Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 4 News

Saturday, 8 February

[10:00 AM] Unsolved mystery surrounding The Silence
The Silence reports:

A gunshot. Many people heard it. Those who were at the scene didn't. No one remembers who did the shooting, who got shot, or who else was even there. No one was killed. Police are baffled.

[19:00 PM] Ancient forces clash and Douglas Hall (The Valeyard) and Matthew Fitch (The Silence) fall in the battle and so does Adam Beaumont (An Innocent Passerby)
The Valeyard reports:

"Lord-President!" The guards snap to attention as Rassilon strides forth from the elevator with an attendant detail of retainers and chancellory guard at his side. The Lord president has not been seen outside the chambers of the High Council since the siege of Gallifrey began and for him to march into their headquarters with no warning is something none of the troops here anticipated. But who are they to question the founder of Timelord society as we know it? Striding through the main doors to the chambers above the command centre itself, his chancellory guard break off to take position either side of the doors. His two adjutants move to follow him, but Rassilon quickly barks at them to wait. "I will speak with the general alone" he says without turning, and his aides find the doors slammed in their face with a iron finallity.
He makes it halfway down the corridor before a voice from behind him calls his attention. Rassilon turns. "Who are you?".
"The Valeyard". [*Bang*] [*bang*] [*bang*]
Rassilon clutches at his chest, staggering, clawing at his staff to stay upright, before slowly slumping to the floor. There is a faint glow as regeneration energies begin to flicker over his skin. [*bang*] The energies flicker and die, and all that remains is an empty guant quiet broken by hard footsteps as the figure walks over the body and reaches into a pocket of his flowing robe, removing an access card - after all where in the Capitol would Rassilon not be allowed to go?
"Goodbye Rassilon. You took us out of the Dark Times in the old days of our race; don't worry, it was inevitable that in time someone would correct that mistake." He moves to walk away, then turns again to the empty husk. "They used to call the Doctor the Oncoming Storm. What can I say? It looks like the storm has arrived." He smiles. "Once the General is disposed of, I will rebuild Gallifrey aneW. I will bring our kind the power we always should have had; the power we always deserved! No more tiptoeing around the timestream; we will bend it to our will and subjugate the lesser races. Unlimited power! Infinite rice-pudding! He looks around as if slightly bewildered by the words that have just escaped his lips, then stalks off into the shadows.

The study doors fly open, propelled by a breaching charge. "In the name of the High Council of Time Lords I arrest you General, on charges of murder and high-treason! As learned court-prosec..." The room is empty. The black-robed figure flanked by chancellory guards walks slowly into the room. They spread out, checking alcoves and hiding places for their quarry (so many backdrop jokes, so little time). Suddenly the Valeyard gasps, yelling to his entourage, "kill them!" The guards turn in shock, levelling their weapons, scanning the room. Another guard yells out from the other side of the room, but as the others turn to him, he just stares back blankly at them.
At the apex of the domed roof of the study, a nest of hanging figures begin to stir, sparks of blue energy arcing acros their bodies. In a few moments the chancellory guards begin to fire at them; a few of The Silence fall, but they are many, and soon all that remains of the guards is ash. All that remains of me is ash.
And yet here I am. A few tenous wisps of thought clinging to what remains of the Matrix - the repository of the collected knowledge of the Timelords. Yes. Still here. One day I will be free again, but until that day, I must wait. From the edge of existence I will whisper to you Doctor, for the difference between us is, as with so much on Gallifrey, just a matter of time...

The Valeyard,
Late Court Prosecutor by appointment of The High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey

The Silence reports:

A body has at last been found outside Earl Grey's room: it was the Valeyard. This explains who was shot this morning, but doesn't explain who did it. Furthermore, another odd thing about the case is that the body was only a few minutes old, while the gunshot happened hours ago. Yet again, everyone involved in the case seem to have amnesia, which doesn't help things. Police inneficiency seems to be particularly high, as it appears many have been repeating the same actions and forgetting about them. This all makes it seem like the case may never be solved.

Reports state that a doctor came and cleared up the case. It has now been classified.

[19:15 PM] The first confirmed death due to supervision work: Filip Masic (EktaDidge) is the victim of Nitros Oxide
EktaDidge reports:

I lost my knife today in amongst a batch of supervision work so that when the wolf rushed at the door, I stood in horror at my empty pocket, turned and buckled over my desk in a desperate, frenetic search. Then the bullet hit and I collapsed, a pool of blood shrouding the desk and rendering my supervision work illegible.


Nitros Oxide reports:

{Translated from the original Gasmoxian}

*cut to Zem playing with a small cute animal* ZEM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WE'RE ON AIR. Oh [untranslatable], I'll just stick this away. *Zam shoots cute animal* NO TIME FOR THAT, LOOK PROFESSIONAL! Hello, all you aliens out there and welcome to another episode of what has been voted Gasmoxia's favourite show: it's the one, the only SURVIVAL OF THE FAAAAAAAAAASTESSSSSSST! Coming up in tonight's bloodsoaked trials and tribulations, we have the People's Champion, the Parking Lot Manager: it's NITROS OXIDE. Oh yes, and Zem can speak again, which is nice.

I'm pretty sure all you fine specimens out there know the drill. I'll let Zem shout it this time, now he's recovered from his temporary dumbness. Well, thank you, Zam, I will. SPIN. THE. WHEEEEEEEEEEL!

And wow, that was a quick spin and it's [COLLEGE-PLANET REDACTED]. Ooh, now this is an interesting one, as anyone who watches our sister show Survival of the Fastest: Fastester knows (10th Gasmoxian Time Unit, Channel Naughty Dog 2). This is the home of some of the most fiercely competitive racing in the galaxy, which means there's been a lot of intra-planet competition before Survival of the Fastest, especially after the long-running champion known only as the Spoonmaster stepped down a few macrotime units back. Fun fact, Zam, the inhabitants of this college-planet are obsessed with right angles!

Nitros obviously knew about the heavily competitive nature of this circuit and so a little bird tells me that he's got a mole on the surface. Ah, yes, Oxide is signalling him now - it's his old friend, N-Trance, who's been camped out there for three macrotime units, apparently. Never let it be said that Oxide doesn't take his job incredibly seriously, eh, Zam? You said it!

With the cunning help of N-Trance, Oxide easily bypasses all security to offer his challenge freely up to the current champion of this planet, Filip Masic - a chess-obsessed speed freak in a nifty little sedan car - don't be fooled by the luxury, though, Filip Masic is a force to be reckoned with. On any other day, that is, not against Oxide.

We'll have to stop you there, Zam, as Masic has taken on the challenge with a grizzled look! We've missed all the preparation, so we'll have to say 3! 2! 1! GOGOGOGOGO! And Masic and Oxide are neck and neck off the starting line! Around the first two corners and onto the straight now. Ooh, Nitros is pulling back - maybe he's going to try the quick shot into Masic's back, like he did against Konradin Muskens? Yes, here he goes! NO! THE MISSILE HAS MISFIRED! I can't believe that Oxide didn't check for that before he set off! Amateur mistake, if I may say so, Zam. You may not, Oxide will definitely have a back up plan. Masic is angry now and shoves a door into Oxide's face...dunno where he got that from. Oxide's got some catching up to do - will he make it? He still looks cold and calculating as he goes off the ramp in the middle of the course. And fires from the top of it? Why would he do that? We're tracking the missile now.... OH MY VELO WHAT A SHOT. Just as Masic goes for another weapon to fire at Oxide, Oxide draws another missile from his kart and hits him with PINPOINT precision!

Wow, that was amazing - and it's another victory for Oxide! I definitely wasn't worried, Zam. You mean to say you doubted Oxide? Are you a Gasmoxian at all? Haha, Zam, you're so funny! Hmmm, well, I've been Zam. And I've been Zem! For how much longer, though... What was that, Zam?

Hail Emperor Velo the 27th!

[20:00 PM] Romaric Masson (Will Ritaly-Eight) leaves the active assassins and is welcomed by the police

Tuesday, 11 February

[14:00 PM] Earl Grey seems to be confused by the train schedules missing the Tank Engine
Earl Grey reports:

I had intended to have afternoon tea with my dear friend, but it was not to be. I visited his room, but found it locked and empty. I did not give up easily, waiting a good 90 minutes in case he should return, though eventually it became apparent that this was futile. In attempt to be a gentleman, I left a note detailing my regret that we did not meet. I'm sure we can rearrange to a later date.

Wednesday, 12 February

[17:55 PM] Charlotte Furniss-Roes (Mary Watson) last meal is denied by little fella
little fella reports:

Killed her on her way to dinner. Next time I'll try to remember to let them have their last meal.

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