Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Lent 2004 Social Events

End of game party, Sunday 7 March

On Sunday evening there will be an end-of-game party in A13, New Court, St. John's college, starting at about 9.30pm. All assassins are welcome to attend.

End of game duel, Sunday 7 March

The duel will take place on Sunday afternoon between the surviving players. All assassins and friends are welcome to come and spectate. We will be meeting at Clare Memorial Court porters' lodge at about 4.30pm and heading from there to the duel location.

Incompetent-killing pub lunch, Sunday 1 February:

It's a week since the start of the game, so the first list of incompetents will be published today. To celebrate not being on it, come and join us for lunch at the Anchor on Silver Street at 1pm. Meet some new (or old) assassins and then join them for an afternoon of lighthearted killing!

The pub will be out of bounds while we're there, as will anyone immediately arriving or leaving. After lunch, people will likely split up into small groups to go hunting incompetents. All players and police are invited; dead people are welcome to join us for lunch.

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