Social Events

Unless otherwise stated, a no-kill zone will be in place around each of these events, this will cover those attending the event, as well as those approaching and leaving it - with the actual definition of 'approaching and leaving' left up to the discression of the Umpire (who will err on the side of invalidating incidents).

Wednesday 13th February 19:00

Meeting at the Prince Regent (map) at 7pm. This is a social thing, so leave (most of) your weapons behind.

Saturday 16th February 14:00

We are to meet at 2pm on Saturday under the trees between the outside of the back gates of Clare and Kings for a series of friendly battles with medium-sized weapons only.

No heavy weaponry because this patch of ground is better-suited for shorter range, manoeuvrable weaponry, to not look like a nuisance and for ease of refilling.

Five litres worth of water refills will be provided. For the technically-minded the upper limits of allowed weapons are xp 270 sized waterguns, all nonautomated bandguns and all safe pellet/dart guns with a horizontal chest-height outdoor range inferior to 12 metres.

{{This has been clarified to: All RPG pistols are okay}}

Don't bring too many weapons for there will be nowhere to keep unwanted ones.

We hope to fight in teams, pairs and threes. Each group will be allotted a fair share of the weapons present.

A scoresheet of what happens will be kept by a very old assassin.

Sunday 17th February 16:00

Student Community Action are running a LaserQuest team competition this Sunday (17th) at the Laserquest place near Argos, 4pm-9pm. Please email me (urgently) if you would like to enter. We already have enough people for one team, but we might be able to enter a second...

The suggested team: "The Hand of Fate" (trenchcoats not required)

PC Vash

Sunday 24th February 16:00

Stuart Moore: This Sunday at 2pm I will host a battle on the roof of Cripps Building, St Johns. Bring all the weaponry you have (Bjorn: parking off Northampton street) but I will start with RBG/RPG games. Cripps building is the concrete monstrosity at the back of Johns; go in the main gate and keep going straight on until you have crossed the Cam. Then turn right, go under New Court and Cripps is immediately in front of you. We will meet at the top of F staircase - this is round to the left. In the event that it is cancelled due to the weather or moved on by Porters I will leave a note outside my room (F10). The porters have been funny about people running around with weaponry, so try to keep it subtle...

There will be a hall here at John's Sunday evening to mourn the passing of Omega and Alebian Grape in the way they would have wanted (piss up). Meet in Johns about 7, tickets 4, bring your own wine. Menu is:

Watercress and potato soup
Roast leg of lamb served with redcurrant jelly, mint sauce and a rosemary sauce
Roast potatoes
Bouquetiere of root vegetables
VEGETARIAN OPTION: Stuffed aubergine topped with crispy leeks
French apple strudel served with lightly whipped cream

Email stjm2 for ticket, state if you are a veggie. Hall is open to all assassins, even those that aren't playing this term.

Thursday 28th February 19:30

Meeting at the King Street Run at 7:30pm. Come lightly armed please - anyone found to be carrying weapons rivalling the CoP's in size will be made wanted and subsequently executed (of course, the CoP denies having any sort of complex...)

Sunday 10th March 19:30

There will be an Assassins formal hall in Jesus College on Sunday the 10th of March - hopefully to celebrate the end of the Game, or at least to enjoy the truce while it lasts.

Dress code is suit (or nice dresses for the ladies), and gown if you feel like it. The CoP -who is organising the event- wishes it to be known that although he will bring a bottle or two, his taste in wines is notoriously poor, so if you appreciate quality drink you should probably bring your own.

Needless to say, any attempt to get the senior Police officers inebriated will meet fierce resistance.

So far 16 players have shown interest in attending the event. This is close to our theoretical maximum of 20, so if you want to come and you aren't on the list already, you should email Mario as soon as possible (don't forget to state any meal requirements). ]