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New on Tuesday, 6 December

[2 Dec, 13:30 PM] The Duel!!
[1 Dec, 18:00 PM] Ceasefire! Duel follows tomorrow afternoon.
[1 Dec, 11:30 AM] Aaron Domnoob has a busy last day before the ceasefire.
[1 Dec, 17:15 PM] Nightfingers has an unexpected visitor.
[1 Dec, 15:00 PM] The Brigadier takes a tacticallemon to try and kill Mega Super Ultra Extra.

New on Monday, 5 December

[1 Dec, 07:00 AM] Random Strategy almost leads to Sir Winston Churchill being shot

New on Wednesday, 30 November

[30 Nov, 22:31 PM] Matthew Clarkson (Morgan)has been eaten by a ferret.
[30 Nov, 18:15 PM] Nightfingers makes Tiny (Esther Kezia Harding) just the tiniest bit dead.
[30 Nov, 15:00 PM] A Random Strategy leads to finding Nightfingers to be out.
[30 Nov, 13:00 PM] Hannah McLaughlin (Mr Papaya AKA And recently, meat) is recently, meat thanks to Rory Williams
[29 Nov, 19:30 PM] Police Raid!! (entirely unsuccessful)

New on Tuesday, 29 November

[29 Nov, 12:00 PM] Double-kill! Rory Williams has slain the Cookie-monster (Jonathan Bootle) but dies heroically in the process (again).
[29 Nov, 18:28 PM] Open Season!!
[29 Nov, 13:00 PM] Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart attempts to disband The Shadow Proclamation
[28 Nov, 12:15 PM] My other pseudonym starts with a T has some pizza, but no MegaSuperUltraExtraChicken.
[29 Nov, 08:30 AM] fdztxxs goes after the morning.
[28 Nov, 23:40 PM] Mega Super Ultra Extra may be super but he isn't SuperStealth.
[28 Nov, 17:30 PM] And recently, meat has been attempting to kill a tacticallemon
[28 Nov, 17:45 PM] There's a killer MegaSuperUltraExtraChicken on the loose! Craig Newbold's dying words - 'Tis but a flesh wound'
[29 Nov, 00:47 AM] Another bounty!

New on Monday, 28 November

[28 Nov, 11:00 AM] Rory Williams has defeated the evil James Peter Stuart Robson (Telganistico AKA Killer Bug 1 AKA D. Mendeleev, The Chemistry Bro)

New on Sunday, 27 November

[25 Nov, 18:00 PM] My other pseudonym starts with a T...the number of assassins he tried to kill also begins with a T.

New on Saturday, 26 November

[25 Nov, 23:00 PM] A thrilling chase after [UNSPECIFIED-SOCIETY] as Rory Williams attempts to stab a fleeing Telganistico
[25 Nov, 13:20 PM] Tinky Winky (Toby Crisford) says tubby bye byes as Oodfficer Sigma stabs him.
[25 Nov, 11:00 AM] Weeping Angel finally wins the staring contest between him and fdztxs (Viktor Konstantinov)

New on Friday, 25 November

[23 Nov, 04:00 AM] Week 6 begins...
[25 Nov, 01:06 AM] Ganon (Nicola (Nicky) Wood) has been eaten by one of the Umpire's pet ferrets.
[24 Nov, 17:45 PM] Amun Ra (Sam Miller) is outstealthed by SuperStealth
[24 Nov, 09:55 AM] No beetroots for Tinky Winky, Zop the Exploding Beetroot is already dead.
[24 Nov, 09:00 AM] Zop the Exploding Beetroot (Matt Kingston) becomes the latest victim of The Government
[23 Nov, 23:40 PM] Mega Super Ultra Extra attempts to rget rid of Amun Ra and fdztxs
[23 Nov, 18:00 PM] Ganon, Amun Ra and fdztxs should all be very careful not to blink...there's a Weeping Angel after them.
[23 Nov, 10:00 AM] The Government tries to ban Zop the Exploding Beetroot
[24 Nov, 17:10 PM] 'Tis but a flesh wound'! Though MegaSuperUltraExtraChicken can't find him or Amun Ra...
[23 Nov, 13:30 PM] More Doctor Who and Teletubbies crossovers! This time Tinky Winky teams up with Oodfficer Sigma to hunt down incos (unsuccessfully).
[23 Nov, 12:10 PM] Random Strategy's choice of tactic leads to a standoff between him and Cookie-monster

New on Wednesday, 23 November

[23 Nov, 01:45 AM] Weeping Angel has been exterminated by the Cult of Skaro.
[22 Nov, 23:30 PM] Rory Williams...the man who dies and dies again. This time to a Weeping Angel.
[22 Nov, 16:00 PM] Someone has been trying to kill Morgan le Fay and Cookie-monster. And recently, meat.
[22 Nov, 14:00 PM] Doctor Who and Teletubbies crossovers shouldn't work...yet Tinky Winky has still killed Martha Jones.
[22 Nov, 10:00 AM] Random Strategy doesn't always work, at least not for catching Cookie-monsters.
[21 Nov, 17:15 PM] And so Morgan le Fay (Carys Jane Redman-White) was slaine by the vylain Cookie-monster
[21 Nov, 18:45 PM] The Lord President of Gallifrey Rassilon attempts to overrule The Shadow Proclamation

New on Monday, 21 November

[21 Nov, 10:50 AM] Tom Taylor (TiddlyTom AKA Stealth) is outstealthed by a tacticallemon
[20 Nov, 21:50 PM] tacticallemon tries to tactically outmanoeuvre Green Dragon and TiddlyTom
[21 Nov, 16:33 PM] Le Meurtrier, Green Dragon and Broi are next to feel the wrath of the DOOM ferrets.

New on Sunday, 20 November

[19 Nov, 17:30 PM] Count Zachary may be stealthy, but his killer has SuperStealth.
[20 Nov, 15:00 PM] Another bounty!
[20 Nov, 00:10 AM] Rory Williams and Rassilon team up with Telganistico to hunt down incos.
[19 Nov, 12:45 PM] Le Meurtrier, Ganon and fdztxs are all super at hiding from Mega Super Ultra Extra
[19 Nov, 17:00 PM] Le Meurtrier doesn't want to join the Noobs Guild
[19 Nov, 14:00 PM] Nobody wants to play with Tinky Winky.
[19 Nov, 10:49 AM] The Evil Scorby will no longer be terrorising the streets of Cambridge.
[18 Nov, 09:55 AM] Chaos outside [SUBJECT-REDACTED] lectures - Discord (Andy Marsh) is downed by Mr Papaya
[18 Nov, 16:50 PM] The Umpire may also have created this pseudonym but Brewy (Jack Brewster) didn't really create a good plan for attacking him.

New on Thursday, 17 November

[17 Nov, 13:15 PM] Coors Light doesn't agree with Wichita (Julianne Joswiak)
[17 Nov, 12:05 PM] Aaron Domnoob tries to get Count Zachary to join the Noob guild.
[17 Nov, 13:11 PM] Random Strategy appears to be working quite well.
[16 Nov, 19:00 PM] Round 2! My other pseudonym starts with a T tries again, but necrognostic is still nowhere to be found.
[16 Nov, 17:45 PM] necrognostic proves troublesome for My other pseudonym starts with a T to find.
[17 Nov, 11:30 AM] Telganistico tries to tackle TiddlyTom.
[17 Nov, 11:20 AM] D. Mendeleev, The Chemistry Bro attempts to kill 'Tis but a flesh wound' with SCIENCE!
[17 Nov, 11:38 AM] Scorby hears news of the recent thunderboltings.
[17 Nov, 09:00 AM] The Evil Scorby must be stopped - reward of chocolate.
[17 Nov, 01:17 AM] Mary Moo Cow, Bob Marley, Pseudonym Made Up By The Umpire No.34, necrognostic, Didn't submit a pseudonym, snake, Big Tree and Spark disappear into a crack in the ground, never to be seen again.
[16 Nov, 12:20 PM] Cookie-monster attempts to kill Le Meurtrier and Cyborg Ostrich, without success.
[16 Nov, 19:35 PM] Rory Williams has saved the Universe from the threat of Stormageddon, the Dark Lord of All.
[16 Nov, 11:05 AM] There's a Tiny assassin looking for Coors Light and Wichita
[16 Nov, 12:05 PM] Rory Williams has defeated the malevolent Cyborg Ostrich (Maria Leggatt).
[15 Nov, 22:30 PM] The killing curse seems to be a good tactic for a tacticallemon, less so for Joshua Andrews (Andrew Harland)
[15 Nov, 21:20 PM] Ganon doesn't get killed...The Umpire may also have created this pseudonym
[15 Nov, 19:20 PM] The Brigadier attempts to bring Coors Light to justice.
[15 Nov, 18:35 PM] What happens when you combine I have no need for a Pseudonym cos I am going inco with Brandy? Brandy (Brendan Clifford) dies.
[15 Nov, 13:09 PM] tejogol (Terence Goldberg) doesn't like Brandy very much.
[14 Nov, 23:30 PM] fdztxs has another go at finding Brandy
[14 Nov, 19:05 PM] The double-act of 'Tis but a flesh wound' and fdztxs are at it again!

New on Monday, 14 November

[13 Nov, 21:00 PM] Zop the Exploding Beetroot and Morgan team up and get one kill each - pembunuh sunyi (Shahhaziq (Shah) Shahari) and ghost (Sharukh Malik).
[13 Nov, 15:45 PM] Tinky Winky says "Eh-oh" to Ploddipop (Sam Peat)...with a knife.
[12 Nov, 18:10 PM] Amun Ra has killed a Snake (Harrison Roocroft)
[12 Nov, 13:00 PM] Le Meurtrier, Green Dragon and Amun Ra don't want any Brandy.
[11 Nov, 18:05 PM] Morgan le Fay hath slaine The Dark beast known as Alan Mitchell
[11 Nov, 21:00 PM] The Government forks over another victim (Gianpiero Roscelli).

New on Saturday, 12 November

[12 Nov, 16:45 PM] Mega Super Ultra Extra makes Marvin the Paranoid Android (Robert John Seaton) so depressed he dies.
[4 Nov, 19:25 PM] Mega Super Ultra Extra goes hunting for fdztxs
[12 Nov, 14:00 PM] Mr Papaya still can't kill Joshua Andrews, though not through lack of trying.
[11 Nov, 18:15 PM] Mr X (David Green) is outstealthed by Stealth.
[11 Nov, 18:00 PM] Discord causes chaos by killing Chanandler Bong (Benjamin Hammond (Ben))
[10 Nov, 15:00 PM] Joshua Andrews appears not to be fond of papaya...
[10 Nov, 17:25 PM] Geekslashfool (Will Lawn) was foolish to allow Oodfficer Sigma to enter his room
[10 Nov, 21:12 PM] Commander Keen (Thomas Clausen) is killed by the keen police officer, Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, assisted by tacticallemon who kills Mantis (Christos Panayi)
[10 Nov, 13:15 PM] Aaron Domnoob goes out noob-pwning. DavidKean (Alex Jackman) and The Jazzy Hippogriff (Grace Carroll) are pwned.

New on Thursday, 10 November

[10 Nov, 13:00 PM] Fusilli (Andrew Bauer) becomes fatally entangled in Random Strategy's latest invention.
[9 Nov, 18:00 PM] A Random Strategy is not the best way to find Phillipe Philloppe
[9 Nov, 16:30 PM] Phillipe Philloppe's (Kyle Lam) vital status is flipped to dead by the Cookie-monster
[9 Nov, 21:00 PM] The Brigadier finds that HAL OGEN is already dead...blast!
[9 Nov, 12:00 PM] Count Zachary puts a stop to Raver's (Ravinda Gunaratne) endless partying.
[9 Nov, 18:40 PM] Tiny continues their killing spree, adding Perkele (Sakari Mesimaki) to the list of corpses.

New on Wednesday, 9 November

[9 Nov, 04:00 AM] Week 4...
[9 Nov, 17:25 PM] Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart gets rid of the incompetent This was also made up by the Umpire (Stefan Liam Arun Nigam)
[9 Nov, 09:01 AM] A Wandering Minstrel (Nicholas (Nick) Caldwell) gets eaten by Wichita
[8 Nov, 18:50 PM] Tiny is apparently small enough to go by unnoticed by fdztxs
[8 Nov, 17:40 PM] fdztxs goes hunting incompetents...'Tis but a flesh wound'!
[8 Nov, 12:10 PM] The Umpire may also have created this pseudonym...but nobody's creating Raver's death.
[8 Nov, 22:40 PM] tacticallemon tactically removes HAL OGEN (Harry Wright) from the game.
[8 Nov, 19:50 PM] Tiny kills Woody A (Alison Woodman) and tries to kill Perkele
[8 Nov, 16:30 PM] Nothing tenuous about Tenuousness' (Zephyr Penoyre) death at the hands of I have no need for a Pseudonym cos I am going inco
[8 Nov, 16:20 PM] An anonymous bounty!!
[8 Nov, 12:00 PM] D. Mendeleev, The Chemistry Bro attempts to perform experiments on Chanandler Bong
[8 Nov, 11:30 AM] tacticallemon went for the tactic of killing Yossarain (Steven (Steve) Rogers).

New on Monday, 7 November

[7 Nov, 16:45 PM] Cyborg Ostrich attempts to vaporise Killer Bug 1 and Count Zachary, but without success.
[7 Nov, 12:05 PM] Tinky Winky says tubby byebyes to Valentino (David Ginsbourg)
[6 Nov, 19:30 PM] Stealth continues to be out-stealthed by other assassins. This time, by Mr X
[6 Nov, 15:00 PM] Oodfficer Sigma and Martha Jones team up with Tinky Winky to slay incompetents. They kill Dominic (Dom) Hinkins and Ben Elliott
[5 Nov, 12:00 PM] Count Zachary had No idea? that Louis Bailey was already dead.
[29 Oct, 12:00 PM] Reginald (Rebecca (Becky) Bowen) is slain by Count Zachary
[5 Nov, 18:00 PM] DrHeinzDoofenshmirtz (Ben Webb) dies as a result of the use of a Random Strategy
[5 Nov, 21:00 PM] Rory Williams shoots out The Savage Eye of Bucephalus What Kills People (Hester (Hettie) Thorneycroft), helped by a Weeping Angel
[5 Nov, 11:40 AM] Wichita isn't in when a Tiny assassin comes looking for them.

New on Sunday, 6 November

[5 Nov, 20:18 PM] Tiny kills a Cobler (Adam Varga)
[5 Nov, 14:00 PM] Ganon is still keen to kill Commander Keen, Commander Keen appears to be less keen for this.
[5 Nov, 12:30 PM] Brandy and Bananas (Jiann Meng Tan) don't mix
[4 Nov, 16:30 PM] Louis Bailey had No idea? what hit him when he was killed by Discord
[4 Nov, 17:00 PM] Ganon is keen to kill Commander Keen.
[2 Nov, 03:00 AM] Week 3 commences. Here is a chinchilla.

New on Saturday, 5 November

[3 Nov, 12:00 PM] Cookie-monster befriends fdztxs's bedder, but not fdztxs himself.
[2 Nov, 11:30 AM] Cookie-monster goes looking for fdztxs, with some truly awful background music.
[4 Nov, 12:00 PM] Yossarain fancies eating a Biscuit
[4 Nov, 11:58 AM] SkillzUpInThisExtra's (Michael Jason Stec) song is over. Oodfficer Sigma killed him.
[3 Nov, 17:40 PM] Yes (Zac Baynham-Herd) blinked. Le Meurtrier, Coors Light, Red and Geekslashfool didn't. Weeping Angel killed Yes
[2 Nov, 23:50 PM] Red (Leo Cairns) is dead.

New on Wednesday, 2 November

[30 Oct, 14:30 PM] Kingy (Alexander King) and Deathfader (James (Jamie) Scott) forgot not to blink. Weeping Angel killed them.
[2 Nov, 15:00 PM] Some noobs tried to kill Aaron Domnoob.
[2 Nov, 13:00 PM] A Wandering Minstrel discovers that his singing is not sufficient to kill people
[2 Nov, 12:00 PM] There's no Ambivalence over Carolyn Barker's death at the hands of Stealth
[1 Nov, 23:00 PM] Time for tubby byebyes for Sue Donim (Amy Roberts).
[30 Oct, 12:45 PM] Le morte d'Arthur...
[1 Nov, 21:50 PM] Shluf (Jeff Carpenter) gets bitten by a Snake
[1 Nov, 18:30 PM] Anathema (Edward (Ed) Godfrey) gets shot..."'Tis but a flesh wound'!"
[1 Nov, 09:05 AM] WASPOOOR!!! Killer Bug 3 (Steph teh Ninja Ninja Leddington) sacrifices Your Supervisor (Mark Brown) to Waspor, but dies in the process.
[1 Nov, 12:00 PM] Mr X makes the Mantis his prey, but doesn't catch him.

New on Tuesday, 1 November

[30 Oct, 12:20 PM] The incobash commences...
[30 Oct, 12:15 PM] The Darkness is vanquished in a final epic battle between the Elder God and the Alliance.
[31 Oct, 17:55 PM] The Noob's Guild continues to grow as Aaron Domnoob pwns the Duchess of Cambridge (Kande Andrews)
[31 Oct, 10:00 AM] DavidKean. This pseudonym was also made up by the Umpire. Already dead. Disaster!
[31 Oct, 08:30 AM] The Patriot (Finnian Firth) is no match for D. Mendeleev, The Chemistry Bro
[29 Oct, 23:00 PM] I got it from Agnes (Natalie Wellings), she got killed by Amun Ra
[29 Oct, 15:00 PM] Another Umpire-created pseudonym (Guang (Betty) Xia Xu) falls prey to the Mantis
[30 Oct, 12:45 PM] The incobash continues...
[30 Oct, 18:30 PM] Ambivalence manages to outstealth Stealth
[30 Oct, 20:00 PM] Ploddipop stabs Samuel Nel.lo
[30 Oct, 13:10 PM] Rory Williams attempts to kill Yes, but finds someone else in his room.
[30 Oct, 18:30 PM] The Jazzy Hippogriff kills again! This time DIG (Daniel (Dan) Jafferji) dies.
[30 Oct, 17:30 PM] The Grey Man (Kentaro Ueshima) gets eaten by The Jazzy Hippogriff
[30 Oct, 15:55 PM] On the incobash, Telganistico takes down Lizard (Abdulla Al-Kamil) and 3ps (Jordan White)
[29 Oct, 18:45 PM] Tenuousness says: "No, Medeis (David Vasak) I expect you to dine."
[30 Oct, 09:35 AM] Marvin the Paranoid Android makes Nine (Joe He) so depressed he dies.
[29 Oct, 14:07 PM] Chaosweaver (Jerome Singh) gets stabbed by Joshua Andrews
[29 Oct, 07:30 AM] Biscuit goes hunting for Amun Ra
[29 Oct, 17:20 PM] Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition! But Commander Keen was still prepared enough to defend himself
[30 Oct, 00:00 AM] ihateu (Amirul Hakim) appears to be allergic to Fusilli
[30 Oct, 02:20 AM] Telganistico kills Dr Baltar (Rob May-Miller) and Oaty (James Glanville)

New on Sunday, 30 October

[29 Oct, 13:40 PM] tacticallemon goes for the tactic of shooting Don Salvatore (Andrew Buchan) whilst he is sleeping.
[29 Oct, 19:30 PM] DavidKean. snake. Nobody died.
[29 Oct, 10:12 AM] A Cyborg Ostrich is on the rampage, though it hasn't killed anyone yet.
[28 Oct, 11:00 AM] Tiny goes looking for Red
[26 Oct, 22:00 PM] Tiny goes looking for Cobler
[28 Oct, 21:45 PM] Morgan and Zop the Exploding Beetroot discover that Useless (Tim Squirrell) is good at one thing - dying.
[28 Oct, 13:00 PM] The Jazzy Hippogriff goes on a quest to slay Arthur Pendragon! Wait, what?
[29 Oct, 12:45 PM] In his house in [MYSTERIOUS-PLACE-REDACTED] dead Cthulhu lies dreaming of killing Fusilli
[28 Oct, 23:10 PM] Mega Super Ultra Extra fails to get fdztxs
[28 Oct, 21:10 PM] 'Tis but a flesh wound'! But once again, nobody died.
[28 Oct, 16:00 PM] 42nd Pseudonym Invented By The Umpire (Victoria (Vicki) McAvinue) kills Rachael Booth, and then gets shot by Anathema
[28 Oct, 20:04 PM] The Government has changed the law regarding Iron Storm (Tom Norris): they're now dead.
[27 Oct, 12:00 PM] Count Zachary was counting on finding Reginald, he doesn't.
[28 Oct, 15:30 PM] Brewy kills Blinky (Rich Crichton), but doesn't get Commander Keen or Aaron Domnoob
[28 Oct, 15:00 PM] Discord is foiled by Mega Super Ultra Extra's and Geekslashfool's locked doors.
[28 Oct, 15:40 PM] Useless tries to kill Chanandler Bong, but ends up having a conversation. Assessment of assassin? Useless!
[28 Oct, 19:40 PM] 'Tis but a flesh wound'! Well, Trafalgar Law (James Hartley) died...but it's still just a flesh wound!!
[28 Oct, 15:54 PM] Her Royal Highness Queenie (Melanie Mertesdorf) has been slain by the villainous Don Salvatore.

New on Friday, 28 October

[27 Oct, 18:00 PM] Ben Elliott and Rachael Booth decide to go after the wanted criminal Commander Keen

New on Thursday, 27 October

[27 Oct, 16:05 PM] King Arthur Pendragon has slayne Crispy (Jin-Xi Yuan) in bataill
[27 Oct, 16:45 PM] Morgan decides to rid the game of a potential Cereal Killer (Andrew Kiddey (Andy))
[27 Oct, 13:20 PM] Pablo (Elizabeth (Lizzy) Perkins) gets pwned by Aaron Domnoob
[27 Oct, 12:00 PM] A Wandering Minstrel teams up with a Cookie-monster, but neither get any kills
[27 Oct, 15:00 PM] Discord seeks to cause disorder in the Cabinet by killing Prime Minister Harriet Jones, only to find she's already dead.
[27 Oct, 10:00 AM] Harriet Jones (Ewa Muszynska) is inexplicably killed off by The Steven Moffat Plothole Monster
[27 Oct, 09:55 AM] The Umpire made up this pseudonym but nobody is making up Jack Williams's death at the hands of Amun Ra.
[27 Oct, 12:30 PM] fdztxs has some advice for would-be assassins.
[23 Oct, 12:06 PM] Gordon Freeman(Matt Hinks) appears to have quite a short half-life thanks to Raver
[26 Oct, 23:00 PM] Morgan leaves a tactical note for a tacticallemon
[26 Oct, 23:26 PM] Wichita kills a Real Saint (Neil Satra)...with a scythe!.
[26 Oct, 11:00 AM] HAL OGEN goes looking for Mary Moo Cow but they aren't in.
[26 Oct, 17:00 PM] Commander Keen shoots something he is supposed to - a Frog (Raphael Proust)

New on Wednesday, 26 October

[24 Oct, 22:10 PM] 'Tis but a flesh wound'! Oh no, wait, Matt Hinks is already dead...
[26 Oct, 13:30 PM] Mario Balotelli(Rajkumar Sarujan) gets caught out by Ganon and stabbed.
[25 Oct, 18:30 PM] Ambivalence certainly can't find any of their targets (Crispy, The Umpire made up this pseudonym and ghost)
[26 Oct, 16:10 PM] WASPOOOR!!!! Killer Bug 2 and Killer Bug 3 sacrifice mz/x(Balazs Torok) to their god.
[26 Oct, 19:50 PM] Killer Bug 2's (Gregory Andrew Weir) weakness shows as Brandy shoots him and Waspor takes his soul.
[25 Oct, 18:00 PM] Yossarain is one short of a full deck of cards now that he's disposed of The Jack of Hearts(Arjun Sajip).
[26 Oct, 14:25 PM] This was also made up by the Umpire. But I'm not making up Tinky Winky's attempt on This was also made up by the Umpire's life.
[25 Oct, 19:00 PM] Her Royal Highness Queenie requests that SkillzUpInThisExtra becomes less skillful at hiding from her.
[25 Oct, 19:30 PM] Chanandler Bong shoots Your Mum(Joanna Lau) after they fail to get Oaty.
[25 Oct, 19:47 PM] Harriet Jones, Prime Minister. Just shot an innocent. Oops.
[25 Oct, 14:05 PM] The Dubstep Pigeon (Claire Emily Hubert) has taken it's last flight thanks to Amun Ra
[24 Oct, 15:00 PM] Zop the Exploding Beetroot and Morgan go looking for a Cereal Killer, but fail to find one.

New on Tuesday, 25 October

[24 Oct, 17:00 PM] The Umpire chose my pseudonym (Harry Edwards), but Brandy chose the time of death
[24 Oct, 14:03 PM] Telganistico shoots Ishmael(Alvo von Cossel)..
[24 Oct, 10:00 AM] Not even ninjas (Jon Tong) can stop the bloodthirsty Tinky Winky
[24 Oct, 11:00 AM] fdztxs appears not to appreciate Rainbow Socks(Caroline Clark) as footwear
[24 Oct, 08:15 AM] Morgan won't be getting any Coors Light if he continues not to show up
[23 Oct, 16:00 PM] Stone circle sacrifice! Well, technically a The Boulder(Amelia Zoe Rowan) circle sacrifice...

New on Sunday, 23 October

[23 Oct, 18:35 PM] Eldritch horrors walk the streets of Cambridge! Cthulhu seeks to devour Broi but finds his mind sealed against him.
[23 Oct, 16:00 PM] Miscowaubik(Kate Champion) has No idea? who killed her.
[22 Oct, 22:45 PM] Kitty(Katie Hocking) and Kronos(Tudor Balan) get bitten by a Snake
[23 Oct, 19:00 PM] Commander Keen (Thomas Clausen) really needs to sort out that twitchy trigger finger
[22 Oct, 16:30 PM] Chanandler Bong goes looking for the 42nd Pseudonym Invented By The Umpire

New on Saturday, 22 October

[22 Oct, 14:00 PM] Morgan le Fay takes up a quest to find the villainous Mary Moo Cow
[21 Oct, 17:45 PM] Me(Damian Phillips-Cragg) was killed by Mr Papaya. No not me. Me.
[22 Oct, 10:30 AM] First wanted player! Commander Keen develops an over-active trigger finger and shoots his neighbour.
[21 Oct, 21:00 PM] 'Tis but a flesh wound'! Even though nobody attacked...
[21 Oct, 20:00 PM] Museve (Ewa Muszynska) is killed by the use of Stealth and a banana
[20 Oct, 22:00 PM] Le Meurtrier a assassine Yuta (Edward Kay-Coles). (Le Meurtrier killed Yuta)
[21 Oct, 20:27 PM] Un meurtre plus! Le Meurtrier a poignarde O. B. Laden (Joshua Wooderson).

New on Friday, 21 October

[21 Oct, 18:15 PM] Museve puts an end to the Professor of Pinguistics's (David Mears) cruel penguin experiments, alongside Me
[21 Oct, 12:05 PM] Tinky Winky melts an Eager Glacier (John Grenfell-Shaw)
[21 Oct, 09:00 AM] Amun Ra bang kills sexy pete (Dominic (Dom) Wilkins)
[21 Oct, 06:00 AM] Swords and pistols at dawn! Ganon takes on Commander Keen, but both participants leave still alive and unarmed.
[20 Oct, 17:40 PM] TiddlyTom strikes again! The Horn is stabbed.
[20 Oct, 14:00 PM] Tenuousness discovers that not only is The Squeezable Captain(Matthew Morgan) Squeezable, he is also killable

New on Thursday, 20 October

[19 Oct, 22:30 PM] Telganistico had an examples paper to hand in to Your Supervisor, but Your Supervisor wasn't in.
[20 Oct, 11:00 AM] TiddlyTom catches a Spider (Andrew Rumbol) and promptly kills him.
[19 Oct, 17:20 PM] Arthur Pendragon rides forth on a quest to find Kingy and Wichita
[20 Oct, 11:50 AM] tombom (Timothy Edward May) gets knifed by DavidKean
[19 Oct, 16:10 PM] Ben Elliott takes the biscuit and kills Gerry Monderson (Fergus (Fergle) Riche)

New on Wednesday, 19 October

[19 Oct, 18:35 PM] SkillzUpInThisExtra seems to have something of a skill for killing, according to YDdraigGoch
[19 Oct, 15:00 PM] Didn't submit a pseudonym? Well, Anathema did, but failed to find their target.
[19 Oct, 13:41 PM] First blood! Chaosweaver bang-kills John Titor (Christian William Paul Greer (Chris)).
[19 Oct, 03:00 AM] The game has begun. Let bloodshed, carnage and other fun things commence!

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