Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
Super-villainDr 'I'm so glad I cloned myself' HorribleDouglas Water
Super-villainBuffy SummersHannah Jesus Lane, Room 3JesusNo WaterPlease don't climb on my balcony, it's not very strong.
Super-villainKitty FantasticoHonor BlackmanKitty.Fantastico.Life.1.of.9@gmail.comMs. P. Galore's Flying Circus, Goldfinger RanchThe Real WorldNo Water
Super-villainBenedickRichard 104, West HouseHomertonNo WaterUndergraduate engineer - visits to town for course purposes
Super-villainDead BowieThe Dukedukecharles@gmail.comBlanket Out-of-Bounds At Home and WorkFormerly of JesusNo WaterI am a Real Person, please do not approach my workplace, this could cause problems for both of us. My house is also out of bounds.
Super-villainThe OperativeTom Ruddlethomasjruddle@gmail.comIn a tiny village just outside Coventry - come try kill me if you likeEx-PembrokeNo WaterGuess I've got time for one last job...
Super-villainThorNot Chris WaterMy room is OOB
HenchmanNikki HeatIsobel Clare Colony (yes this is correct)HomertonWater With Care
HenchmanHoban's StegosaurusRory 7, Kenny A BuildingDowningNo Water
HenchmanWarrant Officer HammerDanielle Castle End, Clare ColonyClareWater With Care
Bad Horse ChorusMal ReynoldsJonathan Claviererrant.jonathan@gmail.com71 Godwin WayThe Real WorldNo WaterI live with 4 other housemates.
Bad Horse ChorusLokiEm Whewells CourtTrinityNo Water
Bad Horse ChorusEchoAnna Catherine K1, Memorial CourtClareNo Water
Bad Horse ChorusMermanRobin 12, Robert Honeycombe Building (West Court)Clare HallWater With CareMind the laptop on the desk
Bad Horse ChorusHands of BlueMatt, Spalding HostelKing'sNo Water
Bad Horse ChorusPaul BallardIgnas Saint Peter's Terrace, rooms 6 and 6a.PeterhouseNo WaterRoom 6 is No Water. Room 6a is Full Water. [Umpire's Note: remember no firing water from Water Zones into No-Water Zones]
Bad Horse ChorusLary BambelClarine Julienneclarine.julienne@gmail.com102 Cromwell roadNewnhamNo WaterIn shared accommodation with 4 others. My room is on the first floor in the middle. Regularly found at the Social Anthropology Department on Free School Lane in town.
Bad Horse ChorusJayne CobbHenry McIntyre, Cripps BuildingQueens'Water With CareMind my laptop on my table
Bad Horse ChorusGoodcop/Badcop?Kai BlundellSidney SussexNo Water
Bad Horse ChorusDon JohnRichard Water
Bad Horse ChorusMalicious WalrusMichael 10, 1 St. Peter's TerracePeterhouseWater With Care
Bad Horse ChorusGeneric SHIELD Agent #3Matthew Court, M1ClareWater With Care
Bad Horse ChorusAgent CoulsonJoshua de, Foundress CourtPembrokeNo Water
Four Star AdmiralCheddar Nimitz the ThirdAlessandro 213, Keynes BuildingKing'sNo Water
Tea BoyThe Crew's New DriverRomaric Massonromaric_m@yahoo.fr71 Godwin wayThe Real WorldNo Water

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
Super-villainDr HorribleDouglas HallWolfson
Super-villainCaptain HammerDanielle SaundersClare
Super-villainWesley Wyndam-PryceRichard JonesHomerton
HenchmanThe Crew's DriverRomaric MassonThe Real World
HenchmanLieutenant HammerDanielle SaundersClare
HenchmanAngelusSamuel MackeyQueens'
HenchmanGeneric SHIELD Agent #94Thomas (Twm) StoneChrist's
Bad Horse ChorusSimon TamRichard AllittRobinson
Bad Horse ChorusCheddar NimitzAlessandro MarianiKing's
Bad Horse ChorusGeneric SHIELD Agent #1Thomas (Twm) StoneChrist's
Bad Horse ChorusGeneric SHIELD Agent #2Joshua de GromoboyPembroke
HenchmanCheddar Nimitz Jr.Alessandro MarianiKing's
Tea BoyFredSamuel MackeyQueens'

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollegeCrime
HenchmanFaithSamuel MackeyQueens'Killing an innocent and then using a projectile weapon in a no-projectile zone
Bad Horse ChorusStan LeeBen WeberSt Catharine'sTurning to evil
Bad Horse ChorusPatienceLeslie StoweRobinsonAccomplicing while dead; using info from death to bring about the death of a live player

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