January 13th

This game is being umpired by Ed Nokes & Björn Holzhauer from Caius. The umpires are back in town and they will send out the signup email in the next days.

New players should read the complete rules as soon as they are online and all others should know that this term's rules might vary slightly from those of Michaelmas term, so don't forget to read the summary of changes page.

The game will probably start at the beginning of the second lecture week (around January 25th) so that everybody has enough time to signup and prepare.

January 14th

Nothing happened today. The umpires are most disappointed with all players. (just joking)

January 15th

Chief Sniper has been appointed as Chief of Police.

Someone calling himself The Great SFX and not giving his identity sent a message, in which he declared war on what he called "The Sidney Sussex mafia". He also said people would end up dead, because that seemed to be the usual result of this sort of thing.
Indeed, that appears to be the normal outcome when playing Assassins. (umpire)
Officials only replied that they did not know anyone with the name "The Great SFX" or had any indication that there are mafias operating in Cambridge.

January 16th

Early this morning the signup email finally went out. Anyone interested in playing, who hasn't got this email should email the umpires.
The deadline for signing up for this term's game will be midnight on wednesday January 24th.

January 17th

Today this message came in:

Messrs. Sinister and Cawazy,

We feel it only right to correct your error on the
"pre-game news" page: there IS at least one mafia
operating in Cambridge. Us. We are the Sandman Mafia,
and we will send our enemies into Morpheus' kingdom,
from whence they shall not return.


I wonder, how much of this is actually true... Would a mafia really announce its existence to everyone? Only the next weeks can tell.

January 18th

Some crazy maniac has sent Chief Sniper a note, on which he announced his intention to kill him. The Chief however appears to be eagerly waiting for such maniacs.

January 19th

Replies to the signup email are still flooding in and already some inventive weapons have been licensed.
Don't forget to check with the umpires if you want to use weapons not explicitly mentioned in the rules.

January 20th

In celebration of one of the umpires' birthdays and in memory of his short but violent appearances on the wanted lists of past games, it has been decided to give wanted criminals a very small chance of escaping justice:
Should the police force be wiped out entirely, chaos will reign on the streets of Cambridge and the wanted criminal(s) most responsible for the slaughtering of the police can just wander into the police headquarters and erase their criminal records.
Obviously incompetents or criminals that haven't shown special interest in killing cops will be deemed to be not capable of managing this.

January 22

This weird recruitment offer came in from someone calling himself bh234:

Champions of Grammar want you! We need eager assassins in order to improve standards of English in Cambridge. Our three stage plan for increasing literacy amongst students includes:

  1. Identification of key grammatical errors committed by Cambride assassins and those most responsible for them.
  2. A thorough and comprehensive reeducation policy consisting of a short, sharp shock. Say the sort created by a high-velocity round impacting a skull.
  3. Evil laughter. Lots of evil laughter.
Honour, fame and the knowledge that you're doing your bit to improve the quality of spoken and written English can be yours. Reply to bh234 care of the umpires. Anonymity guranteed.

The umpires want to point out that this bh234 is not one of the umpires, this person is trying to confuse everyone by his choice of pseudonym.
Replies to him can however anonymously be sent via the umpires.

January 24th

Anyone who hasn't signed up, yet, has time til tomorrow noon to do so. The game will start tomorrow evening.

January 25th

The game starts at 8pm, targets will be sent out shortly after the signup deadline at 12pm.

The targets have been sent out, the tension is rising and just a few hours until the game starts!. If you have signed up, but haven't received your targets yet, please contact the umpires.

One final thing before the beginnning of the game:
Have fun, be sensible and good luck to everybody.
The Umpires

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