Cloak & Dagger Assassins' Guild Rulings And Clarifications - Michaelmas 2010

The following is a list of auxiliary rulings and clarifications made for the purposes of the Michaelmas 2010 Assassins' Guild game. All rulings on this page should be taken to be authoritative, and to overrule the Rules page in such situations as they are contradictory:

Note that Tatties is classed as a restaurant and therefore OOB.

The call-term "Time-out" has been put in the rules to officially require a stop to all and any assassins related activities in the area. This is for the purposes of dealing with suspected rules-breaking, or for dealing with emergencies. This is in addition to the rules regarding Discussion Phases.

If the Umpire recieves notification of a kill from the victim, but has no knowledge of who the assassin was, he will discount the kill after 24 hours. Note that this only happens if:
A) The victim does not know the identity of their assassin,
B) The assassin does not report the kill.
It is the duty of the player to report their own kills.

Weapons licensed in this game:
Snowballs (provided they do not contain ice or rocks). Snowballs are a full water weapon and should only be used in the appropriate areas
The AK47 app. on smartphones and iphones is also licensed as a bang kill, subject to the following conditions:

One player has, through judicious use of a webcam, a laptop and a large nerf-gun, created a motion sensing nerf turret that is now guarding their room. It should be noted that the turret will remain in the player's room, and any kills will only be valid if the player is him/herself present and witnesses the kill. Nonetheless, so you may now wish to be even more cautious upon entering rooms...

If other players wish to license something similar, they must directly contact the Umpire.

Weapons banned in this game:
The Wipeout gun is a nerf-esque weapon that is far more powerful than ordinary nerf guns. Ordinary nerf darts will be torn apart if fired by this, and the supplied darts have a solid rather than compression end, filled with chalk. At short range, they hit hard enough to bruise within minutes, and as such have been deemed hazardous.
The Shieldblaster 1000 and 2000 are only legal with the shield removed. This is because shields are themselves illegal in this game.

As a temporary measure, all and any weapons purchased from the Discovery Store are banned. This is because a variety of weapons available at the store have all been deemed unsuitable for the game, and until we can give a clearer picture of what is suitable at the store, we're erring on the side of caution.
This includes the Wipeout gun mentioned above.

Major rule changes since last game:

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