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New on Friday, 26 April

[15 Mar, 15:44 PM] In an epic duel, Augustin Zidek emerged triumphant. There followed a desperate police battle, during which the defenders of light were slain and the galaxy was doomed to a thousand years of darkness and oppression. Oh well. Thanks everyone for playing!

New on Wednesday, 13 March

[12 Mar, 17:45 PM] AugustinisStillaDeadChildWalking. Apparently. He looks pretty alive to me though...

New on Monday, 11 March

[11 Mar, 11:52 AM] The second bolting!
[10 Mar, 15:10 PM] TheMagician can't seem to get many volunteers...
[4 Mar, 11:41 AM] Bastila fails to bring down TheMagician. Not much of a Jedi then...
[9 Mar, 17:45 PM] Oswell E. Spencer has infected Eleanor (Elly) Hobson (Allan Karlsson)
[8 Mar, 11:36 AM] Albert Wesker can't catch either Random Strategy or TheMagician
[8 Mar, 12:01 PM] Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain sallies forth from his mountain... and kills nobody
[7 Mar, 19:28 PM] HK-47 has located and terminated organic element Lorenzo Venturini (Total Commander). Stupid meatbag.

New on Thursday, 7 March

[5 Mar, 23:08 PM] Revan has returned. Max Baxter-Allen (qt3.14) is slain.

New on Wednesday, 6 March

[5 Mar, 17:29 PM] Random Strategy gives Sam Twist (A gentle spooning) the spooning he craves

New on Tuesday, 5 March

[4 Mar, 16:33 PM] *Mournful whistling noises*. Cheryl Weedon (The Soup Dragon) has been infected by Albert Wesker

New on Monday, 4 March

[4 Mar, 22:40 PM] A gentle spooning is not for everyone! We have another wanted player. Make more of an effort than last time, please!

New on Sunday, 3 March

[2 Mar, 17:30 PM] Allan Karlsson slips through Oswell E. Spencer's fingers...

New on Saturday, 2 March

[1 Mar, 22:01 PM] Albert Wesker snares another victim. This time it's Ben Fraser (Irishman X)
[1 Mar, 15:30 PM] The Soup Dragon craves A gentle spooning, but can't quite seem to find one...

New on Friday, 1 March

[28 Feb, 09:39 AM] The Wizard of Odds is looking for A gentle spooning. Anyone want to give The Wizard of Odds A gentle spooning?

New on Thursday, 28 February

[27 Feb, 18:15 PM] The Soup Dragon flies forth again, but Irishman X is warned in time
[23 Feb, 15:38 PM] Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain really isn't very good at catching dragons. Especially not The Soup Dragon

New on Monday, 25 February

[25 Feb, 15:51 PM] The creeping death has caught up with those too lazy to sate its hunger... and they number more than the database will put in a headline. May they serve as an example to you all.
[25 Feb, 10:00 AM] Dwarves like Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain do breathe very loudly, don't they The Hooded One. No wonder you weren't caught.
[22 Feb, 18:40 PM] Bolg, son of Azog the Defiler, Lord of Gundabad devours poor Ms Terry (Ms Terry)
[22 Feb, 12:04 PM] Albert Wesker can't pin down either TheMagician or qt3.14
[21 Feb, 18:31 PM] The Hooded One's room gets Stormed
[21 Feb, 22:27 PM] Blabol gets a double kill. Winston Tan (Commander Keen) Oskari Timgren (Snow) and have fallen.

New on Tuesday, 19 February

[17 Feb, 18:00 PM] Random Strategy has its flaws: you don't know who you'll hit... we have a new wanted player!
[11 Feb, 18:00 PM] A Random Strategy is too unpredictable for Nathan Smith (Shemming's Butler)
[14 Feb, 19:00 PM] The Trollrus out-murders Hanna Tame (Mr Teatime)
[16 Feb, 20:30 PM] Havelock Vetinari brings down Emily Room (The Trollrus)
[16 Feb, 14:50 PM] The Soup Dragon does a flyby, but can't make out superlopuh
[14 Feb, 18:45 PM] Trollsaurus tramples Tom Milligan (Teppic)

New on Saturday, 16 February

[14 Feb, 10:44 AM] Getting dwarves like Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain to leave their mountains is hard, as The Sad Mafioso should know!
[12 Feb, 10:47 AM] Pineapples are tasty, but Albert Wesker is merciless. Unlucky, Yu She.
[12 Feb, 11:30 AM] Revan redeems himself from the darkside, killing inco Kiara de Kremer (Krem-Fresh)
[13 Feb, 10:39 AM] Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain can't seem to catch The Soup Dragon. Perhaps you need a burglar?
[12 Feb, 10:00 AM] Possibly Brunch is definitely dead. Irishman X kills Hannah Vandersluis
[12 Feb, 10:33 AM] Another unsuccessful attempt on PseudoTron4000

New on Tuesday, 12 February

[7 Feb, 10:50 AM] The Trollrus impales Vamsee Bheemireddy (Darth Revan)

New on Monday, 11 February

[9 Feb, 16:01 PM] The Trollrus crushes Eleanor Loukes (Teeth)
[7 Feb, 20:00 PM] Run away, it's The Soup Dragon! Oh, you all already did.
[7 Feb, 15:00 PM] Bolg, son of Azog the Defiler, Lord of Gundabad scavenges the deceased Ram Sarujan
[10 Feb, 15:32 PM] qt3.14 1 out of three... will do? At least you got James Brown (Jimmy Saville MkII)
[10 Feb, 18:28 PM] The Surgeon kills Tom Flynn (HAL OGEN). Can't have been a very good one, then
[7 Feb, 10:04 AM] A vicious Teeth-related death for Eleanor Brug (cereleste)
[7 Feb, 18:21 PM] Total Commander court-martials Nick Lynn (super hans)

New on Thursday, 7 February

[3 Feb, 13:45 PM] Ms Terry makes mincemeat of Benjamin Redwood (Maverick McGavin)
[4 Feb, 20:00 PM] Ram Sarujan (SJ39) dies during A gentle spooning
[4 Feb, 13:10 PM] AugustinIsADeadChildWalking? Really? Because I thought he (Blabol) just killed you, Ilya Manyakin!
[6 Feb, 18:45 PM] Yog-Sothoth goes hunting, but fails to catch PseudoTron4000
[6 Feb, 14:30 PM] More subjects for Albert Wesker: this time Tom Norris (The Invisible Man) is the unlucky one
[6 Feb, 13:55 PM] Random Strategy takes out rivals David Wallis (Raging Manatee) and James Lindsey-Jones (Dancing Cabbage)
[6 Feb, 14:01 PM] Zack Hassan (The Hassassin) falls to Possibly Brunch
[5 Feb, 20:30 PM] Psycho Mantis catches Rosanna O'Keefe (Ardipithecus Ramidus)
[5 Feb, 00:05 AM] The force is strong with this one... Darth Revan executes James Douglas Dean McAulay (Braveheart)
[4 Feb, 22:05 PM] Irishman X has slain Maria Ivanova Gorinova (Foxtail)! Irishman X is on a rampage!
[4 Feb, 13:18 PM] Irishman X has slain Alice Hobbs (Susan DeNom)! Irishman X killing spree!
[4 Feb, 11:11 AM] Irishman X has slain Helen Smith (The Nettled Neanderthal)! Irishman X has slain Oliver Terrett (Ollie) (Porridge-Henry)! Irishman X double kill!
[4 Feb, 18:10 PM] Darth Revan strikes again! Louis Longley (Uncle Known) is dead

New on Tuesday, 5 February

[3 Feb, 14:00 PM] The incobash! Except only two of you turned up... you all suck! (Apart from Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain and Random Strategy, you guys are cool)
[4 Feb, 14:48 PM] The Hassassin bumps off the incompetent Captain Ric (Henry Miller)
[4 Feb, 23:41 PM] Solid Snake (Adam Beaumont) takes down Snowy (Rudi Mears), dying in the process
[3 Feb, 14:33 PM] Mr Gumby (Joshua Hunt) and Mr Fluffybuns (Raymond Wright) double kill
[4 Feb, 10:38 AM] The Sad Mafioso should look on the bright side. After all, he caught Batman (Sahr Jalil)
[3 Feb, 00:10 AM] Allan Karlsson can't find Jimmy Saville MkII or Mr Fluffybuns

New on Sunday, 3 February

[28 Jan, 10:31 AM] super hans bumps off Wakawaka (Mary Dai)
[2 Feb, 21:30 PM] The Surgeon excises the incompetents Jack Nine off Suit (James Robbs) and The Poison Dart (Joey Nelson)
[1 Feb, 13:23 PM] Commander Keen is definitely keen, unlike his hunter's instinct!
[1 Feb, 18:00 PM] Mr Fluffybuns runs from Raging Manatee
[2 Feb, 01:15 AM] PseudoTron4000 can't track down superlopuh
[1 Feb, 10:16 AM] Pikachu gets stabbed. It's super-effective!
[2 Feb, 20:06 PM] Another attempt on Mr Gumby
[28 Jan, 15:14 PM] HAL OGEN avenges The Village Mafioso by killing ghetts (Rahul Sharma)
[2 Feb, 13:30 PM] Total Commander court-martials solo halo and HAL OGEN. solo halo (Devang Agrawal) is executed!
[1 Feb, 12:12 PM] An attempt for competence backfires for Hannah Lissaman (Catherine de Medici)!
[2 Feb, 13:10 PM] The Trollrus mauls The Ninjew Matzo (Aneurin John 'Nye' Redman-White)
[2 Feb, 15:10 PM] Mr Gumby can't find either of his targets
[2 Feb, 14:20 PM] Mr Gumby flees from The Soup Dragon's lair...
[2 Feb, 09:42 AM] Havelock Vetinari is unable to outwit AugustinIsADeadChildWalking

New on Saturday, 2 February

[31 Jan, 12:00 PM] The Hassassin takes out Anil Manji (Henry St Leger-Davey)
[30 Jan, 12:34 PM] Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain survives another assault as The Sad Mafioso disables but doesn't kill!
[31 Jan, 12:31 PM] Leonardo dies a terrifying, zombified death at the hands of Albert Wesker
[30 Jan, 12:28 PM] Ashrak dies to Possibly Brunch. Possibly.
[1 Feb, 19:26 PM] cereleste fails to catch Mr Gumby
[31 Jan, 12:22 PM] Ardipithecus Ramidus breaks into a Slot Machine
[31 Jan, 12:21 PM] Snow kills the evil Cruella de Vil AKA Hunter of fur & bounty & treasure & humans alike
[31 Jan, 12:18 PM] Finally, The Surgeon makes an effort against our wanted player, The Jellyfish is slippery
[1 Feb, 12:15 PM] Pineapples are tasty but not very good at finding Tungsten
[1 Feb, 12:08 PM] Aneurin John 'Nye' Redman-White attacks The Trollrus while OOB! Aneurin John 'Nye' Redman-White is wanted!
[1 Feb, 12:04 PM] Foxtail proves too elusive for Catherine de Medici today.
[31 Jan, 12:02 PM] Double kill for Darth Revan!
[30 Jan, 11:54 AM] TheMagician has no trouble making Wicket W Warrick (Izhan Khan) disappear
[31 Jan, 10:10 AM] Early bird catches the worm! Teppic kills Crackle (Sara Robson) at lectures.
[30 Jan, 11:52 AM] You can't catch The Invisible Man, Total Commander!

New on Wednesday, 30 January

[26 Jan, 18:30 PM] Finales Funkeln goes hunting with Prima Luce. The Karmanator and Pyromaniac end up dead, but they don't quite get the triple kill
[30 Jan, 14:25 PM] Someone fails to gain entry to Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King under the Mountain's fortress
[29 Jan, 12:15 PM] Solid Snake successfully dispatched Professor Ricecake (Josh Kirklin)
[30 Jan, 14:15 PM] Ashrak misses out on catching Pineapples are tasty
[30 Jan, 10:15 AM] The Rat Man (Tristan Roberts) gets stabbed. Good plan, Batman!

New on Monday, 28 January

[26 Jan, 13:59 PM] First blood! Matthew Butler (Wally) made a real Wally of himself after qt3.14 got him on his second attempt
[28 Jan, 15:25 PM] Yog-Sothoth catches an unsuspecting Terry Ball (Csaba Katai)
[28 Jan, 15:13 PM] ghetts gets The Village Mafioso (James (Jamie) Braidley) at lectures

New on Sunday, 27 January

[27 Jan, 15:57 PM] Rob Laidlow (Ray Leane) was laid low by Nondeterministic Machine Gun in an attempt gone wrong!
[27 Jan, 15:51 PM] Ray Leane continues his campaign by killing Stephen Hobbs (Spyro) with a lightsaber
[27 Jan, 00:20 AM] More bloodshed: Ray Leane kills Lucius Fox (Namir Asmar)
[26 Jan, 18:43 PM] Double kill! The Surgeon (John Darlison) is unable to patch himself up but takes Prima Luce (Patrick Stevens) with him
[26 Jan, 17:30 PM] Plan your kills in advance? No! A Random Strategy is used to kill Luke Out (Aarushi Bajaj)
[27 Jan, 03:48 AM] The power of the dark side failed Darth Revan as he caught neither Shemming's Butler nor Nondeterministic Machine Gun
[27 Jan, 03:46 AM] Solid Snake fails to catch anyone in his strike

New on Saturday, 26 January

[26 Jan, 14:17 PM] Christian Greer has attacked the umpire!

New on Thursday, 24 January

[24 Jan, 02:00 AM] The game begins!

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