Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

This is the List of police.

Rank Real Name Email Address Address College Water Weapons Status Pseudonym Notes
Acting Chief Of Police Jonathan Woollgar A10 Robinson Water with care One who only frightens non-players Shared pigeonholes
Head of Security Stephen McCann Garden Hostel, C16 King's No Water Dalriada None
Special Agent Owain Bristow 2A Churchill Full Water Snap None
Agent Charlotte Rosemary Heron F215 Newnham No water Daft Ada Known as Lottie.
Constable Steve Pettitt W124a, Wolfson Court Girton Water with care URL None
Constable Simeon Bird Room 4, 63 Lensfield Road Pembroke Water with Care Sir Dominic Flandry, Protector of the Noble Empire and Defender Of The Outer Reaches None
Constable Christopher James Jenkins Benson J2 Magdalene No Water Scratched Knees Known as Kit.
Constable Rosemary Warner 40 Paradise Street Gonville and Caius No Water Purveyor of fine bullet holes and knife wounds to the gentry Be careful in house. Real people live there.
Constable Suzy Hamilton W100, Wolfson Court Girton No water Puzz None
Constable Ed Heaney Room 8, 69 Jesus Lane Christ's No water Alchemist A hideous toast monster inhabits my room. Other than that, nothing much.
Constable Maria Sedelnikova E14 Newnham No water The blond sherif None
Constable Adrian Thomas Potter CC7, Foundress Court Pembroke No water Omega None

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky.

Rank Real Name College Pseudonym Notes
Chief of Police Duncan Brewer Jesus Dunky B None
El Presidente Chris Field Gonville and Caius Prince of Space If people insist on any form of bombs on my door be bloody careful because the only other users of my staircase are two fellows and the master's secretary. In fact it's better if you just don't even try.
Rear Admiral Paul Fox Jesus PJ None
Inspector De la Salud Del Alimento De la Cantina Adam Baird Fraser Christ's A Blunt Kitchen Knife None
Officer in Charge of Racial Equality at Pubmeets Richard Gibson Trinity White Rabbit None
Special Agent Callum J Fenn Dawes Peterhouse Butternut Creamcakes None
Agent James Cole Churchill Crackle None
Agent Graham Thomson Robinson The Cleric None
Agent Gordon Ball King's Chronitis None
Agent Luci Rebecca Sandbach Newnham Security Notice None
Librarian Stephen Chester Jesus Oook None
Constable David Jordan Churchill Pop Allergic to Egg/Tomato
Constable Michael Wallace Trinity The Quick Brown Raccoon None
Constable Felicity Boyce New Hall Lincoln Powell None
Constable David Manning Homerton Biggles Studies Engineering.
Constable Thomas Robinson Trinity Hall Yossarian Known as Tom
Constable Ben Jones Selwyn AngelWhisper None
Constable Robert Duschinsky Selwyn Smoke&Mirrors None
Constable Andrew Sobala Emmanuel Pyjamas 32A+B have a shared living room - be nice to 32B
Constable Ben Weaver Pembroke Zephyr None
Constable Robin Message Robinson BadgerGirl None
Constable Llewellyn Pilbeam Trinity name None
Constable Kirsty Reger Girton Tigerbunny None
Constable Ed Saperia Christ's Trilby "The Deerstalker" Fedora None
Constable Tom Booth Peterhouse Kilroy-Silk Please watch computer by window
Constable James Gooding King's Canteen Food None
Zombie Foot Soldier Tom Booth Peterhouse Kilroy-Silk Please watch computer by window
Zombie Foot Soldier Robin Message Robinson BadgerGirl None

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