whistled, and shivered with cold.
Dark clouds hid the moon, and the darkness swept in.
'Twas time for Assassins: quick, brutal and bold.

I entered the building, and spied out the place
Where my target was eating his last ever meal.
I walked in, I smiled as I spotted his face,
Then I sliced through his back with the bite of cold steel.

...with thanks to N. F., who has now been an awesome accomplice in 2 separate vicious murders.

Saturday, 28 February

[15:00 PM] Team Rocket Grunt 666 gets close to his target
Team Rocket Grunt 666 reports:

Today, planning to make a sacrifice to restore order in the world, I headed to [REDACTED] College. The Lord helped me open the locked doors, and let me into the target's staircase. Unfortunately, he was not there. I waited for a while, but he wasn't coming, so I left.

Sunday, 1 March

[13:00 PM] The Whistler shoots a poor innocent bystander

Umpire: The Whistler was made wanted for this. He then later killed a player that was already dead, which I decided was enough for redemption, so he is no longer wanted. Sorry for any confusion

The Whistler reports:

I received a tip-off that [REDACTED] was going to watch [REDACTED], so I waited some distance from his accommodation, until he emerged. Unfortunately, he had a bike, and as he cycled past me I was unable to get him without starting a firefight across a busy junction. I gave chase, but was unable to keep up and he escaped.

A couple of hours later, in almost the same place I saw a guy that looked like the target coming back from BUMPS. He too was cycling, wearing a [REDACTED], and a [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] ([REDACTED]colours). I called the name "[REDACTED]" and he stopped, replying in the affirmative. I got my gun out and repeated the name. "[REDACTED]?" I asked. "What?" was the reply, as I pointed the gun at his chest and took a single shot.

And then the killer. "I'm not [REDACTED]", he says. "This is for the assassin's, right?".

Oh dear.

I'm sorry Michael, I know you didn't want to have to do this.

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