Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 7 News

Thursday, 30 November

[12:00 ] So it comes down to this...

Silence falls in the streets of Cambridge.

But wait! More than one Assassin remains alive. The survivors are:

  • Felicity Boyce (Silver Cyanide AKA The Marquess of the Myrmidons)
  • Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis (The Duke AKA Ithilion AKA Gar-Loq AKA General Incompetence)
  • Laurence Watson (The Tea-party Crasher AKA G.I. Bob AKA Count Montferrat)
  • Richard Gibson (The Fursecutor-General AKA ^.^;;<||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||>)
  • Sarah Donnelly (Mjollnir AKA Baxter)

Only one can win however, so they shall meet for a duel to the death tomorrow morning.

Friday, 1 December

[09:00 ] Sarah Donnelly won the game!

The Umpire reports:

So, we met for the duel at 9:00 outside Caius Porters' Lodge. Felicity Boyce and Richard Gibson were on time (this time). Laurence Watson arrived just after 9:00, and Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis and Sarah Donnelly were just plain late :)

The allowed weapons for the duel were:

  • A single pair of RBGs
  • All knives allowed normally during the game
  • Attack animals
  • Rolled-up and taped copies of TCS, to be used as knives

When everyone had arrived, we made our way to Harvey Court Gardens, where the duel was started. Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis and Laurence Watson met up, as did Felicity Boyce and Richard Gibson. Sarah Donnelly stood slightly away from Felicity Boyce and Richard Gibson. Not a lot happened apart from this before the head gardener decided to tell us to go away.

So, we then relocated to Clare backs. The players were allocated their starting positions, and it looked like Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis and Laurence Watson were going to be split, but due to a bit of lameness on the part of Felicity Boyce and Sarah Donnelly, Laurence Watson managed to get past them and meet up with Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis.

A bit of a stand off ensued, with Felicity Boyce, Richard Gibson and Sarah Donnelly all cutting off the play area into a smallish triangle, with Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis and Laurence Watson in the point.

Several good throws from Laurence Watson nearly got Sarah Donnelly and Felicity Boyce, and Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis and Richard Gibson faced-off from behind a couple of trees. Eventually, Laurence Watson managed to get Felicity Boyce with a rogue TCS, and it was down to 2 vs. 2.

After a lot more hiding, throwing and dodging, Laurence Watson and Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis swapped places. Laurence Watson then charged at Richard Gibson, and chased him around for a short while, very nearly hitting him with some copies of TCS. Unfortunately, because he missed, he was unable to escape from Sarah Donnelly who had come to rescue Richard Gibson, and she managed to get him with a TCS.

Now it was down to 2 vs. 1.

The stand-off in the triangle continued for a while, and then Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis saw a chance to get Sarah Donnelly. He ran out and threw a TCS at her, but he had gone out of bounds in doing so.

We decided to start again with the three remaining players, and so moved back to the main part of Clare backs, and chose starting positions for the players again. After a while, Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis gained the advantage, and started chasing Richard Gibson, with Sarah Donnelly in hot pursuit. He threw several copies of TCS at Richard Gibson, but managed to miss with all of them. Richard Gibson returned fire with his RBGs, but with all of the running away, no-one could really see whether he had hit or not, so we decided to move inside and try again.

So, we relocated to Harvey Court JCR, for a mini-duel between Richard Gibson and Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis to determine if Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis was dead. For this, we just had a pair of RBGs as the weapons. They started at opposite ends of the room, and once the duel started, Richard Gibson ran away to hide in the shadows in the other half of the room. After a lot of messing around, Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis eventually ventured in to the area where Richard Gibson was hiding, and was shot.

Now it was down to 2 vs. 0. Wait a minute...

Unfortunately, due to the mini-duel, there was not a last minute opportunity for backstab, so the remaining players formed up for another duel in Harvey Court JCR. This time, Richard Gibson did the same thing, and went to hide in the shadows, while Sarah Donnelly remained in the main part of the room. A lot of throwing of knives ensued, there was a charge from Richard Gibson that didn't really work, and eventually they were both down to one leg (Richard Gibson lost his to a killer raccoon), and hiding in different unassailable positions.

Since things were not going anywhere, the duel was restarted, with all wounds healed, and a single rubber band gun each. They started back-to-back, took three paces forwards, turned and opened fire. Richard Gibson was hit in the arm, and then they both ran out of bands on their single gun. Unfortunately for Richard Gibson it is very hard to reload an RBG with just one arm, and so Sarah Donnelly managed to load a couple of bands, and then charged him finishing him off.

Therefore, the winner of the Michaelmas 2006 Assassins' Game is Sarah Donnelly!

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