Summary of more important changes

New disciplinary measures. Instead of getting him/herself thunderbolted, the offending player may now have a bounty set on his/her head. In effect this will take the form of extra points awarded to the first person who kills the player in question. However, only a normal amount of points will be subtracted from the victim's score, and the bounty shall be a one-time occurrence. (1.2.1.)

It is also possible to be "awarded" negative style points for minor breach of rules. Legal kills will probably never incur this penalty, no matter how clumsy your application. Positive style bonus is of course always an option for particularly interesting/stylish kills.

New duel rules. It's now possible to challenge your opponent to a duel and be protected by a no-kill zone while doing so. Do note though that you are strongly encouraged to resolve any duels on the spot, and one or more of the participants must die as a result - otherwise I'll take it as exploiting the no-kill zone and probably get annoyed, unless you have a very good explanation. (1.2.11.)

Rule 1.2.11. should not be confused with 1.2.10. which covers a different kind of situation, i.e. one in which an attempt has already taken place but has not been resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Guns have an effect if you just point them at your victim and say *BANG!*, but they will be treated as cap guns - i.e. the one-metre-rule applies.(1.2.4.)

All knives can be thrown. All novelty items must be presented to me before using them as a knife. (4.4)

Shields are allowed, but are now vulnerable to any anti-tank weaponry as well as more traditional methods of destroying them.(4.12.)

When fridgeing someone, you can now drop your weapon from two metres.(4.13.)

Tanks are NOT vulnerable to knives.(4.14.)

Soft toys need to be presented to me before using them as weapons, because I like to see what embarrassing fluffy things assassins hide in their rooms.(4.15.)

A codeword ceasefire forces all players to stop all assassins activity and return to whence they came. This is for emergency situations only (i.e. serious injuries, porters approaching etc.) and players are advised against abusing it. (1.2.17)

People working in a May Ball are out of bounds, but only during the time they are actually on duty. So if you see them dancing/eating/pulling/passing out, you can probably assume they are off-duty. Naturally, they cannot kill you as long as they are working for the Ball.

People working/rowing in the Bumps are also out of bounds during the time they are actively involved in them. For rowers, this means they are fair game once the crew has dispersed. For workers (umpires, coaches etc), they are illegal targets as long as they are wearing their uniforms or actively involved in the Bumps. If they just sit on the bank, away from the boathouse, eating ice cream, they are fair game.

All participants to the CURS 24hrs roleplaying event 18-19th June are illegal targets for the duration of the game.

Games & Puzzles in Green Street is a no-kill zone, and great care should be taken not to upset customers.

All soft toys, unless otherwise specified, are considered to work similarly to buses, apart from the size limits (and the engine noises!). Please see rules about being run over (4.16) for details. Mainly this means no throwing etc.

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