Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Wanted List

This is the List of wanted players.

Police who have succumbed....

Inevitably, this happens....

Giles RegerSire Leg GreMurdering a policeman.
Anna Judith Rosalind Bernsteinnull pseudoShooting an innocent.
Han-Ley TangCuddles! AKA mjg59Shooting an "innocent", testing the umpire\'s immortality
George DaviesA mutated ill tempered sea bassil pompt du pomtp un homme innocent!
Jacob Samuel CorteenProphet of DoomShooting an innocent. Being special?
Colin LoveThe Unsubtle KnifeSending a non-player to his doom
James O'DriscollLazlo Woodbine, some call me Lazeliminated an "innocent"

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