Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Wanted List

This is the List of wanted players.

Police who have succumbed....

RankReal NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusCrimeNotes
(Allied) CrewmanRich MillerPrivate PartsA14Robinson CollegeWater With CareDeclared Corrupt by Philip Bielby
(Allied) CrewmanKEZCimcirymciBasing House, room 7, Magdalene CollegeMagdaleneNo WaterDeclared Corrupt by Philip BielbyUmpire's Note, 2013: KEZ has asked for their name to be removed from the archives
(Allied) CrewmanJoshua Blanchard LewisEl DukieNC T6Jesus CollegeWater With CareDeclared Corrupt by Philip BielbyAlso known as the Duke. Room is water with care, but no silly buggers please - laptop on desk in particular. I am a poor, innocent Fresher, please don't kill me 0:) Also, I have a key role organising a Cambridge society, for which I wear a uniform - at such times will be out of bounds, as authorised by the Umpire. Also out of bounds when carrying heavy society equipment - it should be obvious when I am doing so. Thanks! :)
(Allied) CrewmanAlicia DanksLittle Miss Police OfficerLibrary Court V Room 10Jesus CollegeWater With CareDeclared Corrupt by Philip Bielby
(Allied) Blind SheriffJacob Samuel CorteenRoboBeardT03FitzWater With CareDeclared Corrupt by Philip BielbyKnown as Jake. Please not to be shooting my girlfriend. She is a very obviously female, and has a nasty habit of carrying swords about the place.
(Allied) Renegade Lawyer in the CityAmelia BoothRoboGirl (The Spinoff!)T4, Memorial CourtClare CollegeWater With CareDeclared Corrupt by Philip BielbyKnown as Amy. Get my instruments or laptop or raspberries wet and you real-life die :P Shoot anyone on my corridor who isn't me and I'm not responsible for their actions.

Inevitably, this happens....

Joshua Blanchard LewisTumultuous Weathercocks Instigate Lethargically Levitating ObelisksShooting an innocent, and like poisoning everyone
Tom BoothJohn Carter of MarsStabbing someone he shouldn\'t have about 17 times.
Benjamin WeaverA AKA ( AKA AKA AKA )Killing an innocent!

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