Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Wanted List

This is the List of wanted players.

Police who have succumbed....

RankReal NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusCrimeRedemption ConditionsNotes
Eldritch AbominationLuke RobinsThe Darkness125 South courtHomertonFull WaterDeclaring war on the denizens of DiscworldAbominations scoff at the idea of \'Redemption\'Not often in the centre of town. Often cycle through centre of town en route to West Cambridge. I have my lectures at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, and the Astronomy Department. If you get me as a target... I pity you.
ConstableAdam WellsIvan AquaspecusRoom 325, WestHouse, Homerton CollegeHomertonNo WaterLost his soul to the DarknessYou need a soul to be redeemableI live within 20 minutes walk but if people are too lazy to come out here I also make trips in for lectures and food shopping. Beware of ravens and writing desks!
Diversity and Equal Rights ConsultantAlex WheatleySpecial Constable Trilobite2 Pembroke Street, Room 1PembrokeNo WaterLetting the Darkness infect their mind with uncontrollable hate for those beings that have since taken over the seasMake peace with all creatures that haven\'t been extinct for the last 300m yearsOOB Monday nights, and any Thursday when seen with musical instruments. No liability accepted for "incidents" that occur while lurking my door.
Oh God of HangoversHester ThorneycroftBilious43 Castle End, Clare ColonyClareWater With CareGiving the Umpire a hangoverIrredeemableMore usually known as Hettie.
Replacement Gatekeeper of HellJanusz SikorskiUrglefloggah's twinRoom 40 AChurchillNo WaterLetting Peter Rabbit get through the gatesIrredeemable
ConstableLuke BennettI have no need for a pseudo since I'm going to kill the CoPS9JesusNo WaterCPSing the Umpire... in a water with care zoneNah, this is his Last Damnation...I am fearsome, fear me

Inevitably, this happens....

Tom DurrantHaikuStabbing a non-bearing player
A.S.SassinSpaghetti BolognaiseMaking an attempt in an Out-of-Bounds area
Christopher ArranThe Thin ManShooting an Innocent
Ryan RobinsonLupusInjuring an innocent

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