Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 4 News

Thursday, 14 February

[12:30 PM] Luke Richard Bennett and Joshua Blanchard Lewis lurk for the inco, Kristian Glass (Monty Karl), El Dukie kills him to make the streets safe once again! perhaps...
El Dukie reports:

Insert Picture Here

El Dukie reports:

If you would see a beauty more exact
Than art can counterfeit or nature frame,
Look in your Glass, and there behold your ownÂ…

[13:00 PM] Elaine Oliver spotted a lesser seen Kristian Glass, this is particularly rare given he was already dead!
Elaine Oliver reports:

Today at around half past one I think I saw Kristian Glass, but I was not sure, he was past before I realised and since I had my bike I couldn't run after him to check/kill him. The individual in question had a very attractive grey coat, anyway. Later in Sainsburies I saw David Smith, although that has no real relevance to the game.

[17:00 PM] Philip Bielby takes over the police for as new Captain!

Little Miss Police Officer, RoboGirl (The Spinoff!), RoboBeard, El Dukie, Cimcirymci and Private Parts have be declared corrupt by the new police regime... their only hope is to take down CoP Philip Bielby and his ally Dan Craik!

Friday, 15 February

[21:52 PM] Luke Richard Bennett (General Operative (Death) AKA Guaranteed Overnight Dispatchment AKA Raccoon Version 2) finishes as victor, disposing of Elaine Oliver (Yer Ma)!!!
Luke Richard Bennett reports:

Silence falls in the streets of Cambridge.
They are safe. For now...

Elaine Oliver reports:

Hey... Luke probably already told you, but moi je suis maintenant morte :'( he was waiting for me outside an UNSPECIFIED PLACE where an UNSPECIFIED PERSON may or may not (but really did) tell him I would be at half 6 tonight. I was down a side street trying to enter the building but my way was blocked, so I turned to go around the front, whereupon I saw Luke, who drew a massive gun and ran at me. I dropped my bike and fled, trying to draw my own weapon, but he ran after me firing... Dodging occured and Luke hit the pavement but I was already sprayed with the KILLER WATER. Thus endeth the Game. (lol GAME!)

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