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New on Saturday, 1 December

[30 Nov, 12:45 PM] The duel!
[29 Nov, 20:00 PM] Ceasefire!

New on Friday, 30 November

[29 Nov, 19:30 PM] The umpire continues his murderous partying by slaying Mom IV, Penisfarmer, Destructor minus two arms, and 8 innocents.

New on Thursday, 29 November

[28 Nov, 13:00 PM] To celebrate the end of lectures, Random Strategy kills Old Man Waterfall, Penisfarmer and Destructor, as well as 5 innocents.
[28 Nov, 17:00 PM] Swishy fails at getting rid of any competition again today
[28 Nov, 03:00 AM] Week 7. The last one.
[28 Nov, 19:00 PM] Destructor minus an arm gets killed again. By Mom IV..

New on Wednesday, 28 November

[27 Nov, 19:15 PM] Mom IV does not accept weaklings within her ranks. Tinny Tim's ghost... somehow manages to die again? As well as another innocent...
[26 Nov, 23:59 PM] Absolutely nothing happened today.

New on Monday, 26 November

[25 Nov, 22:40 PM] The Nanobots finally make a kill! (of James Robbs (Ezio Auditore da Firenze))

New on Saturday, 24 November

[24 Nov, 18:15 PM] Swishy's cunning plan to rid the world of Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Austerity Measures fails.
[24 Nov, 17:00 PM] tacticallemon battles Thomas Ruddle (Frank Fontaine AKA Wheatley)
[24 Nov, 16:10 PM] Swishy, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, tacticallemon and Austerity Measures avoid being barbecued by Levitating BBQ
[24 Nov, 12:00 PM] GLaDOS kills Free Waterfall Sr.. For science.
[24 Nov, 16:00 PM] Perceptron (repaired) shoots some innocents

New on Friday, 23 November

[23 Nov, 00:02 AM] Open season!
[23 Nov, 00:01 AM] Kathleen (Kat) Connolly (clumsy ferret) is thunderbolted for inactivity.
[22 Nov, 23:31 PM] A bounty on Perceptron (repaired)!
[22 Nov, 12:00 PM] Epic knife fight! Swishy nearly takes out Ezio Auditore da Firenze but he runs away armless.

New on Thursday, 22 November

[21 Nov, 03:00 AM] Week 6...
[21 Nov, 12:40 PM] Captain Turanga Leela doesn't find Pazuzu's son

New on Wednesday, 21 November

[20 Nov, 23:50 PM] Nanobots are no match for the powers of a door. Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Hedgehog are safe.
[20 Nov, 19:25 PM] You don't mess with the Donbot. You don't go inco. Ben Webb (Spherically Symmetric Cow of Uniform Density) was inco.
[20 Nov, 15:00 PM] No brains for the Brain Slug today. Kif Kroker is not interested in politics.
[20 Nov, 12:20 PM] Mom IV tries to eliminate a high ranked police officer: Boxy (alive by shocking twist!)!

New on Monday, 19 November

[18 Nov, 23:59 PM] The Umpire is annoyed.
[19 Nov, 19:00 PM] Oh look, Tinny Tim's ghost didn't die today. Mom III died instead. However Tinny Tim's ghost ruins this by becoming corrupt.
[19 Nov, 12:30 PM] Swishy hunts for incos Baron Kuckrich, Levitating BBQ and Ezio Auditore da Firenze
[19 Nov, 13:40 PM] Daniel Bendisi Kokotajlo (Baron Kuckrich)'s kitchen contains a Levitating BBQ apparently.
[19 Nov, 09:55 AM] After a week of desperate fighting, Rudi Mears (Tealeaf) is finally killed by Mom III.
[18 Nov, 15:00 PM] Hedgehog is a noob. tacticallemon and Austerity Measures didn't even come close to being killed.
[18 Nov, 18:00 PM] Tinny Tim's desembodied head tries bravely to save the world from Mom II, but dies (again) in the process.
[18 Nov, 08:19 AM] Perceptron (repaired) also turns against the umpire!

New on Sunday, 18 November

[17 Nov, 17:40 PM] These Nanobots need to be repaired. Swishy and Ezio Auditore da Firenze continue to live.
[17 Nov, 18:10 PM] Mom II enjoys maiming cripples such as Tinny Tim (with no limbs)
[17 Nov, 12:30 PM] Mom II fails to recruit Boxy (alive by shocking twist!) and Kif Kroker.
[17 Nov, 08:00 AM] clumsy ferret bests Dr. Perceptron in a duel.
[16 Nov, 23:00 PM] Francis X. Clampazzo does not tolerate incompetence in his police force. Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth is clamped.
[16 Nov, 18:20 PM] Tinny Tim (with only 1 leg left) fails at stabbing Tealeaf.

New on Friday, 16 November

[16 Nov, 08:30 AM] Mom fails to stop Tealeaf
[16 Nov, 13:25 PM] Turanga Leela has had enough of Philip J. Fry's stupidity so kills him.
[16 Nov, 12:12 PM] Doctor John Zoidberg joins the dark side.
[15 Nov, 12:30 PM] Frank Fontaine can find neither lemon, nor tea, nor ferret.
[15 Nov, 18:30 PM] Mom is bad at recruiting people for her evil army. Tinny Tim (with an arm and a leg missing) is shot trying to resist.

New on Thursday, 15 November

[15 Nov, 16:50 PM] ALL GLORY TO the Donbot for killing the Hypnotoad.
[15 Nov, 18:50 PM] More corpse killing! Boxy (alive by shocking twist!) stabs the lifeless body of Hypnotoad
[15 Nov, 15:00 PM] Alas! James Hardman (The Captain), alone on a hostile planet, finally gets eaten by a giant Tealeaf monster.
[14 Nov, 22:30 PM] George Brade (LifeAndSoul) loses his to notorious criminal mass murderer Tealeaf!
[15 Nov, 14:15 PM] Newly appointed chief of police Francis X. Clampazzo clamps Rory Prescott (Gaius Frakin' Baltar) for attempting to vote for a different chief of police.
[14 Nov, 17:00 PM] Mom discovers the shocking truth about the umpire, Random Strategy ! :O
[14 Nov, 16:30 PM] Hedgehog is just as succesful as usual when hunting Baron Kuckrich and clumsy ferret.
[14 Nov, 15:30 PM] Swishy is not very succesful at hunting Frank Fontaine, meleagrine and Gaius Frakin' Baltar.
[14 Nov, 16:30 PM] Another attempt by Mom and Tinny Tim (with a broken arm) to take out the wanted criminal Tealeaf!
[14 Nov, 11:00 AM] Melanie Mertesdorf (meleagrine) finally looses her LifeAndSoul too.
[14 Nov, 18:10 PM] Mom commences her evil plan to take over the world! Starting with the defeat of the umpire! (Matthew Fitch AKA Random Strategy AKA GLaDOS)

New on Tuesday, 13 November

[13 Nov, 17:55 PM] Baron Kuckrich travels In West Philadelphia to find Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Little does he know that no one lives In West Philadelphia anymore.
[13 Nov, 21:40 PM] The Nanobots are still bad at killing either meleagrine or Gaius Frakin' Baltar
[14 Nov, 03:00 AM] Week 5!
[12 Nov, 21:00 PM] Sal is so incompetent he managed to set himself on fire with a Levitating BBQ
[13 Nov, 13:00 PM] Ezio Auditore da Firenze is able to survive the harsh climate In West Philadelphia (Martin Chan, aka In West Philadelphia AKA Borned and raised in the playground died)
[12 Nov, 22:30 PM] Tealeaf (Rudi Mears) goes on a rampage! Hannes Whittingham (Sheep) and Yarden Eitan (Yarneo) are slain, as well as 2 innocents.
[12 Nov, 15:54 PM] Mom is the only true villain! Jack Brewster (The evil turnip overlord) is overthrown!
[12 Nov, 12:00 PM] Frank Fontaine proves biology is superior to machinery by shooting Mary Dai (Godfrey)
[11 Nov, 13:45 PM] Mom does lots today. Nina Jones (Vetinari) is among the dead.
[13 Nov, 00:00 AM] Asteroid 2!

New on Monday, 12 November

[12 Nov, 18:00 PM] GLaDOS searches for a Sheep.

New on Sunday, 11 November

[23 Oct, 14:00 PM] The Minister of Funny Walks fails to kill Lord Downey
[11 Nov, 16:00 PM] Doctor Perceptron makes a good attempt on clumsy ferret
[11 Nov, 14:45 PM] Despite taking assassins incredibly seriously, [Someone drunk] (Dead-meat) is incompetent.
[11 Nov, 00:00 AM] An anonymous bounty...
[10 Nov, 13:00 PM] The Captain and Swishy team up yet again to hunt down some incos.

New on Saturday, 10 November

[10 Nov, 12:20 PM] We shall dine on penguin tonight! Natalia Mole (Miss Penguin) is barbequed by a Levitating BBQ.
[9 Nov, 08:00 AM] Karmanator has it all: karma,LifeAndSoul.
[10 Nov, 00:00 AM] Bryony (Bry) Choy (NED) spontaneously combusts.
[9 Nov, 15:00 PM] Hedgehog finds neither Sheep nor Lord Downey

New on Friday, 9 November

[9 Nov, 18:00 PM] Robert (Rob) May-Miller (Lord Downey) makes the mistake of talking to Francis X. Clampazzo.
[9 Nov, 16:35 PM] Mom and Tinny Tim make a daring police raid on the wanted criminal Rosanna O'Keeffe (otzi the iceman) to avenge their fallen comrade!
[9 Nov, 15:00 PM] tacticallemon's Austerity Measures lead to the death of Katherine Macfarland (Karmanator), but Lord Downey and Gaius Frakin' Baltar survive them.
[8 Nov, 13:30 PM] Wheatley discovers The Minister of Funny Walks is a corpse.
[8 Nov, 19:00 PM] Swishy rids the world of the incompetent John Dylan Musson (known as Dylan) (RedcoatAxemurderer)
[8 Nov, 21:55 PM] Nanobots are a threat neither to The Captain nor to The evil turnip overlord
[8 Nov, 18:05 PM] Baron Kuckrich still can't find Squirtle.
[8 Nov, 15:44 PM] Baron Kuckrich can't find Squirtle.
[8 Nov, 12:00 PM] Daniel (Danny) Hunt (Charon's Apprentice AKA The Lone Ranger) shoots the incompetent Matt Butler (The Minister of Funny Walks), but when going out to hunt with Pazuzu, both get stabbed by otzi the iceman (Rosanna O'Keeffe)

New on Thursday, 8 November

[7 Nov, 13:00 PM] Tristan Roberts (Schrodinger's Kill AKA the Killing vector)'s wave function finally collapses to the state of dead. The Lone Ranger is responsible.
[7 Nov, 03:00 AM] Week 4! Asteroids incoming...
[7 Nov, 13:35 PM] Borned and raised in the playground makes attempts on the two players who double-killed this morning...
[7 Nov, 13:00 PM] Gregory (Greg) Weir (Free Waterfall Jr.) got thunderbolted for no reason.
[7 Nov, 18:00 PM] Wheatley is bad at finding The Minister of Funny Walks and Miss Penguin.
[7 Nov, 16:00 PM] Frank Fontaine looks for some ADAM, but finds only Schrodinger's Killed corpse.
[7 Nov, 08:45 AM] Another psychofresher dies! Thomas (Tommy) Rychlik (Carpe Diem AKA You only live once AKA Life is short AKA Memento Mori) double kills with Thomas Clausen (Fluffi)

New on Wednesday, 7 November

[5 Nov, 10:55 AM] Schrodinger's Kill gets poked.

New on Tuesday, 6 November

[6 Nov, 10:00 AM] Edward (Ed) Kim (kimbo) goes inco. Dr. Perceptron helps him to relax.
[5 Nov, 18:10 PM] GLaDOS gets through Eleanor Hobson (Alex Rider)'s badly made test with ease.
[5 Nov, 23:15 PM] Brennen Heames (Keyser Soze) is too incompetent to go out hunting for LifeAndSoul, and as a result now lacks it.
[5 Nov, 20:00 PM] Watch the fireworks...
[5 Nov, 17:20 PM] Hedgehog is another who can't get through the government security protecting Alex Rider.

New on Monday, 5 November

[5 Nov, 17:00 PM] Tealeaf and Keyser Soze keep their LifeAndSoul for now.
[5 Nov, 09:25 AM] Johann Beleites (Mr.Y) pays for his incompetence with his life. (Raoul Inglis saw to it)
[3 Nov, 12:00 PM] Leo Cairns (Leonidas) was stabbed by a police officer.
[5 Nov, 08:18 AM] Alas! Adam Beaumont (RunningScared) doesn't run away scared from Tealeaf's heavy weaponry.
[4 Nov, 19:00 PM] Major battle! Participants were: Oskari Timgren (Little Timmy) , meleagrine , Chris Kitching (Mr. Teatime) , RunningScared and Tinny Tim
[4 Nov, 19:20 PM] Spherically Symmetric Cow of Uniform Density stabs Ben Redwood (TheWrathfulDaggerOfTheFourteenthSwampLord)
[4 Nov, 21:45 PM] The Captain's ship is being attacked by Nanobots!
[25 Oct, 22:40 PM] Brownian motion of Nanobots doesn't work when The Captain's door is blocking the way.
[4 Nov, 14:00 PM] Vetinari and otzi the iceman are not the only ones after Alex Rider
[3 Nov, 21:00 PM] clumsy ferret is clumsy. Guards stop her from reaching Miss Penguin

New on Sunday, 4 November

[4 Nov, 17:30 PM] Why would I want to Rent-an-Assassin is he is incompetent? Kabalan Gaspard (Rent-an-Assassin) is punished by Boxy (alive by shocking twist!) for his inemptitude.
[4 Nov, 14:40 PM] A Tealeaf is a plant well prepared to defend itself from The evil turnip overlord
[4 Nov, 00:00 AM] Baron Kuckrich remembers Memento Mori.
[3 Nov, 15:20 PM] Tinny Tim is RunningScared to try and stop Alex Rider from ruining his plan.

New on Saturday, 3 November

[3 Nov, 17:00 PM] The war against the incompetence is not over yet! The Captain helps Swishy make an attempt on The Hooded One and Gaius Frakin' Baltar
[3 Nov, 12:30 PM] Swishy is very unlucky today. Should have used Random Strategy againt MickyMouse.
[3 Nov, 18:15 PM] Derrick escapes GLaDOS's test chambers.
[3 Nov, 18:00 PM] Gaia Tomazzoli (Picci Killer) does not survive testing by GLaDOS
[3 Nov, 18:30 PM] Godfrey mutilates The Paddle's corpse
[3 Nov, 08:00 AM] Little Timmy shoots Fred Heffer (Antoine Konigsberg) but not Fluffi
[3 Nov, 16:07 PM] Continuing on his mission to eradicate the incos, The Captain overpowers Aneurin John (Nye) Redman-White (Urist Zatusan)
[3 Nov, 14:55 PM] The Captain helps eradicate incos like George Williams (The Paddle) from the galaxy.
[1 Nov, 20:40 PM] Thomas Grant (The Hooded One) makes attempts on Mr. Teatime and Karmanator but gets blown up In West Philadelphia
[1 Nov, 20:55 PM] Ezio Auditore da Firenze escapes the fortress In West Philadelphia, then tries instead to go after Miss Penguin
[2 Nov, 13:30 PM] The lemon made his entrance too late. Ilya Manyakin (That nerd in the corner) is killed by police officer Boxy (alive by shocking twist!)
[2 Nov, 00:50 AM] Fluffi is incompetent and lives with a police officer... Unfortunately, Flexo is shot while trying to apprehend him.
[2 Nov, 12:00 PM] Zombie Flexo shambles after Leonidas
[2 Nov, 12:00 PM] ukgentleman is killed for the second time in an hour, this time by Mr. Teatime.
[2 Nov, 11:00 AM] tacticallemon makes his entrance! Yunjae (Jason) Lee (ukgentleman) is stabbed.

New on Friday, 2 November

[2 Nov, 16:19 PM] Mari Oye (Mithra) resigned from the game.

New on Thursday, 1 November

[1 Nov, 15:25 PM] Lord Downey and Gaius Frakin' Baltar make an attempt on Charon's Apprentice
[1 Nov, 12:30 PM] Hannah Lissaman (Charlotte Corday) a ete guillotinee par Charon's Apprentice pour crimes contre la Republique.
[1 Nov, 02:00 AM] GLaDOS puts RunningScared through psychological testing.
[1 Nov, 15:00 PM] The hunter becomes the hunted! Urte Laukaityte (Fitch) gets barbecued by Levitating BBQ
[1 Nov, 15:45 PM] Cheryl Weedon (Elvis) is dead. By Lord Downey and Gaius Frakin' Baltar's alliance.
[31 Oct, 19:00 PM] Assassination of a royal! Owen hicks (Princess Consueila Bananahammock) is killed by Karmanator
[31 Oct, 03:00 AM] Welcome to week 3 / Mid term / Halloween
[30 Oct, 15:55 PM] Tudor Balan (PsyDuck) is Dead-meat
[31 Oct, 17:00 PM] Tom Norris (CRUNCH!) shouldn't have brought a knife to a sword fight against Frank Fontaine

New on Wednesday, 31 October

[29 Oct, 21:52 PM] Lieutenant Kif Kroker collects the final umpirical artifact, Devang Agrawal (Topological Nightmare)
[30 Oct, 15:15 PM] YAAR! Emily Room (The Ghost Pirate LeChuck) be cursin' tha' vile landlubber RunningScared
[30 Oct, 13:15 PM] that exciting feeling you get just before you go on holiday (Matthew Morgan) is wanted. Boxy needs a break.
[30 Oct, 18:14 PM] Brendan Clifford (Caligula) loses his LifeAndSoul.
[30 Oct, 19:40 PM] Steph Leddington (Steampunk Pigeon) gets clamped!
[30 Oct, 14:30 PM] Charon's Apprentice is incompetent.
[30 Oct, 12:47 PM] RunningScared from dead people... except for Felicia Clara Jun Hui Tan (known as Felicia/FCT) (Darren Koh)

New on Tuesday, 30 October

[30 Oct, 08:20 AM] Beep. Boxy stabs Tom Byrne (The Penetrator). Beep. Beep.
[29 Oct, 08:55 AM] RedcoatAxemurderer beheads Frederick (Freddy) Mills (Paul McCockard)
[29 Oct, 09:20 AM] Life is short once again. Wing Chan (Dr. Dre) doesn't live to see his evil moon project completed.
[29 Oct, 10:55 AM] Finnian Firth (The Patriot) and Gregory (Greg) Weir (Professor Moriarty) angered the boss and so got clamped.

New on Monday, 29 October

[26 Oct, 14:50 PM] Little Timmy kills Andrew Scull (DrYap)
[24 Oct, 02:00 AM] Week 2! !
[27 Oct, 14:00 PM] INCOBASH!
[28 Oct, 11:00 AM] Mr.Y kills Joscha Thiele (The Milkman) with epic music.
[27 Oct, 14:30 PM] The Hooded One makes attempts on Mr. Teatime, Karmanator, In West Philadelphia.

New on Sunday, 28 October

[26 Oct, 18:00 PM] Hannah Vandersluis (Soggy from Capitalism AKA Number 6) is shot In West Philadelphia (Martin Chan)
[28 Oct, 08:30 AM] Keyser Soze tries to avoid incompetence by making attempts on Mr. Teatime and meleagrine
[28 Oct, 12:15 PM] Vegetable wars! The evil turnip overlord kills Thomas David Johnson (known as Tom) (Mr. Plant)!
[28 Oct, 13:00 PM] Being incompetent is dangerous, as kimbo makes Mairead Hamilton Budge (Marwood) realise.
[28 Oct, 10:00 AM] Marwood waited outside Lord Downey's room but he didn't show up.
[28 Oct, 14:40 PM] More plant warfare! The evil turnip overlord makes an attempt on Tealeaf!
[28 Oct, 09:30 AM] Nathan Smith (Blessed-Brian) should have been RunningScared from his assassin.
[28 Oct, 11:45 AM] Darren Koh is in London, so it will take a long time to get there by RunningScared
[28 Oct, 01:10 AM] Mr. Teatime and meleagrine's sleep cycles are completely out of sync with Steampunk Pigeon and TheWatchingEye
[27 Oct, 18:25 PM] The Captain fails to kill the afflicted Caligula
[28 Oct, 00:39 AM] Stephen Gould (TheWatchingEye) resigned

New on Saturday, 27 October

[25 Oct, 14:00 PM] Haofeng Xu (smegmasnail) dies to a mysterious assassin
[27 Oct, 12:00 PM] Life is short, as Thomas (Tom) Flynn (Snuffles) discovers.
[25 Oct, 20:00 PM] otzi the iceman would like to file a complaint, but unfortunately, Charon's Apprentice isn't in.
[27 Oct, 13:10 PM] Shot by Karmanator's banana, Ben Martineau (Sureau)'s dead body apparently makes the world go bananas.
[26 Oct, 16:00 PM] a Hedgehog can't find his friend the turtle Donatello. Or Little Timmy

New on Friday, 26 October

[26 Oct, 09:00 AM] The Hooded One makes an attempt on Karmanator but is stopped by border control when trying to travel In West Philadelphia
[26 Oct, 13:00 PM] An innocent-looking Sheep goes after Antoine Konigsberg and Leonidas but neither are at home.
[26 Oct, 17:45 PM] De Terminator is out when Miss Penguin comes to visit him.
[26 Oct, 12:00 PM] the Killing vector translates Michael (Mikey) Lynam (Blat) into the subspace of death.
[26 Oct, 14:15 PM] Aashik Ashley Chhibber (known as Ashley) (Blood & Strawberries) , You only live once. Random strategy was corrected applied.
[26 Oct, 08:00 AM] tacticallemon wasn't in, and and there is no way Lord Downey will try his luck at the fortress ukgentleman seems to have...
[25 Oct, 17:00 PM] Tealeafs cunning disguise finally gets Cora Olpe (nailPOLISH) killed.
[26 Oct, 01:00 AM] Vetinari's chopsticks make for a better weapon than Charlie Gatehouse (The Lone Hammer)
[25 Oct, 20:00 PM] Baron Kuckrich loses his Chinese throwing stars
[25 Oct, 21:00 PM] Someone steals the LifeAndSoul of David Tennyson (The Halk)
[25 Oct, 14:50 PM] Michael Sharrock (Dom E. Spuny) is too puny to properly assassinate Dr. Dre

New on Thursday, 25 October

[25 Oct, 13:00 PM] Connor Rogers (The Pootis Mystique) is finally slain by Carpe Diem
[25 Oct, 12:30 PM] Mr.Y tries to Rent-an-Assassin and buy a Levitating BBQ, but cannot afford either.
[25 Oct, 11:05 AM] Squirtle is defeated by meleagrine's door...
[24 Oct, 21:35 PM] As suspicious someone wants a Levitating BBQ
[25 Oct, 18:45 PM] Frank is not welcome In West Philadelphia
[25 Oct, 13:00 PM] nailPOLISH doesn't require an electrician, and certainly not a Tealeaf
[24 Oct, 22:30 PM] Somehow, a clumsy ferret manages to avoid death by Sze Long MUI (known as Sharon) (Chinese throwing stars)
[24 Oct, 21:00 PM] The Gruffalo and Charon's Apprentice use their dual identities to confuse and kill Izhan Khan (StormDragon)
[24 Oct, 20:30 PM] In West Philadelphia, people are highly suspicious of Number 6

New on Wednesday, 24 October

[24 Oct, 08:45 AM] The Minister of Funny Walks still isn't in his office when Sureau needs him.
[20 Oct, 16:30 PM] The Minister of Funny Walks fails to aquire Lord Downey's silly walk.
[18 Oct, 18:30 PM] The Minister of Funny Walks is not in when Sureau comes to register his walk.
[24 Oct, 12:13 PM] RunningScared murdered his faithful companion cube! (Michael James Naccarato (known as Michael), aka The Weighted Companion Cube) You MONSTER !
[24 Oct, 16:55 PM] Yarneo tempts a Beth McKinlay (BumbleBee) out of its room.
[24 Oct, 15:00 PM] I Rent-an-Assassin to kill The Hooded One. He doesn't do very well.
[23 Oct, 21:30 PM] Marian Priebe (Eeyore)'s is depressed. Donatello fixes that by killing him!
[21 Oct, 16:30 PM] Is Blessed-Brian up to something mysterious? (possibly involving assassins). Alex Rider goes to investigate.
[23 Oct, 22:00 PM] Austerity Measures don't affect The Penetrator

New on Tuesday, 23 October

[23 Oct, 19:00 PM] Ezio Auditore da Firenze 's next target is a rather comical Molly Llewellyn-Smith (pinkkangaroo)
[23 Oct, 15:00 PM] Vetinari sends her pet snake after Eun-Young Park (Boolgom)
[23 Oct, 16:55 PM] Urist Zatusan kills Emily Whettlock (Silver Snake)
[17 Oct, 02:00 AM] Urist Zatusan is introduced.
[23 Oct, 17:30 PM] Frank Fontaine gets his revenge on the Rapture worker Jamie Balcombe (Technetius Dramatis)
[22 Oct, 13:30 PM] Food is for weaklings! Elvis outhungers Oscar MacLean (Muhammed)
[23 Oct, 13:47 PM] Calin Cauacean (David) died In West Philadelphia.
[23 Oct, 12:00 PM] Jonathan Michael Foonlan Tsang (Jonny Tsang) (Invictus) is not victorious. Levitating BBQ is.
[23 Oct, 18:30 PM] Wanted criminal Lorenzo Venturini (The Commander) is apprehended by Snuffles.
[22 Oct, 17:50 PM] The Commander doesn't know the neighbour's dog Snuffles is actually a mass murderer.

New on Monday, 22 October

[22 Oct, 16:30 PM] Sureau can't find his favorite meal: The Gruffalo
[22 Oct, 18:45 PM] YAAAR! The Ghost Pirate LeChuck be slayin' Ian Loo (Toi)
[22 Oct, 12:20 PM] Here come the test results: RunningScared is a terrible assassin. We weren't even testing for that.
[22 Oct, 11:03 AM] Niklas Ek (Hannibal) didn't consider Levitating BBQs in his war strategy.
[22 Oct, 08:50 AM] Carpe Diem hunts down the vile pickpocket Oliver Lane (The Artful Bodger)
[21 Oct, 14:00 PM] kimbo performs an illegal attack on clumsy ferret
[21 Oct, 10:30 AM] The Commander (Lorenzo Venturini) sends his allies to their Fluffi death
[21 Oct, 21:15 PM] Yu She (Fat Panda)s are even more endangered due to NED

New on Sunday, 21 October

[21 Oct, 18:00 PM] Elvis knocks on Gaius Frakin' Baltar's door, no answer.
[21 Oct, 19:10 PM] Knife duel! RunningScared slays Lawrence Esswood (Shorty)
[21 Oct, 15:00 PM] kimbo goes shark hunting. Robert (Rob) Seaton (Mark the Shark) is killed.
[21 Oct, 15:10 PM] De Terminator uses a Levitating BBQ to terminate Hanna Tame (Mortimer)
[19 Oct, 18:30 PM] Stephanie Kiara de Kremer (known as Kiara) (Krem-Fresh) uses ninja tactics to slay Jafar Miles (Cat_Killer9952). Unfortunately, even ninjas can't dodge Dr. Dre's moon.
[21 Oct, 11:15 AM] RunningScared through Aperture, he can't reach The Weighted Companion Cube or Blood & Strawberries
[20 Oct, 12:05 PM] RunningScared is good strategy when faced with Amy May Pike (known as Amy) (Apple Pie Attack)

New on Saturday, 20 October

[20 Oct, 22:14 PM] Random Strategy thunderbolts Emily Dryer-Beers (Moth ball) and Nicky Collins (Horribly slow murderer) for providing incorrect addresses.
[20 Oct, 12:30 PM] kimbo bests Joshua Hunt (Zampano) in a knife duel.
[20 Oct, 13:00 PM] The Commander can find neither Shorty nor Fluffi
[20 Oct, 17:45 PM] Charlotte Corday elimine les execrables Jacobins: John Darlison (Laser John) et Jorn Embourg (Jude the obscure) mais ne trouve pas CRUNCH!.
[20 Oct, 10:20 AM] Another strange quantum event! : Schrodinger's Kill of Henry St Leger-Davey (Struk Patel)
[20 Oct, 10:35 AM] Good job everyone observing this. Schrodinger's Kill's wave function just collapsed into the state of being lost instead of the state of meeting Swishy.
[20 Oct, 10:05 AM] Schrodinger's Kill lets slip he is targetting Donatello!
[19 Oct, 14:50 PM] Mark the Shark fails to smell any of his targets' blood.
[19 Oct, 20:45 PM] kimbo escapes wounded from Zampano
[19 Oct, 16:30 PM] Frank Fontaine searches for some sweet ADAM, with a Krem-Fresh topping.
[19 Oct, 17:15 PM] Snuffles fails to sniff out a wild Squirtle.
[19 Oct, 21:45 PM] Baron Kuckrich is not subtle enough to catch The Artful Bodger
[19 Oct, 18:05 PM] Michael (Mike) Pain (The Pain) feels the pain of dying a second time to Swishy
[19 Oct, 19:00 PM] Gaius Frakin' Baltar assassinated Simrun Basuita (Boodo Khan)
[19 Oct, 11:10 AM] Mona Niknafs (moanie) is sacrificed by Shorty
[19 Oct, 18:00 PM] Ezio Auditore da Firenze deftly slays Csaba Katai (Terry Ball)

New on Friday, 19 October

[19 Oct, 12:00 PM] Silver Snake gets confused by Marwood leaving through a different exit.
[19 Oct, 20:00 PM] Mr. Plant's address cannot be found by Toi
[19 Oct, 13:00 PM] After Schrodinger's Kill, Victor Manisa (Peter Rabbit) was left both alive and dead. By observing this report, you just killed Peter Rabbit.
[19 Oct, 11:00 AM] Godfrey stabs Jovan Powar (Your Mother's Lover)
[17 Oct, 21:50 PM] Double kill! Nick Lorch (The Sad Mafioso) and Patrick Stevens (Smaug) kill each other!
[19 Oct, 10:00 AM] kimbo meets Andrew Harland (Meetballs)
[19 Oct, 08:00 AM] Dr. Dre wastes their assassin's time
[18 Oct, 21:00 PM] An unknown assailant tries to assassinate Elvis
[18 Oct, 21:00 PM] Eleanor Loukes (The Egregious Eidolon) bungles their assassination attempt on Keyser Soze
[18 Oct, 10:15 AM] Cambridge doesn't need a dark knight, Struk Patel eliminates Sahr Jalil (Batman)
[18 Oct, 23:15 PM] Swishy shoots The Pain... in a pub.
[18 Oct, 21:08 PM] The Pootis Mystique goes after all its targets at once. Rachael Gregory (Esmeralda Hawkinson) and Richard Nicholl(Canterbury) are killed.
[18 Oct, 14:00 PM] The Captain is lost in space. The Horribly slow murderer is nowhere to be found.
[17 Oct, 13:00 PM] RunningScared fails to solve the door puzzle protecting The Weighted Companion Cube
[18 Oct, 08:45 AM] Carpe Diem murders Sam Mouat (CocoaBeanExpress) and the zombie once known as James Hutt
[18 Oct, 00:00 AM] Christopher Little (Jaqen) and Rahul Sharma (armed :E) double kill.

New on Thursday, 18 October

[18 Oct, 20:45 PM] David catches Rosie Normanton (Catchme93)
[18 Oct, 21:40 PM] RedcoatAxemurderer is unsuccesful at murdering Chinese throwing stars and Jaqen.
[18 Oct, 17:45 PM] In the wrong hands, a Chainspoon is utterly useless, and can easily be defeated by bananaman (Rory McLeod, aka Chainspoon) died)
[18 Oct, 20:10 PM] Tim Pearson (bananaman) doesn't like jaffas, especially not those that Soggy from Capitalism has.
[18 Oct, 16:42 PM] Tealeaf's quest is made considerably easier by Smaug being already dead.
[18 Oct, 19:20 PM] TheWatchingEye eludes the investigations of Professor Moriarty and The Ghost Pirate LeChuck
[18 Oct, 12:45 PM] Zampano stabs Nabodit Paudyal (Nas) (The Bandit)
[18 Oct, 12:00 PM] The Egregious Eidolon doesn't recognise Keyser Soze.
[18 Oct, 12:41 PM] RunningScared flees from Apple Pie Attack
[17 Oct, 11:30 AM] First blood! Soggy from Capitalism slays a random noob! (Quintin Beer, aka Aaron Domnoob )
[17 Oct, 22:50 PM] Max Baxter-Allen (King of Carrot Flowers) now lacks LifeAndSoul.
[17 Oct, 22:38 PM] Toi stabs Mark the Shark with an ordinary pen. Mark the Shark is unharmed.
[17 Oct, 21:45 PM] Mistaken Identity in Deep Space! Swishy and The Captain agree to a truce.
[17 Oct, 21:18 PM] Professor Moriarty is not to be thwarted by Swishy
[17 Oct, 14:45 PM] Sir Winston Tan (Sir Churchill) chokes on a Tealeaf
[17 Oct, 02:00 AM] Random Strategy thunderbolts David Pennefather (Penisfarmer)
[17 Oct, 13:20 PM] James Brown (Kim Jong KNEEL!) kneels before Ezio Auditore da Firenze
[17 Oct, 21:15 PM] James Hutt (hungry honey bear) is dispatched by Charon's Apprentice only 10 minutes after being declared wanted.

New on Wednesday, 17 October

[17 Oct, 12:30 PM] hungry honey bears are never a good thing In West Philadelphia: an innocent is shot!
[17 Oct, 02:00 AM] The game starts!
[17 Oct, 17:15 PM] Baron Kuckrich fails to catch a Silver Snake
[17 Oct, 12:30 PM] Mr. Teatime runs away scared from RunningScared

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