Rule Changes

Players are reminded that the name given should be your full name, and the one you are known to the college officials by. Deliberate violation of this will not be treated leniently again. You are also requested to use your @cam email address, if at all possible, and will attract suspicion if you do not.

Accomplice rules have been clarified a bit. Note that accomplices may die, and may not then be used. Also note that if your accomplices die, you are likely to become wanted. Further note that players accompany each other at their own risk, and that having a non-player open your mail - specifically to avoid your own death - is a serious offence.

Any gun may be used by saying 'bang', but I will be ruling somewhat in favour of more dramatic (or preferably projectile) weapons, in case of uncertainty. Note that Games and Puzzles in Green Street, sell Rubber Band Guns, currently in favour with many experienced assassins.

Not reporting multiple events is grounds for incompetence.

The rules on lying have been clarified (you may lie about anything except the health of participants, but may be responsible for direct consequences of such a lie).

Police are not prohibited from using non-standard weaponry, but are still strongly discouraged from killing innocents.

Note that corridors and staircases default to 'small calibre water weapons only', unless they are going to suffer especially from water damage.

Projectile weapons are encouraged over cap guns, and neither RBGs, nor a popular brand of pellet firing pistol (Fires soft orange pellets, looks like a revolver) need to be specifically licensed. (Anything firing rubber bands larger than standard office size does need to be licensed, however). Oh, and BB guns are NOT to be used.

Note that the metal knives found in college cafeterias are NOT legal weapons. Nor is any knife with a metal blade (unless specifically lisenced).

Do NOT contact poison a door, unless you want to be made wanted. The ONLY exception to this is if you are personally present until the contact poison is removed. Every term people break this rule - please don't. If in any doubt, don't use contact poison.

Poison gas is NOT a legal weapon, nor will it work. Anyone attempting to use it anyway will be made wanted.

Rules surrounding the conduct of police officers have been clarified.

The police force may become subject to incompetence, in a similar fashion to players. This is to prevent the large buildup of easy targets that slows down interesting events in the life of the career criminal. Warning will be issued well before any police are made incompetent.

Enthusiastic and effective members of the police force are liable to stay a lot less dead than those who do nothing, and go out with a whimper.

The Chief of Police will have control over the police force, and will be able to declare officers corrupt (or redeemed), they will also have input on the incompetence of police, and the wantedness of criminals - although these will remain the province of the Umpire.

The Chief Assistant to the Assistant Chief will take over as CoP in the event of untimely death by the CoP. The CAttAC will be selected by the Umpire, taking the opinion of the CoP into account. In the event of a major takeover bid by an organised group, they may instead select the new CoP and CAttAC. The CAttAC will also be able to determine corruption or otherwise, and wantedness, but may be overruled by the CoP (Umpire arbitrates...).

Anyone actively attempting to make a kill is now a valid target. This includes the entire mob outside your door, or the door of your mafia mates (or even your target's door).

Society meetings are now out of bounds if organised in advance, with no requirement that they be regular. The location in which they take place is also OOB for a reasonable period before and after. Meetings not on college property (pub meets) are still in bounds. Properties leased to businesses do not count as college property. (Several pubs, many shops).

You are discouraged from attacking someone who is cycling fast, and unaware of you - it could be dangerous.

Kill periods will now be on a rolling time limit system, with the initial period being a week. Thus, if you are attacked at 5 on Wednesday, you must do something by 5 the following wednesday, or become incompetent. I will not require a successful kill be made, although I may allow only direct attacks.

More than about 10 witnesses to a kill are likely to blow your cover, and reveal your real name (but nothing else).

Wanted criminals - may still not be the subject of indirect attacks by police. Also note that redemption is an option, to be decided on an individual case, but eliminating a few incompetents will be enough for minor naughtiness, while for hardened criminals it will require removal of all police who do not support you. (Should corruption somehow blight our police force).

Incompetents may be the subject of indirect attacks by police - they have no rights.

Wanted police may not instigate attacks, except on people who are wanted or incompetent, but they may defend themselves (to the death).

Please do not use almond essence, or anything else likely to trigger allergies.

Contact poison on a detonated bomb is ineffective.

I dislike kills which consist of walking up to a player, handing them a gun, and then shooting them; I may disallow such kills, or make you weanted. Convincing them to display their own weapons is fine, however.

Please attach (approximate) times to kill reports - both for the purposes of time limits (I will take the least favourable interpretation, if you give me no time), and accurate reporting. Repeated failure may be grounds for incompetence.

I will keep some of last term's ban on poisoned letters likely to trigger an anthrax scare - specifically, do not send any form of powdered poison through Cambridge's internal mail, or through Royal mail. I think the situation is now calm enough to allow any other form of poisoned/explosive letter to be sent as normal - should you wish to. Normal rules regarding leaking packages apply. Oh, and get the right pigeonhole, people.

Tanks, shields and boulders are added to the list of legal weapons - detailed rules can be found at the end of the weapons section - but note that tanks and shields are vulnerable to boulders and grenades - and also that knives (when held) work as tin-openers. Finally note that both tanks and shields count as weapons for the purpose of 'bearing weapons'.

I am likely to enforce the 'dead men tell no tales' aspect of the rules: If a kill is only made because of information which was obtained from someone who died before they could have told it, I will probably disallow it. Remember also that people lose their identities and their memories when they join the police (including resurrections).

While the Umpire does not recognise the existence of mafias, he is aware that some people like to claim kills on behalf of such organisations. Since there seems to be general interest in such claims, he will be making a tally available for general viewing.

The police force is there to protect us all from the recent outbreak of random killings. They must of course have compelling evidence of the criminal nature of anyone apprehended, and take into account the highest ideals of honour and justice in carrying out their duty. However it is up to individual police Chiefs exactly what line is to be taken on so-called 'mafias', and what flavour of donut is most appreciated.

No further (significant) changes will be made to this documant, for ongoing changes, see the Rule Updates page. ]