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New on Wednesday, 9 March

[9 Mar, 00:00 AM] J Doe killed J Doe
[8 Mar, 23:59 PM] A lot of people go corrupt because I said so
[8 Mar, 21:00 PM] Reg Shoe (escaped with Blind Io-intervention) returns out from the gates of hell -Urglefloggah is killed by Peter Rabbit
[8 Mar, 20:30 PM] GAME... OVER... Anna Ermakova (a.k.a. Ballrooms on Mars AKA Second Avatar of the Flying Spaghetti Monster AKA The Hermes Expunger) comes out on top, followed by Craig Slade (a.k.a. Frab) then Emily Room (a.k.a. Chocolate Biscuit AKA Norwegian Blue) after a seige on Craig Slade's home
[8 Mar, 22:00 PM] I have no need for a pseudo since I'm going to kill the CoP keeps their word. Samuel Vimes becomes is crushed into oblivion by a Super-Massive Black Hole

New on Tuesday, 8 March

[8 Mar, 19:15 PM] Reg Shoe is tempted into hell by Urglefloggah
[8 Mar, 14:30 PM] The Darkness reaches the University seeking Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully
[7 Mar, 18:10 PM] Ivan Aquaspecus is pierced by The Darkness
[7 Mar, 23:50 PM] Samuel Vimes and Mustrum Ridcully investigate the case of the missing competence- Rincewind and Mrs. Marietta Cosmopilite are found to be at blame. Commander sir Samuel Vimes goes corrupt for shooting an innocent customer in Mrs. Marietta Cosmopilite's property
[7 Mar, 09:30 AM] Reg Shoe tells a tale... The tale of how their Inn-Sewer-Ants paid off...
[7 Mar, 14:00 PM] The Darkness spreads across the land, Big Mad Drongo and Faus... Ehem... Eric remain hidden from sight
[7 Mar, 16:30 PM] Norwegian Blue pulls a daring suprise on Frab, who isn't there...
[7 Mar, 13:00 PM] Chocolate Biscuit can't wipeout The Hermes Expunger
[7 Mar, 19:15 PM] The hammer of Blind Io strikes thunder down on Susan Sto Helit

New on Sunday, 6 March

[6 Mar, 13:00 PM] Reg Shoe hits Cheery Littlebottom with a spoon. And then again. And again and again and again and again...
[6 Mar, 00:00 AM] Quoth has to deliver a message...
[4 Mar, 22:50 PM] Blind Io in super-sneaky mustache disguise finds the corpse of Sam Tyler
[4 Mar, 22:05 PM] My name is Sam Tyler. I had an ahem... *accident*, and I woke up dead. Faus... Ehem... Eric takes the kill.

New on Friday, 4 March

[4 Mar, 17:45 PM] I have no need for a pseudo since I'm going to kill the CoP searches for an Angel but only finds furries and The Umpire
[4 Mar, 13:00 PM] The Hermes Expunger lurks the remaining players
[4 Mar, 13:00 PM] Frab is rather desperate for a Chocolate Biscuit
[3 Mar, 10:00 AM] Reg Shoe finds that the only of finding Epsilon less than zero is in fact by Random Strategy
[3 Mar, 18:30 PM] The Death of Rats with a Broken Tail catches up with the zombie of Epsilon less than zero
[3 Mar, 13:15 PM] Zeno AKA Hume is the next to fall, as Frab takes out Sean Tull
[3 Mar, 12:55 PM] Big Mad Drongo is stumbling over the conundrum of Epsilon less than zero
[3 Mar, 11:55 AM] Big Mad Drongo shows not only failed to find Epsilon less than zero but has proved, in fact, that it can not be done
[3 Mar, 08:35 AM] The Death of Rats with a Broken Tail watches intently the sand-timer of Epsilon less than zero

New on Thursday, 3 March

[2 Mar, 05:00 AM] Week 6

New on Wednesday, 2 March

[2 Mar, 22:00 PM] Blind Io suffers from the poor singing of Epsilon less than zero. Epsilon less than zero is now corrupt + BOUNTY
[2 Mar, 17:00 PM] Frab is hungry for a Chocolate Biscuit and Zeno
[2 Mar, 15:00 PM] Frab is another to find the corpse of The Random Variable
[1 Mar, 22:00 PM] Arthur Savile (a.k.a. Velijan Effendi) has been beaten, by the Second Avatar of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and had no chance of eat'n

New on Tuesday, 1 March

[1 Mar, 20:30 PM] The Random Variable can't relocate Reg Shoe
[1 Mar, 14:00 PM] Using Ivan Aquaspecus's combined knowledge of criminal activity and basic biology, he searches for Incos
[28 Feb, 16:00 PM] Juliet Griffin (a.k.a. The Random Variable) has finally been located, at the Ballrooms on Mars
[1 Mar, 09:05 AM] Big Mad Drongo sorts out Twoflower
[28 Feb, 22:00 PM] Epsilon less than zero is rather bored and draws me something pretty
[28 Feb, 15:00 PM] The Hermes Expunger can't locate Frab
[28 Feb, 13:00 PM] Frab has an encounter with the Second Avatar of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
[28 Feb, 11:05 AM] It is apparently illegal to send Amelia Penny (a.k.a. Kippers by Post), as Special Constable Trilobite proudly boasts

New on Monday, 28 February

[26 Feb, 15:30 PM] Hume be seeking Katalya
[27 Feb, 19:00 PM] Norwegian Blue has birthday insanity, which results in the death of Stephanie Leddington (a.k.a. Lady Vanity AKA Envious of Basics Chocolate Digestives)
[27 Feb, 17:20 PM] Amy Johnson (a.k.a. Katalya) did a no-no, after opening the door to the one called Zeno
[26 Feb, 17:15 PM] Hester Thorneycroft (a.k.a. A Ferruginous Pygmy-owl) by Velijan Effendi's gun did it fall foul

New on Sunday, 27 February

[25 Feb, 16:30 PM] Zeno is unfindable to Kippers by Post

New on Friday, 25 February

[25 Feb, 18:40 PM] The Death of Rats with a Broken Tail spys on Twoflower, but without having a scythe at hand, he's completely without power
[25 Feb, 20:10 PM] The hammer of Blind Io strikes thunder down on The Luggage
[25 Feb, 00:02 AM] The Umpire didn't actually forgot to enter a headline
[24 Feb, 22:00 PM] Velijan Effendi can't really be tempted by Ballrooms on Mars or a Chocolate Biscuit
[24 Feb, 14:00 PM] The Librarian is having such a busy day that they didn't even notice about being killed by Kippers by Post
[24 Feb, 13:30 PM] Frab is one of the few keen for a Chocolate Biscuit but can't find one anywhere
[24 Feb, 12:00 PM] Being incompotent, you really shouldn't do, as Detritus is slain by Policeman Reg Shoe
[22 Feb, 09:00 AM] The Random Variable lurks Captain Stabby

New on Thursday, 24 February

[23 Feb, 19:25 PM] Daniel Gregory Wallace O'Brien (a.k.a. So-tea-rios Johnson a.k.a. Charlie) goes mad at the concept of Ballrooms on Mars
[23 Feb, 05:01 AM] Week 5... (Can't be much longer to go guys)
[23 Feb, 09:45 AM] Reg Shoe takes down the wanted suspect: Carrot Ironfoundersson
[23 Feb, 14:00 PM] Anghammarad gets smashed by Otto Chriek
[23 Feb, 09:00 AM] Mrs Cake couldn't forsee her own death by Otto Chriek
[22 Feb, 22:44 PM] James Parish-Bassett (a.k.a. Uncle Fester) can't handle being Envious of Basics Chocolate Digestives
[22 Feb, 22:45 PM] Paper Mario tries to be sharp with Envious of Basics Chocolate Digestives but Chocolate Biscuit cuts him to pieces
[22 Feb, 18:00 PM] The Police go about their business- Mustrum Ridcully and Special Constable Trilobite fail to arrest Dorfl and Carrot Ironfoundersson

New on Wednesday, 23 February

[22 Feb, 18:30 PM] Maria Francesca O' Connor (a.k.a. Pidgeon) are known to be prey, of Samuel Vimes who helped slay, today this inco, you see, with the help of I have no need for a pseudo since I'm going to kill the CoP.
[22 Feb, 21:00 PM] The Random Variable isn't very happy, he couldn't find the corpse of Captain Stabby
[22 Feb, 16:00 PM] Susan Sto Helit kills Dorfl, what a korforfoll

New on Tuesday, 22 February

[21 Feb, 23:00 PM] Zeno can't be tempted to eat it seems, be it Chocolate Biscuit or custard creams
[22 Feb, 17:00 PM] Otto Chriek is full of glee as he eliminates Rob Sullivan (a.k.a. Captain Stabby). An attempted trap turned to tradegy, Sam Tyler survives another day, for using full water, Otto Chriek will pay
[22 Feb, 16:00 PM] Legs, Crippled Willikins ain't got'em, they've been nicked by Cheery Littlebottom
[21 Feb, 19:30 PM] Katalya can not be found even when Pidgeon swoops around

New on Monday, 21 February

[21 Feb, 12:15 PM] When finding Zeno gets too tough, Otto Chriek's bounty might be enough
[21 Feb, 11:00 AM] Today, they found dead Leonard of Quirm, an act of Otto Chriek they did confirm...
[21 Feb, 12:00 PM] Being loose with your identity, no mistake is greater, as we find Zeno has killed Daniel Baker (a.k.a. Chocobo AKA The Daily Mail)
[20 Feb, 18:30 PM] A certain Pidgeon may have been home but to Kippers by Post was this unknown
[19 Feb, 17:00 PM] Chocolate Biscuit and the lovely Susan Sto Helit search in vain for Zeno

New on Sunday, 20 February

[20 Feb, 20:00 PM] The unlikely team of So-tea-rios Johnson, A Ferruginous Pygmy-owl and I have no need for a pseudo since I'm going to kill the CoP hunt for Zeno and Pidgeon. So-tea-rios Johnson has a rant
[20 Feb, 17:00 PM] A Ferruginous Pygmy-owl seems to have a lazy nest as Velijan Effendi fails to get inside
[20 Feb, 17:00 PM] Constable Ivan Aquaspecus decides to do his round on multiple incos and wanted players
[18 Feb, 22:30 PM] Chocobo gets a lurker known only as Frab
[19 Feb, 20:30 PM] Velijan Effendi evades a night lurking by The Random Variable

New on Saturday, 19 February

[19 Feb, 18:15 PM] Otto Chriek with the help of Carrot Ironfoundersson take out Gaspode. Otto Chriek kills yet another innocent...
[19 Feb, 14:30 PM] Katalya searches for Uncle Fester
[19 Feb, 10:50 AM] Captain Stabby wants to find where he can get Kippers by Post
[18 Feb, 18:00 PM] The Death of Rats vs. Otto Chriek in a duel to the death. Otto Chriek comes out on top after several tense standoffs.

New on Friday, 18 February

[18 Feb, 19:00 PM] The Daily Mail just can't seem to get that special interview with Ballrooms on Mars
[18 Feb, 14:00 PM] The Random Variable can not be ascertained by Chocobo
[18 Feb, 12:00 PM] Hume lurks for the despicable Carrot Ironfoundersson
[17 Feb, 13:05 PM] Michael Sargent (a.k.a. A gender neutral anagram of "we take") is shot by 'A lay kat' a.k.a. Katalya
[17 Feb, 10:15 AM] The Death of Rats and Inn-Sewer-Ants seek to bring justice to Otto Chriek. Otto Chriek is, however, very wary and slays Inn-Sewer-Ants
[17 Feb, 19:00 PM] Petras Balciunas (a.k.a. This pseudonym has thirty two letters) is cut down to size by Ballrooms on Mars
[17 Feb, 12:30 PM] Uncle Fester is still not Envious of Basics Chocolate Digestives. A gender neutral anagram of "we take" is and so gets a mutilated

New on Wednesday, 16 February

[16 Feb, 14:00 PM] A gender neutral anagram of "we take" can't find an anagram for 'Limey'. Oh come on, how am I supposed to find a better anagram for Miley
[16 Feb, 12:30 PM] Otto Chriek uses his brain to eliminate Nick Chambers (a.k.a. Miley)
[16 Feb, 19:10 PM] Dr. Facilier and Chocolate Biscuit go hunting... at the same time as Otto Chriek. The incompetent Premchand Brian (a.k.a. Dr. Facilier) is shot
[16 Feb, 05:00 AM] Week 4 begins...
[16 Feb, 02:47 AM] Ben Webb (a.k.a. CylonSeven) is brought to justice by Samuel Vimes. Lesson learnt: Don't tick off the Chief of the Police
[16 Feb, 12:15 PM] Uncle Fester stays hidden from those who are Envious of Basics Chocolate Digestives
[16 Feb, 11:00 AM] Otto Chriek sets straight Bloody Stupid Johnson
[15 Feb, 18:15 PM] Dr. Facilier goes to check on his esteemed patient, Lady Vanity

New on Tuesday, 15 February

[12 Feb, 20:00 PM] Bloody Stupid Johnson goes corrupt for acting as an accomplice
[14 Feb, 21:00 PM] CylonSeven and LHOII - Deceased both evade Kippers by Post
[13 Feb, 13:30 PM] So-tea-rios Johnson finds its a cold world and can't find Velijan Effendi for an 'interview'
[14 Feb, 10:00 AM] Frab goes for his checkup with Dr. Facilier
[14 Feb, 00:00 AM] An A-Muse-ing Bounty...
[13 Feb, 22:50 PM] LHOII - Deceased. Due to Otto Chriek
[13 Feb, 21:40 PM] Brook Roberts (a.k.a. Carrot) gets munched by Otto Chriek

New on Sunday, 13 February

[12 Feb, 15:00 PM] Velijan Effendi eliminates Imogen Gold (a.k.a. Harry Lime)
[13 Feb, 20:00 PM] The Random Variable tries to catch Velijan Effendi
[13 Feb, 18:00 PM] This pseudonym has thirty two letters can't find the elusive Captain Funtimes
[13 Feb, 22:10 PM] The newly polished hammer of Blind Io thunderstrikes Sophie Evingar (a.k.a. Daddio) and Katie Vann (a.k.a. Captain Funtimes)
[13 Feb, 15:00 PM] Otto Chriek goes more corrupt for thinking an innocent was a Carrot. Easy mistake.
[12 Feb, 20:00 PM] Captain Stabby and Bloody Stupid Johnson can't determine The Random Variable
[12 Feb, 09:00 AM] Captain Stabby gives Kippers by Post a lecture visit
[12 Feb, 17:50 PM] Mr. Marrowhead is mistaken as a tasty snack for Otto Chriek
[12 Feb, 20:00 PM] Daddio finds the corpse of the late Trillian
[12 Feb, 19:20 PM] Captain Stabby and Bloody Stupid Johnson try and find Otto Chriek
[11 Feb, 16:00 PM] A Ferruginous Pygmy-owl soars to the nest of Uncle Fester

New on Saturday, 12 February

[11 Feb, 16:20 PM] Zeno shows Eileen Wagner (a.k.a. Trillian)'s existence to be paradoxical and so Eileen Wagner ceases to exist. Carrot Ironfoundersson retaliates and goes corrupt
[11 Feb, 13:10 PM] Abigail See (a.k.a. Armed Bastard)'s raid takes a turn for the worse and ends up fleeing from the somewhat scary Uncle Fester

New on Friday, 11 February

[11 Feb, 16:00 PM] The Luggage finds that Subject Twelve has since been eliminated and his corpse unreachable
[11 Feb, 13:40 PM] Stephen Hobbs (a.k.a.Subject Twelve) is eliminated. Assailant : Otto Chriek
[9 Feb, 18:30 PM] Arathi Ramachandran (a.k.a. Argon) reacted badly to Lady Vanity. Ballrooms on Mars watches from the dark space

New on Thursday, 10 February

[10 Feb, 18:30 PM] Matthew Cook (a.k.a. The Lumbering Ninja) clumsily walks straight into Otto Chriek
[10 Feb, 17:30 PM] Ballrooms on Mars and Chocolate Biscuit offer the joys of chocolate and dancing but CylonSeven, Zeno and Subject Twelve seem uninterested
[10 Feb, 16:00 PM] Rupert Rutledge (a.k.a. The Loathsome Lemon) lies lifeless; left lunching on Otto Chriek's biscuits
[10 Feb, 12:00 PM] Adam Wright (a.k.a. Justin Bieber) is DEAD! Otto Chriek brings about his death in a horrible bloody way that can not be described in words
[9 Feb, 18:55 PM] Jeff Carpenter (a.k.a. SHLUF) is frightened to death by the sight of Otto Chriek
[9 Feb, 05:00 AM] Week 3 commences...
[9 Feb, 11:23 AM] Otto Chriek goes corrupt

New on Wednesday, 9 February

[9 Feb, 17:30 PM] Twoflower stabs Douglas Thomson (a.k.a. Tea Dog)
[9 Feb, 15:00 PM] A gender neutral anagram of "we take" can't find anagrams of "Men birth in a Jungle" or "Vinyl at day". The Lumbering Ninja and Lady Vanity are safe for another day
[9 Feb, 01:30 AM] Duncan Gavin Goudie (a.k.a. Leeroy Jenkins)'s Unholy Warcry attracts the attention of Mustrum Ridcully and Detritus
[8 Feb, 18:15 PM] Edward Cook (a.k.a. The Village Green Preservation Society) is folded when Uncle Fester becomes head
[8 Feb, 16:15 PM] Dr. Facilier lurks for Twinkle "kills with a chainsaw" Popopo
[8 Feb, 19:00 PM] Paper Mario is one game Jordan Brown (a.k.a. Lanced Jack) can't handle
[8 Feb, 16:00 PM] Twoflower takes a disliking to Vicky Roth (a.k.a. Boy 1だ)

New on Tuesday, 8 February

[6 Feb, 13:30 PM] Incobash happened! People dying ftw
[8 Feb, 12:00 PM] A gender neutral anagram of "we take" misses an elusive anagram of "Hobo Coc" Hint: Chocobo
[7 Feb, 16:30 PM] Daniel Threlfall (a.k.a. Asprango) is distracted and doesn't notice the looming shadow of Otto Chriek
[7 Feb, 12:05 PM] Caroline Clark (a.k.a. Twinkle "kills with a chainsaw" Popopo) learns that Chocobos are easily frightened
[26 Jan, 23:30 PM] Lupus takes out Alexander Johnson (a.k.a. Strange Quark). Maybe he should have been more charming

New on Sunday, 6 February

[5 Feb, 02:29 AM] Vlad the Impaler strikes at lgbtea but misses his heart. Tea Kew (a.k.a. lgbtea) later dies of a related heart attack

New on Saturday, 5 February

[5 Feb, 14:30 PM] Kippers by Post takes out Peter E Conn (a.k.a. Richard Carlton)
[5 Feb, 16:00 PM] Pidgeon swoops in on Lanced Jack nest
[5 Feb, 13:45 PM] The hammer of Blind Io strikes thunder down on Luke Haggerty (a.k.a. Vlad the Impaler)
[4 Feb, 14:10 PM] So-tea-rios Johnson tries to catch Dranoel but finds Flatulus is messing with him
[4 Feb, 17:25 PM] Captain Stabby fights the ongoing siege of Frab, The Random Variable and Richard Carlton
[4 Feb, 13:00 PM] Aneurin John (Nye) Redman White (a.k.a. 3rd person future conditional) is now history. Vlad the Impaler strike him down
[4 Feb, 21:00 PM] Richard Carlton is kept busy trying to catch Harry Lime and The Loathsome Lemon
[4 Feb, 19:15 PM] Vlad the Impaler ends Alex Wheatley (a.k.a. Captain Cephalopod)'s bloodthirst for all things spinal
[4 Feb, 10:48 AM] This pseudonym has thirty two letters finds Asprango out

New on Friday, 4 February

[3 Feb, 23:00 PM] A Ferruginous Pygmy-owl soars but fails to catch a glimpse of So-tea-rios Johnson
[1 Feb, 19:30 PM] Policeman Ivan Aquaspecus briefly seeks for Death
[3 Feb, 12:00 PM] Samuel Vimes laments on the apparent disappearance of criminals

New on Thursday, 3 February

[3 Feb, 21:00 PM] Captain Funtimes sends a friendly warning to Trillian
[3 Feb, 12:00 PM] Katalya needs somebody to love and searches for Justin Bieber
[1 Feb, 13:00 PM] Using Random Strategy and temptations of Las Vegas are not enough to kill Vlad the Impaler. Janusz Sikorski (a.k.a. Las Vegas) and Matthew Fitch (a.k.a. Random Strategy) die in a close fight.
[3 Feb, 15:00 PM] Daddio can't locate The Random Variable
[2 Feb, 05:00 AM] Welcome to Week 2
[31 Jan, 08:50 AM] Vlad the Impaler murders Charles Board (a.k.a. Kellanved) and then digests A.S.Sassin (a.k.a. Spaghetti Bolognaise)
[30 Jan, 15:10 PM] Vlad the Impaler pierced Jennifer Purcell (Elmo)
[29 Jan, 13:00 PM] Vlad the Impaler took out Julian Willis (Dr. Boss), but was a little bit naughty along the way
[29 Jan, 11:00 AM] Vlad the Impaler / struck down Tom Durrant (Haiku) / blood is everywhere
[28 Jan, 16:00 PM] Vlad the Impaler impaled Rob May-Miller (Mr Potatohead)
[28 Jan, 12:03 PM] Dan Ivtsan (Sleazy) received a terminal visitation from Vlad the Impaler
[2 Feb, 13:00 PM] Zeno blows Zoe Asquith (a.k.a. Lord Walrus)'s mind
[2 Feb, 19:30 PM] The Loathsome Lemon lays low, leaving Velijan Effendi let down
[2 Feb, 20:00 PM] Harry Lime searches for Asprango
[2 Feb, 14:00 PM] Abdulah Fawaz (a.k.a. Shawty) is cut down by Miley

New on Wednesday, 2 February

[2 Feb, 17:00 PM] Captain Cephalopod extends his hatred of vertebrate to sweet Chocolate Pandas
[2 Feb, 08:00 AM] Vlad the Impaler conquers Luke Robins (a.k.a. Death)
[1 Feb, 12:00 PM] Yuming Mei (a.k.a. Spud Money) is greeted by a familiar Armed Bastard
[1 Feb, 21:00 PM] Chocolate Biscuit and Ballrooms on Mars can't find Vlad the Impaler
[1 Feb, 13:00 PM] Sandhya Sreekumar (a.k.a. Sir Humphrey Pennington) is overthrown by Lady Vanity

New on Tuesday, 1 February

[1 Feb, 16:00 PM] Luke Robins forms an unlikely partnership with Captain Cephalopod and attempts to trap Vlad the Impaler
[31 Jan, 12:00 PM] Mark Brown (a.k.a. Luminara) is savaged by Lady Vanity's steed
[31 Jan, 19:30 PM] Captain Stabby takes on the task to eliminate Vlad the Impaler. Mission status: [STATUS-REDACTED]
[31 Jan, 22:30 PM] Lupus continues their rampage and blindly slaughters Tom Reynolds (a.k.a. Torquemada)
[31 Jan, 10:00 AM] Kippers by Post waits patiently for CylonSeven
[31 Jan, 23:30 PM] Paper Mario stabs the ghost of Lupus
[31 Jan, 23:00 PM] Ryan Robinson (a.k.a. Lupus) meets his end in an epic duel against Uncle Fester
[31 Jan, 09:40 AM] Trillian and Girton Landeconomist search for Zeno and Subject Twelve with no avail. After an unfortunate mistake, Thomas Clausen (a.k.a. Girton Landeconomist) dies to Vlad the Impaler.
[31 Jan, 18:40 PM] Lupus goes insane and slaughters Policeman Willikins

New on Sunday, 30 January

[30 Jan, 15:00 PM] Dr. Facilier was almost eaten by some Spaghetti Bolognaise, but was rather busy with other business, and so wasn't feeling very hungry
[30 Jan, 17:30 PM] Dr. Facilier visited his psychiatric patient Twinkle "kills with a chainsaw" Popopo
[30 Jan, 16:20 PM] An Armed Bastard tried to kill Lupus, who in his wolfish attempts to defend himself injured a bystander
[30 Jan, 15:00 PM] Sarah Fox (Madre Fox) tried to eat a Carrot, but found it did fit in well with her carnivorous diet
[29 Jan, 12:00 PM] Luke Robins was visited by persons unknown
[29 Jan, 08:45 AM] Death came for Daniel Thomas (Pills_Here), but someone else got in the way of his deadly touch
[29 Jan, 09:15 AM] Argon left Rebecca Odman-Stonehouse (Rio) inert
[29 Jan, 21:00 PM] Justin Bieber serenaded a Pidgeon
[29 Jan, 19:00 PM] Mustrum Ridcully attempted to reverse some necromancy
[29 Jan, 20:30 PM] Elmo offered a Chocolate Biscuit to Nicholas John Caldwell (Unhappy Farmer)
[29 Jan, 10:00 AM] Christopher Arran (The Thin Man) found out he was allergic to Chocolate Biscuits

New on Saturday, 29 January

[28 Jan, 21:50 PM] Dr. Facilier rather sneakily convinced Janice Heng (Proper Noun) and Lei Cao (Erena) to shoot each other
[29 Jan, 11:10 AM] Zeno stabbed Joshua Lovell (LHO) on his way back from lectures

New on Friday, 28 January

[26 Jan, 12:00 PM] Rajkumar Ram Sarujan (a.k.a. Super Mario) gets 1 up on Hieu (Hugh) Trong Nguyen (a.k.a. ODB) but Haiku strikes him from the shadows
[26 Jan, 12:00 PM] Random Strategy is apparently necessary for devouring a Matt Arran (a.k.a. A jam sandwich)
[28 Jan, 13:00 PM] Frab performed some intensive investigation into the nature of Torquemada
[26 Jan, 18:00 PM] The Thin Man fled in fear from Conan's empty room
[26 Jan, 13:00 PM] The wanted list increases in size as Christopher Arran (The Thin Man) shoots an innocent
[26 Jan, 20:30 PM] Crazy Little Thing Called Death and Mr Potatohead hunt a lot of dudes
[28 Jan, 14:00 PM] Elmo is getting paranoid
[27 Jan, 21:20 PM] Jonathan Bootle (a.k.a. Dangermouse) runs out of luck and is killed by Haiku
[26 Jan, 12:00 PM] We have our first wanted player

New on Thursday, 27 January

[26 Jan, 21:10 PM] Captain Cephalopod defeats Neal Carr (a.k.a. The Evil Emperor Zurg) in an epic final battle of pure epicness
[26 Jan, 08:05 AM] First Blood! Vlad the Impaler goes on a rampage and slaughters Owen Hicks (a.k.a. Crazy Little Thing Called Death) and catches Adrian Li (a.k.a. Raindial) at lectures
[26 Jan, 18:20 PM] Chris Dobson and Spaghetti Bolognaise team up to shoot An Innocent Rabbit. Alex Jones (a.k.a. Chris Dobson) learns that such innocent appearances can be deceiving. But alas, Christopher Judge (a.k.a. An Innocent Rabbit) is taken out by Spaghetti Bolognaise
[27 Jan, 17:00 PM] Hugh Collins (a.k.a. The Procrastinator) finally finds time catches up him and is eliminated by Tea Dog
[27 Jan, 13:30 PM] Proper Noun seeks to correct Trillian and Girton Landeconomist but neither can be found...
[26 Jan, 21:00 PM] Chocolate Biscuit discovers he has a hungry stalker
[27 Jan, 08:56 AM] Vlad the Impaler brings down Andy Marsh (a.k.a. Professor Layton)

New on Wednesday, 26 January

[26 Jan, 18:00 PM] Carrot has a brief encounter
[26 Jan, 05:00 AM] Let the games begin...
[26 Jan, 14:40 PM] Strange Quark tries to visit the fearsome Captain Stabby
[26 Jan, 06:15 AM] First Blo... Nope. Death can come at any time- only if he can find you. Pills_Here lives too see another day

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