I'll put links up to the events in question when I get round to it. But due to popular demand (ie lots of nagging) I've put up this dodgy version of the page first.

The Lemming Award for the first to die:

Liwei Deng was squashed by a boulder, two minutes into the game.

The Holzhauer award for psychopathy:

I don't feel anyone was psychopathic enough to deserve this, but Ed Allcutt deserves a mention for his... enthusiasm.

The David and Goliath Award for the best giant-killing activity by a new player:

Ruaridh Buchanan deserves this for an excellent duel, especially the end part...

The Ginger Cake Award for the Smoothest Kill:

The winner: Shipmanator, for this and the armchair incident.

The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart award for the Most Amusing Death:

Jenny Chase and Ruaridh Buchanan's double kill which ended the duel. Picture Jenny grinning manically, sitting on the floor because she had no legs, being hopped at by Ruaridh with his last knife...

The 'I Shot the Sheriff' award for butchering cops:

Ross Fenning takes this award for his concerted effort to remove anyone coming near him.

The Mario Sainz-Martinez award for cowwuption:

The winner: Hannah Burton, for being so cute and yet so psychopathic

The Dr Kimble award for surviving the longest time on the wanted list:

Bellisarius takes this, with a total of 19 days!

The Kenny Award for dying far too many times:

Ed Allcutt and Adam Biltcliffe dueled on the last day as the loser would be the only person to have died four times. Adam lost... but then Ed died that evening to Simon Ford's bomb.

I know the Kenny is normally given for someone dying frequently on the same day, but I thought duelling not to win it was too funny to miss.

The Robocop award for killing wanted criminals:

The winner: Ed Allcutt, for his persistence and enthusiasm, in both incarnations.

The David Duffit award for secrecy and deception:

The winner: has to be Ed Nokes for just being himself.

The Three Hours Early Award for Paranoia:

Automatically awarded to Jenny "curro ergo sum" Chase, just because.

The Order of the Black Coat for the least effective disguise:

Jenny Chase, whose kill of Mogwai showed us that even a brightly coloured coat can't prevent her from revealing her true nature as a "wandering psycho"

The Darwin Award for death by stupidity:

The winner: James Allen. Remember boys and girls, snooping at your neighbour's door is a Bad Idea.

The yellow streak award for running away:

Demelza Bowyer, for hiding in a toilet and screaming for ten minutes when she was told there was an assassin using the next door toilet.

The Harland Quinn Golden Quill for the most amusing reports:

A lot of deliberation happened. Then some more happened. Then I decided the best way to award this would be to give it to the reports that made me break down in giggling fits. A joint victory then, for Eminem-23 and Prostetnic Vogon Cjeltz.

The Brutus award for the best betrayal:

Were there any? Do let me know...

The Police Hero medal:

Mike Cripps wins this, both for his kill record and for co-ordinating police efforts when he took over as CoP.

The Leek and Safe award for the most interesting or innovative weaponry:

The winner: The Red Dacoyth. An interesting spin on the poisoned letter.

The Reversed Burden of Evidence Award for unintentionally killing innocents:

Johannes Nordstrom, although knocking on doors and then going to sleep outside someone's room can hardly be termed innocent behaviour...

Paranoia Hardened Deathmasters (PhDs):

The title of a Paranoia hardened Deathmaster (PhD) is awarded to assassins who have won two games. 4 PhDs have been awarded so far:

Master Assassins (MAs):

The title of Master Assassin (MA) is awarded to assassins who win a game or make an outstanding performance in one or more games. The following assassins have been awarded MAs in the past: