Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
Head of The Department of Magical Law EnforcementDr. Talos Jabbersocky, A Mesa TrudgerAdam WaterGirton is not a foreign country, a win-win situation is when you win twice and prelate provocation is a more entertaining alternative to bear-baiting.
Chief Warlock of the WizengamotNinja PigDavid 4, 94 Huntingdon RoadFitzwilliamNo WaterAKA Dave
AurorFranz FerdinandCharlie Selwyn GardensPembrokeWater With CareIf the laptop on the desk opposite the door gets wet, I get angry. Also, please no lurking outside our house after dark. Last year, someone was exposing himself in front of the windows so the people living in the house might mistake you for said offender if you hang around, however inconspicuous you might think you seem.
AurorCount FoscoEmma 209NewnhamFull Water
AurorUnspfxableMichael Memorial CourtClareNo Water
AurorParacetamoxyfrusebendroneomycinAlexander Hostel C3EmmanuelNo WaterOOB while carrying violin
AurorThe Chief Rabbi of PolandDavid Smithzsmithz@gmail.com249 Campkin RoadReal LifeNo Waterlol mike Trips into town: The incobash
AurorHow should I know where he's goneAshley 9 38 Grange RoadSelwynNo WaterBe careful of the Harp on the ground floor of the house
AurorMargieDina Jesus Lane #7JesusWater With Care
AurorTithe My WokTimothy, Memorial CourtClareNo WaterAKA Tim
AurorLast of the wildsTom FF18Queens'Water With Carebe careful around the hi-fi and laptop
AurorMike HuntChristopher Histon RoadPembrokeNo WaterAKA Chris
AurorMr TeatimeAlasdair Catharine'sNo Water
AurorThe Mighty ScroggageWilliam Memorial Court (New Court)ClareNo WaterAKA Will OOB while carrying a cornet
Auror9 o'clock lecturesMatthew staircase 6aPembrokeWater With Care
AurorI don't particularly care for a pseudonym at this pointAlexander fitzwilliam street, room 5PembrokeNo WaterAKA Alex
AurorMagical TrevorPhilip Adams Road, Room 12RobinsonWater With Care
AurorPolice AcademyBrook 14D, St Chad'sSt Catharine'sWater With CareDon't squirt random housemates please.
AurorKnivesJustin's Wing, Room 205HomertonWater With CareFrequent Sidgwick Site visitor Nothing bigger than a small squirt gun in my room please

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
Minister for Muggle BashingPoison For LegsJulian WillisPembroke
AurorFoxFiona BerrebyPembroke
AurorThe Ghost of the Essence of Youth and ChildhoodChris HandsChurchill
AurorJazzmanJamie GibsonFitzwilliam
AurorInvaderEsther NicollClare
AurorNickheadPeter William HatfieldPembroke
AurorMr. KrabsChloe Ursula WallisNew Hall
AurorBellatrix Lestrange(r)Hester ThorneycroftClare
AurorPinball WizardChris WadeFitzwilliam
AurorWarsaw or the First Breath You Take After You Give UpDaniel BakerHomerton
Auroryou are now breathing manuallyMichael DarlingChurchill
AurorI wish I hadn't forced the Umpire to make up my pseudonymEmma GarnettClare
AurorWell, indeedJulian WillisPembroke
Apprentice AurorSantaDaniel BakerHomerton
Junior Aide to the AurorsThe left coset g of a subgroup G in XDaniel BakerHomerton

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollegeCrime
Junior Auror\'s Personal AssistantThe right coset g of a subgroup G in XDaniel BakerHomertonGenerally Nefarious Intentions

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