Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 5 News

Sunday, 26 February

[13:04 ] David Smith complained about the lack of recent police activity.
David Smith reports:

Where are the police? I mean, I know they've been sufficiently inept to have their numbers reduced to four, but that shouldn't stop the few remaining Guardians of the Peace in Cambridge from swinging into action. I haven't seen hide nor hair of a straight police officer since I went Corrupt, which must have been about a month ago.

Innocents cannot sleep safely in their beds without the Police force there to protect them! Who is to stop me rampaging around Cambridge killing any and all non-playing friends I can find?

[20:00 ] The Most Complicated Stopword In Cambridge looked for Ross Edmondson, then posted a bounty instead.
The Most Complicated Stopword In Cambridge reports:

Dear Umpire

Yesterday I wasted several hours following Ross Edmondson and then lurking outside a room I knew him to be in. Unfortunately the cold seems to send my brain to sleep, so he managed to get out without my noticing. Later that day I stood outside his room door and had an arm shot off by Tom Booth before going off and getting veryvery drunk to remove the stresses of losing such a valuable appendage (although it seemed to have grown back by the time I was regretting my choice of drinks).

Today I looked for Ross Edmondson at his girlfriend's room (they were out) and at his room (it was locked). Thus passes my weekend.


The Most Complicated Stopword In Cambridge

As a consequence of this frustrating weekend, I offer a bounty of a packet of biscuits of the claimant's choosing in exchange for information leading to or proof of the death of Ross Edmondson. Since I'm really quite tired of chasing him around, the bounty is also on offer to anyone whose actions lead to Ross being molested by a badger.

[20:30 ] The Most Complicated Stopword In Cambridge wanted Michael Wallace to come out and play.

Tuesday, 28 February

[12:15 ] the beta monster was disappointed in Ross Edmondson.

[19:40 ] ]:D-/-< is still after those naughty Corrupt people.
]:D-/-< reports:

Failure to go to the pubmeet :(

[19:50 ] Roboraptor wanted pleasure from Michael Wallace.
Roboraptor reports:

This evening I had the pleasure of visiting Mr Wallace's abode. Sadly I wasn't priveliged with a tour of the inside, but there you go. Hoping that he might be returning from hall, or leaving for formal, I waited for quite some time, but didn't see anybody I recognised as him. Shame, shame...

Wednesday, 1 March

[20:00 ] Roboraptor found that The Most Complicated Stopword In Cambridge was out.
Roboraptor reports:

This evening I paid a visit to the other of the guilds esteemed live players. From what I had heard this was likely to be a somewhat more dangerous trip than my last, so I went armed accordingly. The building in question was not the most helpful to get into or find my way around, and, as it turned out in the end, The Most Complicated Stopword In Cambridge was not coming out to play this evening - indeed, the abscence of noise suggested that maybe she was already out playing.

Thursday, 2 March

[14:50 ] the beta monster wanted The Most Complicated Stopword In Cambridge again.

[17:15 ] Roboraptor, Roboraptor, Roboraptor, Roboraptor etc.
Roboraptor reports:


[19:50 ] Ross Edmondson (Roboraptor AKA Outnumbered but never outgunned) was removed from the Game.
Outnumbered but never outgunned reports:

Dear Umpire,

It is with some satisfaction that I tender my resignation, and clear up a little point. The constant whining of a certain assassin on chat over the last few weeks has become remarkably irritating, particularly when behind ones back - let it be known that being incapable of finding your target may well be nothing to with whether they are hiding (I have, as it happens, been following my normal schedule around town all game, and hiding at no point - it's not been necessary and I think we know that if people had ever made any decent attempts I'd have been out taking them on!), and could be everything to do with your ability, or willingness to actually go within a mile of the target and experience some mild danger. After all, thats what assassins is about. The other assassin, of course, I leave out of this discussion - I have never had contact with them.

I haven't had the time to dedicate to the game, and so it would be unfair to coast through and win a duel. One was offered, 2v1, location and weapons of their choice, but was rejected - let that say what it will about people's confidence in their own abilities.

Good luck to the remaining two.

Roboraptor, Outnumbered but never outgunned.

Michael Wallace reports:

lol you

Sarah Donnelly reports:

"I think we know that if people had ever made any decent attempts I'd have been out taking them on!"

I did, and I've only got several chunks torn out of the hem of my jeans by a bicycle chain to show for it. Apparently my lurking is too subtle, or something.

The Umpire would like to make it clear that Players should not lie about attempts they have (or have not) made.

[20:05 ] The Most Complicated Stopword In Cambridge held a party at Michael Wallace's room.

[21:30 ] ]:D-/-< didn't think Stephen Williams was needed any more.
]:D-/-< reports:

"What's that Skippy? Someone I recruited is inco? We'll see about that..."

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