The Assassins' Guild: Mayweek 2013 Game Awards

For various achievements and entertainments, the following awards are presented:

The Mexican Standoff Award for tensest situation:
Alison Madgwick, Cheryl Weedon and Tristan Roberts for all being within 0.0135 points of each other with only 1 and a half days to go.
The Kenny Award for dying far too many times:
Jorn Emborg, for his 9 deaths without killing until the final day, which became a running joke in reports.
Honourable mention to Sarah Binney, who died the same number of times, but no-one seemed to notice.
The Darwin Award for death by stupidity:
Max Baxter-Allen for attempting to coerce Jorn to win a bounty for him, and after learning that Jorn was dead and promising to team up again later, going to kill the easiest target in the vicinity (so, if he succeeded, Jorn would not be able to kill them) and then getting killed by them anyway.
The Laurel And Hardy Award for most amusing double-act:
Matthew Fitch and Sakunthala Panditharatne (Saku) for Matthew killing Saku so much, he got bored and gave her weaponry to make it more of a challenge, which Saku then tried to use when already dead.
The David Duffit Award for secrecy and deception:
Cheryl Weedon for integrating herself into different pubs and parties for over 10 hours while looking to get revenge on Tristan Roberts.
The Leek and Safe Award for most interesting weaponry:
The Duke for his amazingly cute but deadly lethal knitted Dalek.
The Yellow Streak Award for running away:
Alison Madgwick for relinquishing her claim on a contested kill, after she learned she'd have to have a duel.
The Zaphod Beeblebrox award for style:
Vamsee Bheemrieddy for jumping out a window to kill people with a Ice Gun.
The Harland Quinn Golden Quill for the most amusing reports:
Tristan Roberts, for The Rat Man's adventures in Aperture Laboratories.
Honourable mention to Cheryl Weedon for Bad Horse.
The Brutus Award for best betrayal:
Laura Sedgwick, for being chummy with her target for the whole of Suicide Sunday and then killing her in a nightclub.
The Banker's Bonus Award for profit:
Dylan Pritchard for going the alcoholic's extra mile to make a snowball in the middle of June for a bottle of wine.
Honourable mention to Ben Fraser for claiming the bounty on Alison on the final day.
The Spawncamper Award for cheapest kill:
Tom Neat for killing Devang Agrawal while he was in bed due to illness.
Honourable mention to Alison Madgwick for waking up Jorn after a May Ball just to kill him.
The David and Goliath Award for best giant-killing activity by a new player:
Ollie Rusk for effectively preventing Cheryl Weedon from winning after never having killed outside his own college before.
Honourable mention to Ben Fraser for ending Alison's reign of terror, but he was not a new player.
The Maximus Decimus Meridius award for best fight to the death:
Alison Madgwick and Tom Neat, who decided that dueling to the death was a better idea than queuing for a May Ball.
Dishonourable mentions to Vamsee Bheemrieddy and Max Baxter-Allen for having a duel instead of camping outside each other's rooms. Boo.

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