Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - List of Players

Sorted by Name - Sorted by College

Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesAlive?KillsDeaths
Sol RichardsonDon Raphaelroom K-10CatzWater With Caretruenull3
David GarnerNature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Time CubeW39Christ'sNo Watertruenull1
Amy BoothAlice BandT4, Memorial CourtClareNo WaterI LIVE IN A SHARED ROOM. ATTENTION- I LIVE IN A SHARED ROOM. LET ME REPEAT THAT- I LIVE IN A SHARED ROOM. I'm also female. Last game, someone who shall remain nameless shot my room-mate Charlotte. Then, realising they'd shot the wrong person, they water gunned her friend, who was also not me. Later on that night, someone tried to assassinate my boyfriend, who was lying on my bed. I am not a 6ft ginger male, and don't have long, dark brown hair which is often tied in a bun and a red coat. Get either of the aforementioned and they'll eat your brains.true32
Jenny MolloyAmanita ArburyG14 New CourtCorpusNo Watertruenull1
Steven ShentonJejunal InfarctionRoom 2, 58 Warkworth TerraceEmmanuelNo Watertruenull1
Ludmila DemtchenkoRavenRoom 3, 59 Warkworth TerraceEmmanuelNo WaterThe house is opposite the police station, and also last week there were gunshots and ambulances on Parker's Piece, so take care.true12
Callum RhodesSDGY3 North CourtEmmanuelNo Watertrue12
Victor Xu Heng LeongSalamonsterT6EmmanuelNo Watertruenull3
Jacob (Jake) Samuel CorteenOne Man and his BeardT03FitzFull Watertrue3null
David Anthony ReadPicklesG09 west house homerton college hills roadHomertonNo WaterCompsci; most lectures are at william gates building or town centre.true3null
David WilliamsAmerican PsychoT2 North CourtJesusNo Watertruenull6
Maria KennedyMariaNorth Court Room q1JesusNo Water10 minutes from centre of town, don't share room, have sink in room. Fresher.truenull3
Matt GreenZaphod AKA Arthur2 Chapel Court, Room 7JesusNo Watertrue83
Luke BennettBaby-faced Lemming AKA Robin Hood3LC9JesusWater With Caretrue104
Alicia DanksMaid MarionLibrary Court V room 10JesusWater With Caretrue33
Jack LeighJack AKA St BrendanB9 CrippsJohn'sNo WaterAllergic to nutstrue17
RC AssassinHug Me! AKA CuriosityH4 CrippsJohn'sWater With CareI will be at a gig (and not in Cambridge) Saturday afternoon/evening. A Sainsbury's Doughnut to anyone who manages to kill me outside of Cambridge. Am I also allowed to say I am allergic to rubber bands and water?true33
Emma Louise LofflerEmmaP 5a, King'sKing'sNo Watertruenull2
Kamila Ewa Julia ZubalaTowanda the AvengerBasing House, Rm 7MagdaleneNo WaterKnown as Camilla; I'm a linguist and have all my lectures at the Sidgewick Sitetrue4null
Elaine OliverDr FaustA10New HallNo WaterThere can be no mushrooms near me evertrue81
Emilie YerbyAn AssassinClough G04NewnhamNo Watertruenullnull
Ben WeaverThe Man with Absolute Rest AKA The Man With Absolut MotifAA28 Foundress CourtPembrokeFull Watertrue12
Simeon Bird, BA, Hons, CantabThe Viator AKA The Man With Absolute MachismoRoom 5, 38 Panton StreetPembrokeFull WaterFull Water in entire house.true83
James BristerThe Grape of WrathWolfson E5TwinityNo Watertrue23
Liam MencelMencellatorM3 Blue BoarTwinityNo Watertruenull3
Dominic ThompsonHenry VIIIB17 Wolfson BuildingTwinityNo WaterEngineertruenull2
William BrooksBeard Bird AKA The Man with Absolute Motive AKA Generator of Random DigitsBlue Boar O11TwinityFull WaterAlso known as Twillo; I am a fresher so if anyone has any weapons to lend me this would be appreciated tres muchlytrue94

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