Cloak & Dagger Assassins' Guild Rulings And Clarifications - Lent 2010

The following is a list of auxiliary rulings and clarifications made for the purposes of the Lent 2010 Assassins' Guild game. All rulings on this page should be taken to be authoritative, and to overrule the Rules page in such situations as they are contradictory:

Weapons licensed in this game:
Wiimote gun (must be labelled as 'gun', bang kills only).
Snowballs (provided they do not contain ice or rocks). Snowballs are a full water weapon and should only be used in the appropriate areas
Umbrellas, if bound into a gun shape and labelled 'gun', can be used for a bang kill.
The AK47 app. on smartphones and iphones is also licensed as a bang kill, subject to the following conditions:

The Umpire Notes:
It is fine to use accomplices, but if they get shot then it is your fault and you may get put on the wanted list. Especially if they are using your name, or otherwise pretending to be you.
Gyms are Out of Bounds

Major rule changes since last game:
College dining halls are now non projectile zones.
Clarification: The area immediately surrounding a bar is OoB.
Clarification: Flamethrowers must be labelled clearly
The status of furries as killer attack animals was removed
Clarification: Pens must have a lid over the pointy end to be a legal weapon

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