Michaelmas 2003 Wanted List

Despite some worthy attempts, no criminals had great success. The police were just too good...

Pseudonym:Name: College:Crime:
Cyberdyne Systems Model T-101 Lachlan McLean Ex-Girton Wanted for painful murder of John Haigh, much contact poisoning of doorhandles, shooting a player illegally, and sending one or fifty-one letters.
The Guru Adam Baird Fraser Christ's Wanted for cold-blooded murder of an innocent Emma duck. Oh, and Corkscrew as well.
Mean Mr. Mustard Luke Donnan Trinity Hall
You have no chance to survive, make your time! Stefano Debolini Churchill Wanted for the murder of an innocent
You've just lost Paul Smith Trinity Wanted for poisoning a doorhandle
Anonymous Coward Gordon Ball King's Wanted for shooting an innocent. Like most criminals...
man who eats aborted foetuses William Barrett Peterhouse For killing a police officer, and spreading Anti-Northerner propaganda, he gets 3 days competence. And pride of place on the wanted list. Also technically incompetent

Pseudonym:Case history
Papa Smurf Wanted for murder of the wrong Jenny, redeemed for killing a legal target and a wanted criminal
Marmite Wanted for killing an innocent, however redeemed for killing a legal target then 2 incompetents.

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