Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Incompetence List

This is the list of incompetents:

This is the list of incompetent police:

Real NameAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusRankPseudonymNotes
Neville BallGrange Room 3GirtonNo WaterCrewmanKurt RusselSubject: Maths. Also known as Nev
Ben NasemanE22a, Girton CollegeGirton CollegeWater With CareCrewmanMr. SchmecticPlease please please watch out for the laptop. I'm a member of Revelation Rock Gospel Choir. I like musicals. They're great.
David Anthony ReadG09 West House, Homerton College, Hills RoadHomertonNo WaterCrewmansugar daddySubject is Computer Science. I usually loiter around town when not in lectures.
Anna KalorkotiLibrary Court 2 Room 7Jesus CollegeNo WaterCrewmanOrestes
KEZBasing House, room 7, Magdalene CollegeMagdaleneNo Water(Allied) CrewmanCimcirymciUmpire's Note, 2013: KEZ has asked for their name to be removed from the archives
Timothy BazalgetteBenson D6MagdaleneNo WaterCrewmanDefenestrator
Matthew Delja1 Richmond Terrace, Rm 1St John'sNo WaterCrewmanVirgil Earp

And this is a list of corpses:

Bronwyn ElliottClare CollegeOur Lady Bonbons
Lu WeiChurchillWooly5
Sol RichardsonSt Catharine'strilobite sundae
Dinesh-Ramesh Mirpuri VatvaniHomertonNinja_Elf
Eystein ThanischGonville and CaiusLord_of_Lamancha
Kristian GlassClareMonty Karl
Roisin KiberdMagdalene Collegethe iron lady
Liam BrierleyMagdaleneSnickers

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