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Now updated to reflect the true state of play. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
It looks like another Caius victory.

Name: Kills: Deaths: Motto:
Caius Mafia
"There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it , never care for anything else thereafter." - Ernest Hemingway
Ed Nokes (twice) and Rosemary Warner (twice) were members, as were the duelists Bjoern Holzhauer, Matt Laycock and Ralph Owens, Ed Wallace was strongly affiliated, rather than being a member, but I'll count him anyway. Jenny Chase was a member in her last incarnation.

After killing a member of the Cauis mafia the life expectancy of the killer has on average been 12 hours 15 minutes and 40 seconds.

A worryingly effective mafia, easily holding their own agains the larger ones - they is why Caius is scary...

Christopher Howlett, Daniel Drodge (twice), Daniel Kenyon Jones (4 times), David Owens, Edward Clayton (twice), Edward Knowles, Elisa Barcellos, Helena Dahlhoff, James Maggs, Laetitia Stuart-Bruges, Mark Goddard, Richard Hanke, Robert Hiersemenzel (twice), Scott Boham (3 times), Tim Underwood (twice), Tom Withnell (twice), Darren Barnes and Daniel Hancock were, I think, the members.

People might be interested in http://www.srcf.ucam.org/emmafia/

A mafia which bore a disturbig resemblence to cannon fodder, right from the moment Caius chose to rampage there on day 3. Oddly, their total kill score is still rather high.

The Binford Mafia
"Is that an RBG in your pocket or are you just pleased... oh, it is an RBG..."
Maria Pooley Currius, Matthew Johnson, Michael Cripps (5 times), Neill Smith (3 times), Peter McIntyre (twice), Polly Meeks and Laura Sillence were members

This mafia was very active in the early game, and succeeded in turning Trinity Hall into a fortress to rival that of Caius (which it didn't, since they were allied).

"Anything EmMafia can do we can do better"

The Baby Seals
"Cosh a seal, win a prize."
Jacob Collins, Martin O'Leary (twice), Muhammad Esa, Rosemary Fletcher, Sorin Basca, Stephen Shorter (twice), Thomas Hardcastle (resurrected as a player), William Walter (3 times), Stuart Moore (twice, and thought of himself as in charge), Amanda Fallon, Charlotte Wing, Kirsty Andrew, Lalani Dias, Laura McIntyre and the finallist Abi Baker were all members.

A surprisingy successful mafia, consisting mainly of first-timers, and impressively large. One to watch.

"Remember we have nine lives..."
Jonathan Hogg (three times), Richard Nicklin (in his first incarnation only) and Tom Forster (twice) made up this mafia, which saw most of it's action as leading figures in the police force, having petered out early the first time around.
"If there be blood on my sword, let it be my own. Or preferably a SWAT team member's. Or a Caian's. Or even a mathmo's."
David Rufino (3 times), Lara Crow (twice), Stephen Ingram, Tim Blanchard (twice) and Ric Brackenbury (twice) were the members.

A persistant, and initially successful mafia, they were eventually wiped out, slowly, as the game took it's toll.

A League of Honest Assassins "ALOAH!"
"Isn't it ironic, don't you think?"
Simon Ford, Päivi Pasi (twice), Sally Clough and Paul Hickford were all probably members, and this mafia was affiliated with the Emmafia, but the general level of backstabbing makes it hard to tell.
Games and Puzzles Capitalist Mafia
Alex Cairnes (twice), Jolyon Winstam (twice) and Susan Law (twice) made up this particular nest of arms dealers, who did a little better than the numbers might suggest.
The Firm
"The newest and most ruthless mafia in Cambridge"
Mat Varughese, Robert Myers and James Osborn (twice) were the members.

Affiliated with the BFRBG (and the rest of the G&P Capitalist Mafia), in effect a one-man show.

Origami Leauge of Incompetance
"Unspeakable horrors make me really hungry."
It has come to my attention that there may or may not be an unusual group calling itself the Origami Leauge of Incompetance this term, the purposes of this group being to organise raids by incompetant members of the guild to get them up to non-incompetance through legal methods, the membership would of course be dynamic with incompetants droping in and out as they become competant or not. I am of course not anything to do with this mafia, I simply recieved a baddly scrawled note in my pigeon hole on this which I have eaten for security purposes, needless to say incompetants will probably be contacted by the guild master as they become incompetant and offered the chance at redemption.
The Leauge may or may not be recuiting from competants.

This was just James Bowe (4 times) being silly.

'Rules' regarding this page: This page has no effect on the actual game, but provides somewhere to boast how good your mafia is. If you wish your mafia to appear here, please email me, with the name, motto, colour (one or two colours, hex RGB values preferred, but I'm flexible. Pictures and logos appreciated, too.

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Sunday, January 20th. Corpus Hostium: I think we should let you know that we are as of today in possession of a fully functional (and quite frankly kick ass) cardboard two man TANK, capable of firing 24 elastic bands from a two barreled turret. We have already announced the new weapon on Cam University Radio today, but if you would put the word out, it would be most appreciated. Another photo.

Monday, January 21st. We have a tank, too...

Monday, January 21st. What about this cute little vehicle?

Sunday, February 18th. Someone got a little careless, methinks.