Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Incompetence List

This is the list of incompetents:

This is the list of incompetent police:

Real NameAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusRankPseudonymNotes
Tim Bartram47QChurchill CollegeNo WaterConstableAn Agent of Posterity
Charles CurryB03Fitzwilliam CollegeFull Water"Special" ConstableThe StorytellerI was going to warn my prospective assassins of my exceptional coolness, but I've just noticed that the rules say that, "Anyone found to have supplied false or misleading details to the Umpire will be disqualified."
Louis JaggerRoom 5, House 6, St Peter's TerracePeterhouseFull WaterConstableIs this a Jagger I see before me?Assassins should be wary that I will write them an extremely narky (if beautifully realised) poem on the official website if they so much as dare take my life. You have been warned.
Jenny Scott-ThompsonRooms 7&7A , 2 St Peter's TerracePeterhouseNo Water"Special" ConstableFrances II
David SmithRoom 12, 3 St. Peter's TerracePeterhouseNo WaterExtremely Petty OfficerMack the Knife

And this is a list of corpses:

Blaise MartayTrinity CollegeEejit
Jamie BrandonRobinson CollegeBoris the blade
Gabriel Wu ShiguangHughes HallInfinite Entropy
Ellen TurnbullCorpus Christi CollegePoisonMelon
Jessica AllenEmmanuel CollegeHeidi
Alexey PokrovskiyGirton CollegePlz_d0nt_Ki11_m3_I_Hav3_Fami1y Also AKA Jack Daniel
Chris KorekPembroke CollegeTipton
Thomas FitchGirton CollegeBrak
Christopher DomanFitzwilliam CollegeLambrini Girl
Michael LealKing's CollegeBishop Colenso

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