This page will contain news of social and other game events organised for assassins by players and other interested parties.

13:00 onwards, Thursday 29th November: Duel and other battles.

It's that time again, time for the winner of this term's game to be decided by a duel between the survivors.

We shall consequently have an afternoon of battles. There will be many events in which everyone can participate, plus the duel itself at about 14:30. Later there will be a formal hall and a party, for the chance to get to know your fellow assassins a little better. Disguises can be worn if you still can't shake that paranoia.

More details are available here.

19:30... Tuesday 6th November: Pubmeet

Meet in the King Street Run, bring artfully concealed weapons, disguises, etc. Later (10-ish), we'll go incompetent-bashing. There will be a no-kill zone around the venue - map just below.

13:00... Sunday 4th November: The Battle

The time has come to dust off those CPS and break out the water bombs: for one afternoon, we will be abandoning the longstanding creed of subtlety and discretion, and engaging in full scale battle.

This will be entirely separate to the main game, with a no-kill zone declared around the event, so everyone can have fun without undue risk to their life.

It will be organised as a set of team duals - similar in style to those which end each of the varsity matches. Rules? Equal teams, dripping with weaponry, will engage each other in open battle, until just one remains standing. Simple, and rather fun.

People will turn up, some in teams, some not - when we achieve critical mass, I will (in consultation with those attending) arbitarily pick two teams, give them a minute or two to arm up (if people wouldn't mind sharing weapons when they aren't actively playing), and then start them off from some arbitrary places. After a while, they will be finished (and it will be quick, as I will do nasty things to those who slow it down too much). Then we'll do it again.
I will also run some special interest matches: things like no-water, close combat only, RBGs only, etc etc... I may also run a round or two of last man standing (you can probably figure that out). If sufficient people are there, I may also run intercollegiate matches - so bring college scarves for team colours (if you want to).
1pm this Sunday (4th November) until we stop (probably darkness, unless the weather's not terribly pleasant).
Harvey Court Gardens, off West Road... marked with an X on the map at the bottom of this page.
What to bring:
All the weaponary you have, especially that which is ranged, cool, or fluffy.
What to wear:
The dress code will be Black Coat. (Seriously - everyone who has one, bring it...)
I may well award points on some rather arbitary scale, something like: 1 point for a kill, 1 for surviving, 2 for being on the winning team, and 1 extra point for anything cool (which will probably get an award, too).
Who can come?
Everyone's welcome, even those not playing, or dead (in the main game) or not planning to play in this battle (spectators).
I will correlate reports of all the battles to produce a page for the main assassins site - including scores and such. People will use pseudonyms (because this is assassins), and those wishing lasting glory may also attach their real name (those still being very paranoid need not).
Main game:
For the purposes of the main game, this entire event will be off limits, as will those approaching and leaving it.
Weapons Rules:
As per the main game (except no indirect weapons will be used - motion detector based mines, etc), and I will license (for the purposes of this battle only) anything else suitable and safe that you bring.
I am going to specifically outlaw long pikes from the close combat section, however (unless people want a pike duel). Also anything else I feel like.
Direct to, but if it can be sorted out on the day, save it till then. Anyone wishing for anonymity can email and have messages forwarded.

Finally, hope to see you all there. And bring a towel/change of clothes for afterwards, you may get a little damp (although spectators will not be a good choice of target if you want to stay on the good side of the Umpire and the Battle Arbiter.

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