Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild: Lent 2007 Rules

What is the Assassins' Game?

Assassins is a game of mock killing. It is fun. If you wish to play, you should read the rules below and then e-mail the Umpire at, who will be delighted to help. The game is free and for everyone, but we do ask that you live and spend a large proportion of your time within 5 miles of Great St. Mary's Church and in an environment compatible with the game (e.g. not prisons, monasteries etc.) Don't worry if you don't fulfill the conditions above; you will still be entitled to participate, but only as "Police". More of that later.

If you have any questions about these rules, then once you have read them thoroughly, please ask for clarification from the Umpire, who will be only too happy to provide it.

How do you make a "kill"?

  1. "Killing" is accomplished by utilising a weapon upon an Assassin (i.e. another person playing the game). You should only do so if they are a licit target.
  2. Who is a licit target for me? Tracking down people is part of the fun of playing. You will be given 3 targets whom you should attempt to locate and "kill". They are licit targets for you! There are also a few more situations in which assassins will become licit targets:
  3. What happens if I kill a non-licit target? Then you have been a very naughty boy (or girl)! However, the weapon you used does not know this, so the assassin in question will be dead regardless. As a punishment, you will be placed on the dreaded wanted list. This means that you become a licit target for not only everyone playing the game, but also the Police Force. More of that later. Players should note that wantedness is not as glamourous as it may sound; please try to play the game by its rules or your benevolent Umpire will get upset. If the Umpire is feeling generous (which he often is) he may give a set of redemption conditions, the fulfillment of which will permit one's removal from the list. These will typically involve killing a specified number of assassins.
  4. What's this about incompetence? You may think that those on the wanted list form the bottom tier of assassins' society. You would, however, be wrong. Essentially, to keep the game moving we ask that all those playing do something (i.e. attempt to end the life of another assassin) every now and then. Those who do not will be first warned and then sentenced to the incompetence list. This is basically the same thing as the wanted list but is even less cool.

When and where is the game played?

The game commences at 5:00am on Monday 29th January, and will run until either the end of term or when there is only one assassin left (whichever is sooner). You may be worried about how you'll be able to stand an ongoing game, but never fear. We declare certain places to be out of bounds (OOB), a haven of sanity to which the game's shadow does not reach. Kills effected here will not count.

Lecture halls, supervisions, university laboratories are examples of such. A more exhaustive list is here. Please read these. If you have any queries please contact the Umpire. He will be much more sympathetic to those who check such things before incidents occur.

It is important to note that OOB areas should not be abused for one's advantage in the game. They are there to stop lectures etc. becoming ridiculous affairs, not to allow one an easy escape from a persuing assassin. The Umpire will take a very dim view of those who contravene the spirit of the game in such a way.

What happens if I die?

Sadly, death ends one's involvement as a player. However, should you desire to (and you should!) you may join the Police Force. Please inform the Umpire of your death and the resulting circumstances, preferably providing a verbose lament of your ill-fortune (although this is of course strictly optional!)


As one would imagine, intelligence is of the essence in such a game. However, there are a few rules governing the information exchange.

What about those not playing?

Don't shoot them! You will be made Wanted. This sort of crime is particularly frowned on, and repeated violations may result in you being disqualified from the game. Similarly, if you do anything which results in an innocent being killed (e.g. having them open your mail, using a photo of a friend as your facebook picture, switching name tags on doors) you will be made Wanted. Don't.

Non-players may still have a role in the game though. They are perfectly at liberty to warn you of approaching assassins and anything else that may be helpful to you. However, whilst they are doing so, they may be killed (as if they were bearing weapons), in which case they should decease.

The Police Force

The Police Force is a venerable institution of players (mostly dead, although some may choose to start the game as Police) who are no longer part of the game but wish to stay involved and killing. Here are some facts regarding the Police:

The Umpire:

Hi, I'm the Umpire. The current incarnation of the Umpire is Charles Curry of Fitzwilliam College, who may be contacted by e-mailing The Umpire is situated in Room 25, New Neale House, 138 Huntingdon Road. His room is considered out of bounds.

Player-Umpire communications may be made public at the end of the game for everyone's enlightenment and amusement. If players do not wish a certain communication to be made public, please tell the Umpire.

The Umpire is immortal, omnipotent and omnipresent. Players attempting to test these propositions may be placed on the Wanted List.

"Silly buggers"

We have neither the resources nor the inclination to make the rules completely watertight. Hence, although the precision of the wording is often of import, your attention is drawn more to the spirit of the rules than their content. The Umpire will not be bound by the rules if he feels that someone is attempting to exploit a loophole. If in doubt, e-mail the Umpire with your question. Damn you, Montesquieu.


This is a section the Umpire wishes didn't have to exist. Seriously, be sensible at all times. Remember not everyone is tolerant of stupidity. I trust it's not necessary to go further, but regardless, here are some important rules:


The history of this set of rules is thought to be:

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