Cloak & Dagger Michaelmas 2009 Notable Changes and Clarifications

Computer rooms are now out of bounds

Poison (both contact and food) has been removed

CPS's have been legalised

Any weapons of a similar or greater output than the CPS 2000 have been banned

Limb hits do not kill

People dressed as animals have been granted killer attack animal status

Players wishing to become killer attack animals should apply to the Umpire with a picture of themselves in their clearly labelled costume. The Umpire will then judge whether the costume is sufficiently animal-like and that the labels are sufficiently visible.

In order for kills to count, the costume must be clearly labelled on the front, as far as possible. While wearing the appropriate costume, the player's hands are weapons, so touching another player on the torso or head counts as a kill. Players should also note that while they are wearing the labelled costume, they will count as bearing. People in animal costumes are not licit targets if they are not labelled as a killer attack animals. The Umpire would like to remind players that killing any innocent will not go unpunished.

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