Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - List of Players

Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesKillsDeathsScore
Addison ShoretacticallemonB14 Harvey CourtGonville and CaiusWater with careOoB in Caius May Ball and Pembroke June Event queues.302
Anuerin John (Nye) Redman-WhiteBroseidonDG18Sidney SussexNo waterDo not antagonise my girlfriend under any circumstances.01-0.5
Benjamin GillMinister for Administrative AffairsBB28Queens'No waterWill be leaving Cambridge on the Tuesday.000
Christian GreerWily MangoH10 Harvey Court, West RoadGonville & CaiusNo waterOoB in the Caius May Ball queue.01-0.5
Dan BakerDaniel "I have no need for a pseudonym because I live out in the middle of nowhere and no one's going to bother coming out here to kill me and I'm too lazy to go hunt people down so it'll probably just be like last year where I had no actual involvement in the game (except for Pirate Punting which will be happening again this year and you should all come to). Also the game." Baker AKA TrolsassinABC 214HomertonWater with careI don't have much in the way of plans to be in town. I'll be running pirate punting (which you should all come to), whenever that is, and I'll be DJing RockSoc's 'Wake Up Screaming' at the Fountain Inn between 10 and 11 on Tuesday evening. Please do come along, though I'm out of bounds while I'm at the DJing area. 12-1
Daniel ThrelfallLooks like I forgot to bring a pseudonymL3, New Build, Wychfield Site, Storey's WayTrinity HallNo waterOoB at Clare May Ball and Trinity Hall June Event queues.101
Emily RoomEats, Shoots and LeavesC8, New CourtSt John'sWater with careOoB in Peterhouse May Ball queue.1251.5
Greg WeirCharon's Loyal CustomerRoom B1, 16 Fitzwilliam StreetPeterhouseWater with carePlease to be avoiding laptop and surprise books.412-2
Hannah McLaughlinUltraraptorO7SelwynWater with careSomeone's staying with me! Please don't kill her...though I'm sure she wouldn't mind tbh01-1.5
Jack BrewsterThe Dark Knight30 Thompson's Lane, Room 28MagdaleneWater with care01 -0.5
James "Jim" BlackshawSpongeBob DoomPants91 Glebe RdEmmanuelNo waterTry not to waterpistol me in the head with anything huge lest it short out my hearing aid. OoB at Emma & Newnham June Event queues.312.5
Jessica ManciniFaerie7 Charles Babbage Rd (public apartments, OoB)NoneNo water000
Joe BatesonScheming GrapeF10 Harvey CourtGonville & CaiusNo water000
Leo CairnsSome silly name the Umpire dreamed upT7ClareNo water000
Maddie SharmanThe Assassin with No Name AKA The Wandering SpleenRoom 9, House 5, St Peter's TerracePeterhouseNo water211.5
Martin LevineNulecimator AKA Unlecimator AKA DuocimatorK321King'sWater with care432.5
Matthew FitchRandom Strategy AKA Aaron Domnoob AKA Cyborg Ginosaji AKA Peter Rabbit36HChurchillWater with care110.5
Matthew HinksTarty Pime Fother MuckersRoom 4, 10 Fitzwilliam StreetPembrokeWater with careOut of bounds in Pembroke June Event queue. Fear me I am Fearsomez202
Nakkieran LawrenceStrategic OrangeG5 Harvey CourtGonville & CaiusNo waterUsually called Kieran. OoB in Caius May Ball queue.01-0.5
Roseanna Pendleburynunc est necandumOld Hall 217NewnhamWater with care02-1
Sam TwistLe Panfa Rouge von Crobag le PremiéreBeldam Building 46Corpus ChristiNo waterPlease do not ring my doorbell... I don't let people in who do and it annoys both me and my neighbour (who bites...hard!). If you get to my door and can tell me the password which you must decode from this "FT SH ZD BM KO" I will give you a free uncontested kill for your efforts. 110.5
Siqi Dinggummy bearF208NewnhamNo water 000
Toby CrisfordTinky WinkyRoom 323 Keynes BuildingKing'sWater with care 331.5
Tom DuncangoblinsThe Real World (mostly 27 College Fields, but the building is OoB)ex-Queens'Residence is OoB [Casual/Social] Also OoB while working events in Queens (techie things, mainly Friday/Sunday) but may make other sproadic visits there. Leaving on Wednesday.01-0.5
Tudor BalanNiteOwlRoom G6, New CourtCorpus ChristiNo water 100.5

Umpire's Notes:

The scores are tied between Martin Levine and James Blackshaw, but I have decided to award the win to James Blackshaw, as he killed 3 different people and died only once, whereas Martin Levine killed Toby Cristord 3 times and died more also. I docked Daniel Baker and Hannah McLaughlin a point each for murders of innocents, but even without that, they wouldn't have been in the running. Addison Shore was docked a point for murdering 2 players from his own college on the last day; this would have given him the win, but I felt that it was a bit too easy that way. Plus, Christian Greer and Nakkieran Lawrence were inactive all game, so they were hardly prime prey, as it were. Lastly, I decided to not count kills on a single person after 3 times- this threshold was put in place to stop Emily Room from winning after killing Greg Weir some eleven or so times...

I have some final comments about my experience as Umpire, which I'll leave here, for the public, rather than stowed away on the server. It's been quite fun to run this game, and if nothing else, I've learned a little HTML. I didn't use AutoUmpire, which made the process of updating each night about an hour and a half... this wasn't helped by my incessant need to scan Youtube for procrastination videos, but nevertheless, it took a while, and if the game was twice as big, I can imagine the number of events would have increased dramatically, making this process impossible.

It's kept me busy through May Week, though, so I would say it's been just right. To my successors, I would say that you can't really do without AutoUmpire for a much bigger game than this, so either use the software that's there (with help from its creator, Philip Bielby) or come up with your own way of automating it.

I hope you've all enjoyed playing. Thank you all very much.

The Umpire

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