Wanted List

The last two "real" criminals succeeded in erasing their criminal record by murdering the entire Police Force, and the first set of incompetents have now been wiped out by our valient officers.

Pseudonym:Full name:College:Address:Water?
LloydJamie Douglass
(yes to duel)
Sidney SussexT9 Garden CourtNo water weapons
Wanted for incompetence and the murder of several innocents. Also wanted for armed terrorism. Approach with care, Lloyd has already killed one PC. Was wanted before.

Dead Criminals

Pseudonym:Full name:College:Commited crimes:Cause of Death
Purple Lady Frances Robinson John'sWanted for the brutal murder of sheepy tim in King's cantine in plain view of 300 shocked students and planning to blow up Trinity CollegeShot by Dial Emma for murder
(Formerly)MOST WANTED:
Dial Emma for murder (DEfM)
Simon Ford EmmanuelWanted according to the offences against the person act 1861, s.29: Causing gunpowder to explode, or sending to any person an explosive substance [...], with intent to do grievous bodily harm (which most importantly resulted in the death of an innocent. Then proceeded to murder PC elephantitis, PC fire-eagle, PC Valkyrie, PC Ribena, PC Sheepy Tim, PC Burns, PC Purple Lady, PC Jasper McKintley, PC Dark Side, PC Teleute and made attempts on the lives of Chief Incorruptible and Jehova's Witness. Has corrupted Commander Sniper and PC Bud White. He has made attempts on all the players his mafia knows about, sometimes with poisoned letters, sometimes in person. If he finds out that you are playing, he'll come after you, so take him down - now! He has also murdered several innocents and used contact poison in public places (not that that was especially noteworthy considering his criminal record).Anyone approaching this especially dangerous criminal is advised to proceed with utmost caution, the criminal is well-armed, dangerous and has nothing to loose. PC Cookie Monster's knife in his chest
VANGO Simon CosgrovePembroke Wanted for the gruesome, premeditated and coldblooded murder of an innocent, to whom he handed a letter of which he (correctly) assumed that it was poisoned. Executed by the non-existent Pembroke mafia
SWAT Commander "Sniper"
Mario Sainz-Martinez Jesus

Wanted for conspiring with the (now dead) wanted criminal Dial Emma for Murder, abuse of office and corruption. Has conspired to murder Chief Incorruptible and created Black Ops teams to carry out illegal operations without the knowledge of the government. Has also shot PC Lenny Police officers are warned that he might try blackmail or corrupt them, the best reaction to this is to shoot him. Charges of libel and defamation have also been brought forward against him by fellow police officers.

torn apart by a mine set up by Lina Inverse
PC "Bud White"
Alex Wood EmmanuelWanted for corruption to the criminal Dial Emma for Murder and participation in an attempt on Chief Incorruptible.Killed by Muffy the Umpire Flayer
NobodyRobert Ennals King'sWanted for Incompetence Killed by Traffic Policeman Editor
Sergeant PumpernickelJoseph Zuntz Queen'sWanted for Incompetence Killed by Traffic Policeman Ribena
CharkCharmaine Coutinho NewnhamWanted for Incompetence Killed by Acting-Chief "Incorruptible"
BubblesLouise Davies JesusWanted for Incompetence Killed by Traffic Policeman Dilemma
CrispmanJulian Hunt Trinity HallWanted for Incompetence Killed by Speed Camera Repairman Editor
LuciferLucy McWilliam DarwinWanted for Incompetence Killed by Ticket Inspector "Dilemma" and Traffic Policeman "Bud White"
I-will-eat-youChris Morton RobinsonWanted for Incompetence Killed by Archangel
GringoJon Reynaga SidneyWanted for Incompetence Killed by Speed Camera Repairman Dilemma
MerrykareJenna Spellane TrinityWanted for Incompetence Killed by several people!
The Welsh WitchRachel Sara Borysiewicz John'sWanted for Incompetence Killer unknown
John GaltNavin Dasigi TrinityWanted for Incompetence Killed by "Viper"
DespairColin Magee TrinityWanted for Incompetence Killed by "Captain Caveman"
Horny ProtoceratopsJack Rudd GirtonWanted for Incompetence Killed by Traffic Warden "Dilemma"
Mata HariEleni Gouliou EmmanuelWanted for Incompetence Killed by Traffic Warden "Dilemma"
Ich will sterben, Je veux mourir, Quiero morirEtienne ChatenayChrist'sWanted for what he prefers to call lazyness. He certainly is lazy and assassins are warned that he might not be all that incompetent. Killed by Dream
Harland Quinn M.A.Stu Gill (Master Assassin) ClareWanted for incompetence - Special care is needed when approaching this individual, he is nice, friendly and might invite you to his room for some hot chocolate. Oh, yes, he is also well-armed, fluffy and dangerous.Killed by Traffic Coordinator "Dilemma"
PamelaSteven Cooper CatzWanted for Incompetence Killed by Lord High Traffic Warden "Dilemma"
CyrusPhilip WoodPembrokeWanted for IncompetenceKilled by Lord High Traffic Warden "Dilemma"
SvenskMooseMatt EvansPembrokeWanted for Incompetence killed by either Archangel or The Mole
Onion BudgieRoss BrockmannTrinity Wanted for IncompetenceKilled by Traffic Policeman 'Bud White'
Dangerous JimJames Milner CaiusWanted for IncompetenceKilled by Delirium
The MolePhil Bennett John'sWanted for Incompetencekilled by Macavity
Captain CavemanSam Birch John'sWanted for Incompetencekilled by Macavity
The Ferret's RevengeJohn Miller MagdaleneWanted for IncompetenceKilled by PC "Dilemma"
Edmund FleshDan Lambert FitzRemoved from game for extreme lazyness and Incompetence
The beautiful dead manDan Seymour JesusWanted for IncompetenceKilled by Speed Camera Repairman 'Editor'
SupernovaJamie Richards ChurchillWanted for IncompetenceKilled by Sergeant Danger
EchoEloise Phipps CaiusWanted for IncompetenceKilled by Sergeant Normality
RhomboRoop Gupta JesusWanted for IncompetenceKilled by PC "Dilemma"
Sgt Normality
Dan Credington Emmawanted for corruptionredeemed himself by killing Pilchard, but was killed by Dilemma before this had been announced
PilchardAnna Taylor
Emmawanted for incompetenceKilled by Dilemma and Normality
Muffy the Umpire Flayer
record erasedrecord erased Wanted for the murder of an innocent, Chief Incorruptible, Superintendant Harry "Snapper" Organs of 'F&I' division, PC Editor, PC Big Don (and two of his innocent friends), PC Plodge, PC Bud White, PC RAZOR, PC Dilemma, PC Jehova's Witness and PC Potatoe Head. Has also tried to kill PC Editor, Agent Big Yellow Rubber Duck and Inspector Cookie Monster by contact poison, thereby killing one innocent. Also wanted for armed terrorism, the use of excessive amounts of explosive on police officers' doors, for his stupid pseudonym and for impersonating Inspector Cookie Monster. Has also blown up a bedder with one of his bombs. Be careful when approaching this particularly dangerous individual, he isn't a MA for no reason...Killed off the entire police force and hence erased his criminal record - NO LONGER WANTED
record erasedrecord erased Wanted for armed terrorism, more precisely the ruthless use of nerve gas resulting in the death of an innocent and the use of contact poison in public places. Has proved to be armed and dangerous by murdering Inspector Cookie Monster and Agent Big Yellow Rubber Duck. Also wanted for breaching the 1997 Ottawa treaty over the ban of antipersonnel mines, moreover for the horrible death of NFG due to one such mine. Killed off the entire police force and hence erased his criminal record - NO LONGER WANTED


Wanted criminal
Communal target, especially for the police, who have nothing else to shoot at.
Do you have no next of kin? Do you feel expendable? Do you feel like winning the Dr Kimble award?
Bullets, blood and gore, a large quantity thereof.
How to apply:
It's easy and it's fun! Anyone can do it! Why not try murdering a lifelong friend, or a vexing neighbour, or perhaps the Chief of Police? Let your imagination run freeeeeeeeee!

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