Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 3 News

Thursday, 14 February

[10:44 AM] Getting dwarves like Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain to leave their mountains is hard, as The Sad Mafioso should know!
The Sad Mafioso reports:

Another failed attempt to assassinate Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain today. I may need to try a more stealthy tactic in future.

Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain reports:

Just after sundown the dragon returned yet again. No doubt still after the hoards of wealth I keep deep within my mountain, he laid the mountain under siege. Having learnt caution from my previous encounter with this beast, I did not venture outside to face him and stood firm within my kingdom, hoping that the forces holding the door closed would not fail me. They did not, and after a considerable amount of time spent lurking around the vicinity of my mountain, the beast gave up and retreated. I hope that this time it finally has learnt that my kingdom and wealth is not to be taken that easily.

[18:45 PM] Trollsaurus tramples Tom Milligan (Teppic)
Trollsaurus reports:

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Rawr! *sound of a building being demolished* Translation: The Trollsaurus is delighted that he was able to find dinner today. He was busy trampling over [UNSPECIFIED LOCATION] when a tasty meal appeared in the form of an incompetent Teppic. The Trollsaurus wasted no time in lunging at its prey, grabbing it with its long sharp teeth before swallowing it whole. The Trollsaurus thought it was a little too salty for his liking, but it was otherwise delicious.

[19:00 PM] The Trollrus out-murders Hanna Tame (Mr Teatime)

Saturday, 16 February

[14:50 PM] The Soup Dragon does a flyby, but can't make out superlopuh
The Soup Dragon reports:

Today I flew over to Christ's to find Alexandre Lopoukhine (Sasha). I found that the craters there were covered with very heavy dustbin lids (this being especially problematic since soup dragons don't have opposable thumbs). Seeing the lid of an adjacent crater had been left open, I wandered round inside for a while but couldn't find a way through. Then I managed to follow a clanger into the other crater but to no avail.

[20:30 PM] Havelock Vetinari brings down Emily Room (The Trollrus)
Havelock Vetinari reports:

It came to my attention that I was labelled incompetent. Obviously some mistake was made. Such a false allegation may not be tolerated again. At 20:30 this evening I ambushed and dispatched Emily Room. The plan was executed to perfection. On the general understanding that we would be meeting mutual friends, we both prepared our strategies. Knowing I was "incompetent", she approached the room with dual pistols foolishly bared before her. Knowing she would arrive in such an aggressive stance I took to the shadows. Watching her approach, I timed my attack to perfection, knifing her in the chest moments before she fired. Her death will serve as a reminder for any who have underestimated me.

The Trollrus reports:

*sounds as of a Trollrus beginnig to gently rot in a pool of its own colourful blood* Translation: It is with great sadness that I, the Trollrus' humble translator, inform the Assassins' Guild of Cambridge of the untimely demise and extinction of this noble beast. He was on his way to spend a pleasant evening in the company of friends. Knowing that one of these people was a member of the Guild and an incompetent one, the Trollrus took weaponry with him as he lolloped up the stairs in his usual fashion. Upon entering the room, the Trollrus found that the fiendish, heartless, cruel and vicious killer Havelock Vetinari was lurking behind the door. The Trollrus turned and attempted to strike first, in self-defence. But the knife-wielding maniac was too quick, the Trollrus slumped to the ground and...and... *sounds as of a Trollrus translator sobbing hysterically*

Sunday, 17 February

[18:00 PM] Random Strategy has its flaws: you don't know who you'll hit... we have a new wanted player!
Random Strategy reports:

Shooting random people is the best strategy!

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