Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 0 News

Thursday, 24 January

[02:00 AM] The game begins!

Number of players:

Good luck!

Saturday, 26 January

[13:59 PM] First blood! Matthew Butler (Wally) made a real Wally of himself after qt3.14 got him on his second attempt
qt3.14 reports:

Got first kill 2 hours into the game. I tried to sneak into Matt Butler's room, but he saw the door opening and slammed it shut, I scarpered before he saw who I was. I then waited outside Clare and joined the Clare-MathMo mob that usually forms before lectures, let Matt tell everyone how he had heroically defended himself against his would-be assassin, and then with brutal irony and stabbed him in the back of the neck with my sword.

Matthew Butler reports:

Unfortunately I was killed this morning just before 10 by qt3.14 on my way to lectures. Short game for me. Anyway here's my report: This morning at around 9.45, an assassin tried to gain access to my room, but I blocked the door and he fled (without me seeing him). Once I thought the coast was clear, I left to go to lectures. Little did I know, I was walking with my assassin, who then proceeded to slit my throat with his blade. I had no chance.

[14:17 PM] Christian Greer has attacked the umpire!

Bang! Bang! Hahahahahahahahahaaaaa! Bang! Bang! Bang! The umpire notes: in the absence of a police force (yet) you guys have to deal with this!

[17:30 PM] Plan your kills in advance? No! A Random Strategy is used to kill Luke Out (Aarushi Bajaj)
Random Strategy reports:

Beware, assassins of cambridge, for this is the fate that awaits you!

Flee! I tell you! For else the rabid rabbit will throw himself at you and DEVOUR you! And if you somehow manage to survive that, you will experience the great pain of being repeatedly beaten with spoons until you die!

[18:30 PM] Finales Funkeln goes hunting with Prima Luce. The Karmanator and Pyromaniac end up dead, but they don't quite get the triple kill
Finales Funkeln reports:

On this fine evening, I left in search of my first targets, with the assistance of Prima Luce, and my devious and devilish sister/accomplice. We went first to Emmanuel, where, with her door wide open, lights off and what must have been a terrible hangover (had just woken up at 5:30 in the afternoon), I shot my first target: Katherine Macfarland. From there we headed to Queens' with the promised assistance of a mutual acquaintance. There, we proceeded to Prima Luce's target's room, where even the safety of numbers could not avoid what was to happen. The door opened, and two shots rang out at seemingly exactly the same time. Thus they both shot each other and died. With my recently zombified friend we continued to yet another target''s room in Queens'. There, whilst in the middle of skyping parents, Rachael Gregory was far to distracted to question my sister's knocking on the door as a potential threat. She was quickly bang-killed. Finally before leaving, we checked on the presence of my final remaining target (The Poison Dart). Neither he nor his roommate were in on this occasion, but I will be back...

[18:43 PM] Double kill! The Surgeon (John Darlison) is unable to patch himself up but takes Prima Luce (Patrick Stevens) with him
The Surgeon reports:

At about 17:43 I exchanged nerf fire with Patrick Stevens at my door (aka Prima Luce) which resulted in a double kill.

Prima Luce reports:

At about 6pm, I made my stealthy way to Queen's, banding up with a fellow assassin and his daring sister. We sneakily invaded The Surgeon's staircase and crept up to his room. I knocked on the door - he opened it, and the rays of glorious sunlight burst through his door in the form of a bullet. He was prepared, though, and in his dying throes he shot me back.

Sunday, 27 January

[00:20 AM] More bloodshed: Ray Leane kills Lucius Fox (Namir Asmar)
Ray Leane reports:

This night Namir Asmar has been slain by me, Ray Leane, through the medium of a lightsaber in his quarters at St Johns college while feasting upon a toasted sandwich.

[03:46 AM] Solid Snake fails to catch anyone in his strike
Solid Snake reports:

Imagine ths before every report please everyone: Solid Snake: Snake here. Colonel Campbell: Snake, we've received information that the prisoner Patrick Stevens is being moved today from the current location, Jesus College to an indoctrination/torture lab known as the 'Lecture Theatre'. Solid Snake: So I need to intercept them and rescue him from the genome soldiers? Colonel Campbell: That's right Snake, it should be a good opportunity. Solid Snake: But where are they meant to go afterwards? Colonel Campbell: I'm sure you'll figure something out, first priority is to rescue them. ... ... Solid Snake: I'm at the 'Lecture Theatre', pretty horrible place, crawling with Genome soldiers. No sign of Patrick Stevens. Colonel Campbell: Remember not to kill anyone you don't have to, that'll impact your rating at the end. Solid Snake: What...? Colonel Campbell: Nothing Snake, any sign of the target? Solid Snake: No, it seems as though he's not here, I'll try at his original location....I can't see him anywhere. ... ... Solid Snake: Colonel, I can't get through this door, it just won't open! Colonel Campbell: That's a keycarded door Snake, you need a level 1 security card to get through there. The DARPA chief should have one, he's now your priority. Solid Snake: But the DARPA chief is in a cell... Colonel Campbell: And...? Solid Snake: Why would he still have a security keycard? Colonel Campbell: Well I don't know, but he shoul have one. Solid Snake: Maybe it's all part of a massive plot by Liquid to lure me into inputting the detonation codes so that they can launch their nuclear missile... Colonel Campbell: I wouldn't bet on it Snake, evidently Patrick Stevens is locked away well, perhaps try again once you have a better security card.

[03:48 AM] The power of the dark side failed Darth Revan as he caught neither Shemming's Butler nor Nondeterministic Machine Gun
Darth Revan reports:

Shortly after rousing myself this morning, I, Darth Revan, mighty Sith Lord, decided that the time was ripe to exterminate my foes. I proceeded to gather intelligence from the Sith Archives on the puny worms I was tasked to eliminate and realised that my journey today would take me past the lairs of two of them. Soon after, I set my course to their homeworld. Upon arrival, I located a simple inhabitant and interrogated him with the power of the Dark Side. To my disappointment, his mind was absurdly weak and he put up no resistance, informing me of the precise locations of my victims. Stealthily proceeding to each of their dens in turn, I realised I was mistaken to assume they were weak. They had installed advanced biometric security systems and I could find no way to bypass them. Deciding that rash actions would alert them to my presence, I retreated to my ship and continued on my journey. However, I now know where they reside and I shall return. None can resist the power of the Dark Side!

[15:51 PM] Ray Leane continues his campaign by killing Stephen Hobbs (Spyro) with a lightsaber

[15:57 PM] Rob Laidlow (Ray Leane) was laid low by Nondeterministic Machine Gun in an attempt gone wrong!

Monday, 28 January

[10:31 AM] super hans bumps off Wakawaka (Mary Dai)
super hans reports:

Took Wakawaka out of the game after chatting to her friends before a lecture to identify her.

[15:13 PM] ghetts gets The Village Mafioso (James (Jamie) Braidley) at lectures
ghetts reports:

Happened around 11:00am. Occurred in new museum, cockcroft lectures where 1st year mathmos have their lectures- I found out he was a 1st year math like me. During the break, near the drink machines I shot him using a gun.

[15:14 PM] HAL OGEN avenges The Village Mafioso by killing ghetts (Rahul Sharma)
HAL OGEN reports:

This morning at 11.00 roughly, I was stood by my friend Jamie Braidley when he was brutally shot in the side with a dart gun. Having witnessed the henious crime I was filled with a sense of range, and immediately stabbed his assailant in the back of the neck with my trusty pen/knife.

[15:25 PM] Yog-Sothoth catches an unsuspecting Terry Ball (Csaba Katai)
Yog-Sothoth reports:

At 11:22 PM today, I heard my target (Csaba Katai, Kings) leaving his room, unsuspecting. Dual-wielding knives, I ran after and overtook him in a frenzy. He didn't understand at first--why would I kill him, he wasn't bearing any weapons, nor had he tried to kill me... Then he realized, and I explained, that he was my target.

Tuesday, 29 January

[12:15 PM] Solid Snake successfully dispatched Professor Ricecake (Josh Kirklin)
Solid Snake reports:

Solid Snake: Colonel, what's going on?! Colonel Campbell: What do you mean Snake? What's wrong? Solid Snake: I managed to find Professor Ricecake in the prison block and speak with him, but he mysteriously died. Colonel Campbell: What do you mean Snake? Solid Snake: Its as if he suddenly was having a heart attack, so I put him out of his misery with my SOCOM. Colonel Campbell: You shot him?! Solid Snake: Why're you more surprised about that than the heart attack? Colonel Campbell: ... Solid Snake: How do you even say '...'? Colonel Campbell: ... Solid Snake: Are you keeping something from me Colonel? Colonel Campbell: All that's important is whether or not they got his detonation code. Solid Snake: They did. Colonel Campbell: Then your priority is to stop Metal Gear, with a nuclear warhead they can cause untold havoc if they launch. Solid Snake: Will do Colonel, who else do I need to find? Colonel Campbell: I'm not certain but (name removed) should know the location of some of the scientists who worked on Metal Gear. Solid Snake: Do I need to 'rescue' him too? Colonel Campbell: In essence yes Snake but FOXD...I mean yes, of course. Solid Snake: ... Summary: Target: Josh Kirklin Attempt: Success Time: Tues 29th 12:15pm

Professor Ricecake reports:

At noon today, Josh Kirklin, the elusive Professor Ricecake with a fantastic 0 (zero) kills under his belt, was brutally murdered to death outside his room in Memorial Court. As he lay bleeding, he signed his final will and testament, expressing his wishes that he redeem himself from his life of crime and be reborn as an officer of the law.

Wednesday, 30 January

[10:15 AM] The Rat Man (Tristan Roberts) gets stabbed. Good plan, Batman!
Batman reports:

I stabbed The Rat Man with a paper knife. He's dead. Moar targets?

[11:52 AM] You can't catch The Invisible Man, Total Commander!
Total Commander reports:

At [MILITARY SECRET TIME] this morning, Operation Spaghetti was set into motion. A small covert team led by myself attempted to intercept and eliminate the wanted terrorist The Invisible Man as he left his hideout and went to lectures (as a cover for planning another massacre no doubt.) Unfortunately, the intelligence the team had gathered as to the target's movements proved faulty and so resulted in the failure of the mission's operational objectives. Detailed planning for a follow-up mission has already begun in earnest.

[11:54 AM] TheMagician has no trouble making Wicket W Warrick (Izhan Khan) disappear
TheMagician reports:

Making my way to the room of my future victim during the afternoon, I ready my main act and also one or two ticks up my sleeve. I find his door carelessly unlocked and make my way into the room. The best audience is a stunned audience some might say and I surly won valuable seconds as I found my target back to door and made use of my weaponry quick and merciless. As the dust settled and the confusions were sorted out, it was clear that the audience participant in this number did not survive. The Magician

[12:28 PM] Ashrak dies to Possibly Brunch. Possibly.
Possibly Brunch reports:

Ashrak has been...dealt with. I tailed him after a lecture and buried a bullet in his spine. Have the money in my bank account by midnight.

[12:34 PM] Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain survives another assault as The Sad Mafioso disables but doesn't kill!
Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain reports:

Just after nightfall, the dragon came back! Although this time it did not desert its post outside the entrance to my fortress so quickly and lay in wait for me to come out and face it. Being more prepared for the siege than at the last appearance of the foul beast, I waited for it to become suitably distracted by a passing peasant and then opened the magical lock on the gate. The creature was, however, not quite as dull as I had at first suspected and as I fired a shot at it, it managed to bite me in the arm, my shot falling just to the side of the beast. Its venom was poisonous and, stunned slightly by the numb sensation in my arm, I wondered whether the poison would kill me. I was able to lock the dragon out once more and then looked up the effects of dragon poison in an ancient book of such things that I keep in my mountain. Relieved to discover that the poison would not kill me, but just numb my arm for a short while, I retreated into the depths of my mountain, vowing never to dare open the door on such a beast again.

[14:15 PM] Ashrak misses out on catching Pineapples are tasty
Ashrak reports:

At the strike of midday, I and my trusted accomplice ventured into the College of Saint Catherine the Virgin for a first attempt at taking the life of my target Pineapples are tasty. It was only by the best of her fortunes that she was away from her room and was thus able to postpone her inevitable demise. While my blade did not taste blood this day, its thirst will very soon be quenched.

[14:25 PM] Someone fails to gain entry to Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain's fortress
Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain reports:

This afternoon as the sun was around three-quarter ways across to sky, albeit obscured by clouds, I was disturbed in my mountain kingdom. Someone was trying to force their way into the main hall of the mountain, no doubt after the treasures I keep there. The thief was unable to enter, due to the strong stone of which the door is made and the magical lock by which it is closed. Concerned that this was another fiendish dragon after my gold and undoubtedly also my life, I searched around for something with which to arm myself in order to face the fiend. Unfortunately, having only just moved into the mountain, my weapons were not at the ready and by the time I had armed myself, the dragon was gone. No doubt he realised that my mountain kingdom would not fall so easily this time. Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King Under the Mountain

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