Cloak & Dagger Assassins' Guild Rulings And Clarifications - Lent 2012

The following is a list of auxiliary rulings and clarifications made for the purposes of the Lent 2012 Assassins' Guild game. All rulings on this page should be taken to be authoritative, and to overrule the Rules page in such situations as they are contradictory:

You must be present for all kills you make. (Airstrikes, described below, are the only exception to this)

College libraries are out of bounds. (Again, a clarification, not a new rule)

Licenced weapons

If your pseudonym is a Pokemon that can learn Flash, then you can use Flash to stun your target (similar to a cosh). The Umpire accepts no responsibility for arrests made for indecent exposure.

If a player is more than thirty miles from Cambridge, you may airstrike them by getting an accomplice to drop something on their head (see A.3.2 Boulders and safes on the weapons page). The weapon must bear the name of the assassin arranging the kill.

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