The funniest emails from this game

These three emails belong together:

Some time afterwards, the Umpires received a little present in their pigeonholes:

This was however before checking our pigeonholes. Afterwards Sgt Danger got this email:

Who might have sent this email?

PS: Such weapons are currently not legal.

This is probably the email, with which the "Sniper affair" started...

The first bits of evidence against Sniper...

Sniper suspected the DIA was after him and tried to produce a false trail:

Then, finally! Hard evidence:

After the plot was revealed:

no comment

Take a guess: Who was in Cambridge on that weekend?

Did he know what he was in for?

A bit later that day:

This seems to be more realistic:

Maniac, meeeeee?!?

Oops, a little security breach...

Note the subject...

I guess he hoped for the answer "Kill him!!!".

Note the priority... He's not that keen on resurrection then, is he?

This email was supposed to be sent to Muffy in order to inform him where the evil & cowardly police officer Ralph Owen might be found, just in case the criminal Muffy might want to shoot him. However the email went to the wrong address...

Corrupt, meeee??! No! I'm just making sure someone who annoyed me that day got what he deserve.

Despite being funny this report never made it to the news. This was partly due to the fact that it was incredibly long and partly due to the fact that it simply reported the following events: Mario goes to Lloyd's room, Mario notices that the floor creaks and Mario runs away.

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