Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild: Mayweek 2007 Rules


There is a new scoring algorithm in place for the Mayweek 2007 game, and consequently you should be aware of the rough principles behind it:

Killing people earns you points, and dying costs you points (this is hopefully obvious).


We hope it is obvious that a player making a kill by themself deserves more points than if they had made it with lots of help. Consequently, your score for a kill will be reduced if you made it with assistance (and it will be reduced more the more people you have helping). It is hard for the Umpire to be specific about what does or does not count as 'help', but as a rough guide, anyone with whom you are making an attempt who is not trying to kill you, will almost certainly count as an accomplice (note that this includes lookouts).

Killing the leaders:

As before, you will receive more points for killing the person who is currently winning, than the person who is currently last - the website will not have precise rankings on it during the game, as we wish to keep the precise scoring algorithm secret (you don't deserve an advantage just for being a mathmo), however, players will be sorted by kills minus deaths, which should give a reasonable approximation of the overall rank.


'Farming' is the term used to describe repeatedly killing the same person, or group of people, for instance if you live next door to someone and thus have a much easier time of killing them than anyone else. Consequently, each time you kill the same person, it will earn you fewer points.

As always, if you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Umpire at

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