Summary of Changes for Lent 2001 Game

There are no major differences in comparison with last term's game; you may wish to examine the rule changes prior to that game. The layout of this website and presentation of news have been slightly reorganised, and we have taken the opportunity to clarify the various water weapon stati.

Presentation of News

In addition to the weekly news pages, there will be a single "headlines" page, which should hopefully make locating new or existing events rather more rapid.

New option for criminals

We are now giving wanted criminals a very small chance to get off the wanted list: Should the police force be wiped out entirely, the wanted crimnal(s) most responsible for the slaughtering of the police will be removed from the wanted list.

Water Weapon Status

We thought it was important to point out what the different water weapon stati for rooms will mean in this term's game:

"No water"
[Lawrence of Arabia] No water based weapons may be fired into, from or through the room, under any circumstances.
"Small calibre"
[Singing in the Rain] Allows only the use of small water weapons, which must be deployed with great care (ie. you should aim the things and ensure that they will hit only your target). Water-bombs or CPS blasters are thus not allowed. This is an advisable choice if you just wish to be able to use your small water-pistol from inside your room.
"Full scale"
[The Perfect Storm] Bigger water weapons may be used as well, but you should still use them very carefully; you want to shoot your opponent, not his furniture.

Should you choose options 2 or 3, please list any objects in your room that your assassins should be careful about (e.g. computer) when you sign up for the game.

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