Michaelmas 2003 Police List

Thanks to our noble police force, no lawbreakers evaded justice for long. Here are the ones who made it, and the ones who didn't...

Rank:Title:Name: College:Address:Comments:
Chief of Police An Agglutination of Chthonic PanjandraRosemary Warner [e-mail] Caius Q8
Full water, can also be found at boyfriend's house at 40 Paradise St. This is a shared house with no water weapons to be used anywhere inside it.
Deputy Chief of Police The GirtonatorLachlan McLean [e-mail] Ex-Girton Rm. 2, 95 Girton Road, near Girton collegeWater with care in room, mind computer. Full water in rest of house. Works at Daily Bread Co-operative Tuesdays-Saturdays at Kilmaine Close, off King's Hedges Road. Attends City Life Church and trains with Cambridge University Judo Club.
Special Agent LestradeSimeon Bird [e-mail] Pembroke BB7 Foundress CourtNo Water Weapons
Special Agent Anonymous CowardGordon Ball [e-mail] King's Rm 306, Tennis Court Rd. HostelNo Water Weapons
Constable StumidStuart Moore [e-mail] St. John's E10 First CourtNo Water Weapons
Constable Harmonious JadeJonathan Amery [e-mail] none 36 Cambridge Road, Girton VillageNo water, works at Landmark EAME, St. John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road. Attends Welsey Methodist Church on Sunday mornings followed by Methsoc. Involved in CUSFS-Science Fiction Society, and CURS-Roleplaying.
Constable The Masked AvengerPhilip Bridge [e-mail] King's Rm 305, Tennis Court Rd. HostelNo Water Weapons
Work experience lad Oh Ric please not so quick!Aidan Robison [e-mail] King's Rm 205, Tennis Court rd. HostelFull Water Zone

Rank:Title:Name: College:
Constable CorkscrewAlex Labram [e-mail] Christ's
Agent Lemming HunterAdam Dewbery [e-mail] Trinity
Constable LemmingStuart Gooch [e-mail] Trinity
Constable mewont2kElNathan Bowler [e-mail] Trinity
Special Agent The DukeThomas Booth [e-mail] Peterhouse
Constable Martini, shaken not stirredRadoslav Nespor [e-mail] Churchill
Constable Northern ScumMatthew Carroll [e-mail] Peterhouse
Constable SkidRichard Sidey [e-mail] Selwyn College
Constable The honerable copJohn Mark Edmundson [e-mail] Gonville & Caius
Constable JamNCheezNick Wood [e-mail] Churchill
Constable PlodLuke Donnan [e-mail] Trinity Hall
Constable U-LaryDavid Birch [e-mail] St. John's
Constable hobartDavid Guarrera [e-mail] Churchill
Constable GaiusBen Esche [e-mail] Pembroke
Constable Master of IronyAdam Baird Fraser [e-mail] Christ's
Deputy Chief of Police The MafiaJon Jowett [e-mail] Emmanuel
Constable AugustusDavid O'Doherty [e-mail] Jesus
Constable tropical pole-vaulterDiana O'Carroll [e-mail] Magdalene
Deputy Chief of Police Professional LibrarianMartin Lester [e-mail] Gonville & Caius
Agent Oh Ric please not so quick!Aidan Robison [e-mail] King's
Agent KakarikiRoss Edmondson [e-mail] Selwyn College
Constable Schwartzencatter The MagnificentJames Horder [e-mail] Gonville & Caius
Constable Wilbur KookmeyerNoah Rolff [e-mail] Churchill
Constable JoeyRAlex Frost [e-mail] Emmanuel

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