Michaelmas 2003 Game News - Day 36 onwards

Saturday, 29 November

[19:00pm] The Girtonator assassinated Noah Rolff (Wilbur Kookmeyer)

The Girtonator reports:

I shot Wilbur Kookmeyer at 7pm. Not very smooth or special - he'd forgotten he was playing - but I finally found his house (a miracle in itself) , slipped in behind someone coming back from dinner, and convinced a housemate to knock on his door for me. He opened it, and I pulled my gun out and shot him three times in the guts.

I am a happy DCoP!

Sunday, 30 November

[11:30am] The Minion of Myxomatosis made an attempt on !!ptXd!p~

The Minion of Myxomatosis reports:

Dear !!ptXd!p~,
Fluffy was feeling hungry yesterday. Hell, he even tried to gnaw his own arm off yesterday - luckily, this was in a Society meeting, but you can imagine my distress.

This is what led me to lurk for you again, today. That, and some sort of Evil Demanding Umpirical Type.

However, you weren't there. Most disappointing.

1/10 for being there, damnit.
8/10 to the EDUT for getting me to do things.


!!ptXd!p~ reports:

bah! Stop turning up when I'm out! I want to kill people, dammit!

[13:10pm] Anonymous Coward assassinated Alex Frost (JoeyR)

Oh Ric please not so quick! reports:

After the slightly messed up job at Kakariki's place, we decided to be more cautious with this one. We checked the door, and ducked back to safe ground for a few minutes until we came to the conclusion that no one was probably in. I started to set up a bomb, but we again drew back when we heard noises from inside. Preparing ourselves for a fight and taking cover, the door opened. In an anticlimax of sorts, Anonymous Coward shot the entirely unparanoid figure as he exited in a dressing gown. Oh well, a kill's a kill.

JoeyR reports:

When I woke up today I realised I had overslept. I thought damn, put on my dressing gown and walked to the door on my way to the bathroom. I opened the door and saw two people (I think it was two I was still half asleep), one of them shot me four times in the chest. I said `Good Morning', he said `Good Morning' back, I carried on on my way to the bathroom.
I guess I must have gone incompetent in the last couple of days.
One thing I would like to know is how long they were outside for, it was 1 o'clock and it was the first time I'd been outside my room all day.
Anyway, point is, I'm dead, again.

[14:30p.m.]Samba made an attempt on one of Ric's minions

Samba reports:

"Today's another day to find you", or so I believed as I headed over to the secret headquarters of a group of 3 madman, busy plotting to take over the world most likely. This time however, the Monkey King had granted me a surveillance team to track down these bastions of evil. I sent Bingo and Bongo out to cover all possible exit points - to make sure we weren't unexpectedly interrupted, while Rio casually prowled the area. Chumba carefully inserted himself into a "hidden place" while keeping a close eye on the suspects base of operations while I got ready for the perfect sniping opportunity, walkie talkie ready for incoming transmissions. However, it wasn't to be. My sting squad spotted no movement from anyone meeting the target's description so we ended up leaving and drowning our sorrows back in Monkey land. Just remember: "You're shying away, but I'll be coming for you anyway".

Monday, 01 December

[13:00pm] !!ptXd!p~ made an attempt on The Minion of Myxomatosis

!!ptXd!p~ reports:

The 4 rules of lurking the CMS:

1. If he sees you, he won't leave the room.
2. The CMS is a maze.
3. Part 3 have swipe cards we don't.
4. See 2.


The Minion of Myxomatosis reports:

Dear ---!!ptXd!p~---,
Your attempted ambush today, in conjunction with Mr Bwahaha! had many things going for it. The distraction element of your associate's patented unsubtlty, combined with your own assault from behind. It was a nice plan, and you even found my lecture successfully.

It was unfortunate that your associate was so unsubtle that I saw him from within the lecture theatre, and ducked back inside. Given that I didn't know of your presence, gesturing to him to come inside for a chat seemed really quite reasonable.

Once I had done so, of course, your barging in and shooting me was - in many ways - commendable. However, I stand by my response at the time. To whit: "Hello, welcome to a lecture theatre..."

After that, leaving through one of the two exits was a matter of form. I sincerely regret leaving in such a hurry this morning that I had only a single pellet pistol on me - or I should have been glad to take you on, there and then. As it was, I merely had home-ground knowledge, and a swipe card for Pavillion E.

Most unforgivably, however, it was raining again by the time I left the library, and headed home.

8/10 for planning.
5/10 for execution.


Tuesday, 02 December

[15:00pm] Duel Truce declared

After 44 days, 161 player deaths, many many attempts, several great reports, plenty of incompetents and much wasting of time, it's time for the duel truce. After all the carnage, and uneasy peace descends on Cambridge. To my knowledge, 5 players have survived to the end of the game. They are:

The duel then took place in Robinson later that afternoon, after a little fumbling in the dark, backstabbing, and sharp shooting, Matthew Johnson was declared the winner and duly receives his MA. Details can be found here.

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