The duel will be held on Thursday afternoon. Details follow:

The Place

Harvey Court Gardens, West Road.

The Time

13:00 onwards on Thursday, 29th November.

The Events
Whatever shall I wear?

Whatever you like to the duel, prizes may be on offer for the least subtle disguise. A change of clothes is recommended.
If you're coming to formal hall, you don't need to be particularly smart: a shirt and trousers would be fine.

What rules can we expect?

The duel itself will allow any form of direct weaponry, including heavy water weapons, water bombs, throwing knives and dart guns. No indirect weaponry will be allowed.
You can expect the battles to be much like last time, with a slightly changed scoring system, different types of weapons in different battles and many awards.
Rumours reaching the Umpire suggest a "capture the flag" type game and perhaps a "Battle Royale"... details on the day.

How much will hall cost and what's on the menu?

The cost of formal hall will be 1.50.

The chef presents the following suggestions with his compliments:

Wine can be purchased at the buttery before hall or you can bring your own, for which there is no surcharge.

And what about the party?

Well, the party will be, as I said, in K9, St. Mary's Court, Caius, which is right in the centre of town. There will be food and drink (all donations gratefully received), including some of the more assassins-related items (Phileas Fogg usually puts in an appearance). There will also be the opportunity to try out weapons of many different sizes and types, if you haven't just tried them in the battles, and lots of other fun things to do: just ask our hostess...
Access is by Caius swipe card only, but email me in advance and I'll be able to let you in when you get there.

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