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Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesAlive?KillsDeathsScoreBonus / Penalty
Stephen McCannSTEVE IS THE ENEMY AKA at the Caius bar AKA Never stand next to Steve McCannGarden Hostel, C16King's CollegeNo WaterIt is popular belief that Stephen McCann's car has heated seats.true243472-10
Richard GibsonA well-meaning but sadly misunderstood lizardman from Antares IVC3 Angel CourtTrinity CollegeFull WaterIs a special boy. Computer by the window so please be careful when firing water weapons in.true2633910
Martin Mariusz LesterR0xx0r teh n00b PrinceRoom 6, 4 Mortimer RoadGonville and Caius CollegeFull WaterPlease be careful of the mass of computer equipment, most notably about 5 metres directly behind the door. Known as Maz. The rice phear is very cold. R0xxor is utterly bold!true932180
Nick PlummerOrtho Rhombic AKA Tri Klinic AKA Vitreous Luster AKA Slaty CleavageA12, Harvey Court (Also E4, Angel Court, Trinity)Gonville and Caius CollegeNo WaterAllergies! All dairy, egg, nuts, peanuts and fish based stuffs. Room in Trinity belongs to my girlfriend - she can be distinguished by that fact she is a girl, so no shooting her please or I'll never hear the end of it.true164212-10
Tom BoothAdnan Khashoggi AKA The Limping Assassin24 Parkside, Room 1PeterhouseFull WaterNot really. I'm still allergic to daffodils and sharks, but I don't expect anyone to try to kill me with those.false2172010
Sarah Donnellybinking in dread AKA The Rampant Bunnyo15 Blue Boar, Trinity CollegeTrinity CollegeFull Waterplease try not to fry my laptop when using water guns, though...true501940
Andy RingOmegaB30, SelwynSelwyn CollegeNo Waterfalse111450
Jamie KarranEdgar Allan DipsyO 3 Blue Boar Court, TrinityNoneFull WaterKnown as CF. Staying with boyfriend - easily distinguished by his boyish charm. Doesn't like lions. (careful of the electrical equipment in the far left of the room)true431350
Lachlan McLeanThe Masters of the Bench of the Middle TempleCambridge YHA, 97 Tenison RoadOld GirtonianNo WaterPlease be sensible when lurking near the YHA. I don't want to be evicted after two nights because they think I'm a weirdo or something.true321300
Sarah TangPoison Ivy AKA being taken to the Caius BarO8 Blue BoarTrinity CollegeNo Watertrue631270
Luci SandbachBeware the Deadly Donkey falling slowly from the sky - You can CHOOSE the way you LIVE, my friend, but not the way you DIEE12 StracheyNewnham CollegeWater With CareWatch out for computer opposite door as you enter my room! Don't hurt it!true421200
Ed HeaneyExcessively Dangerous Thing AKA FIRE IN THE DISCO!69 Jesus Lane, Room 8Christ's CollegeFull WaterMind the computer directly ahead of the doortrue43115-10
Philip BielbyLe Renard Subtila27 Harvey CourtGonville and Caius CollegeWater With Caretrue531130
Felicity BoyceA Heraldic DolphinD5New HallFull Watertrue321090
Chris KorekTwinkle ToesW11 PembrokePembroke CollegeNo WaterPlease mind desk full of stuff in direct line of how the door openstrue321060
Steve Mounseyalberto "snake eyes" tomba23 bateman street, room 8Homerton CollegeWater With Caredon't worry about housemates. although they are likely to make a fuss they are all harmless.true001000
Michelle TamMichelle AKA shotgunS10, CorpusCorpus Christi CollegeNo Watertrue001000
Niraj ModhaBrimstone Baritone Anti-cyclone Rolling Stone Preacher From The EastB3Robinson CollegeNo Watertrue001000
Gordon BallThe Sparrow of Doubt AKA The Seagull of Uncertainity AKA The Lesser-Spotted Woodpecker of Ambiguity AKA The Gentoo Penguin of Hesitation AKA The European Eagle Owl of Suspicion AKA The Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel of Hopelessness AKA The Black-Throated Diver of Factual Inconsistencyp5a, King's CollegeKing's CollegeNo Watertrue75980
Luke BlaxillThe weapons masterRoom 2 20 Fulbrooke RoadSelwyn CollegeNo Water"I am the weapons master and I have never lost a battle!"true11970
Jenny Readingshamster of doom AKA i reserve the right to screamW6 , PembrokePembroke CollegeNo Watertrue33950
Seigo RobinsonSoggyH4 Burrell's FieldTrinity CollegeWater With CareWatch out for computer/stereo. I share a room.true11940
Ross EdmondsonN88EPB35Selwyn CollegeNo Watertrue23860
Alex HassanalkF16, RobinsonRobinson CollegeWater With CareShared front door, shared pigeon holes. I've got my own bed though!true01830
Ben WeaverZephyrF6Pembroke CollegeWater With CareI will have to retire from the game at the end of Wednesday 22nd.true01830
Christopher J JenkinsI'm Feeling PluckyBenson J2Magdalene CollegeFull WaterKnown as Kit. Mind electrical equipment in my room. You and whose army?true12810
Serena AlleryFirestone48NChurchill CollegeNo WaterAllergic to colourant E numbers (E100 etc) in drinks such as squash (orange squash, blackcurrant squash etc) and most fizzy drinks. It's not serious, however a small plastic cup full of squash or equivalent will make me very ill for a couple of hours.true23790
Stephen ChesterIt's only a ____35 Jesus Lane room 7Jesus CollegeFull WaterPlease watch out for computer on desktrue23790
Simeon BirdRIAA assassin AKA There are no problems with the AutoumpireRoom 4, 63 Lensfield RoadPembroke CollegeFull Watertrue6675-10
Callum DawesDr. Michael HfuhruhurrG5 William Stone BuildingPeterhouseWater With CareGenerally avoid electrical equipment please. a light splash won't harm anything, but the full force of a CPS might.true13720
Michael Wallaceangsty livejournal entries (tautology you say? deal with it or i'll write some goth poetry...)O 3 Blue Boar CourtTrinity CollegeFull Water*please* be careful of all the electrical stuff flying around the far left corner of the room as you enter! I quite like plain chocolate digestives - if anyone would care to oblige...true25710
Benjamin Andrew O'Neilfinal requiemE14 Strachey, Newnham CollegeNoneNo Wateri am acting as bodyguard to my friend and will shoot anyone who pulls a weapon. Known as Ben. Staying with friend.true02690
Lizzi EdwardsLizziwizzyT17, Memorial Court, Clare CollegeClare CollegeNo WaterKnown as Lizzi. Allergic to cheese&shellfishtrue02690
James WardleyGiles CaulderwoodBB25Queens' CollegeNo Watertrue02690
Wei LiETPG12Newnham CollegeNo Watertrue02690
David JordanBootross Bootross Garley AKA Pie Calf48AChurchill CollegeWater With Caretrue02690
Johannes NordstromAn assassin to rival the one in Mulholland Drive14 Grasshopper Lodge, 1 Cranmer RdKing's CollegeWater With Caretrue13690
Lindsay TodmanbluebottleH11New HallNo Watertrue02690
Paul FoxThe Jesuan Historian11 Malcolm Street, room 4Jesus CollegeWater With Caretrue24670
Ian HorneRandom Chance36AChurchill CollegeNo WaterAllergies: Elastoplast and silly buggers.true25650
Kirsty RegerTigerbunnyW210 Wolfson CourtGirton CollegeWater With Carefalse45640
Richard Peter Charles MannsBlasphemy (AKA Hump-phrey) AKA The Violating Viola AKA Blue Boar Court, I 24Trinity CollegeWater With CareDiabetictrue24630
Amin FathiabadterroristGN8King's CollegeFull Watertrue14600
Will WykehamMortFitz B22Fitzwilliam CollegeNo Watertrue03600
James GoodingVanOfDeathNG2King's CollegeNo Watertrue03600
Maria SedelnikovaThe Penguin of DeathE14 StracheyNewnham CollegeNo Waterfalse03580
Charlotte HeronA box labelled "All Things"F215 FawcettNewnham CollegeNo WaterKnown as Lottie. Leaves Cambridge on Friday 24th and will not return. Damn fieldtrips....true03580
Wing Ying ChowThe moving curtainC22New HallNo WaterKnown as Ying. I'm in a shared room!true03580
Adrian PotterMr BumpCC7Pembroke CollegeNo Waterliving mostly in Newnham College PG12true03580
Jack GillettJackH3 Burrell's FieldTrinity CollegeNo Watertrue04480
Simon HeisterkampJar JarKings, MH46King's CollegeWater With CareLaptop computer straight ahead from door.true04480
Xina LiziH3, New hallNew HallNo Watertrue04480
Alex LabramPredateeRoom 7, 69 Jesus LaneChrist's CollegeWater With CareRecommended approach to assaulting house is to knock on door then lurk directly under the kitchen windowtrue15460
Adam HallPope Nunchucks VII (and his sidekick Jesus)a8 Harvey CourtGonville and Caius CollegeNo Watertrue07300
Michael ConterioThe Elemental Lord of Malt Loaf AKA The subtle kniferB 14 Wolfson Building, Trinity CollegeTrinity CollegeNo Waterwill be leaving game at 3.30 pm on Thursday 23rd Junetrue412240
Edward SaperiaThe Mound Of SoundRoom 1, 70 Jesus LaneChrist's CollegeNo WaterAny listeners of a nervous disposition should switch off now. Boom boom!true010170

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