Rank  Address Room Status
ExecutionerWiggumBjoern Holzhauer3, St Pauls Road, Rm 1, CaiusNo water - WANTED
Doghandler, Canine DivisionGarrettMatthew Garrett12 Chapel Court Rm 4, JesusNo Water
Deputy ChiefEstellaGemma MitchellK9 St Marys, CaiusNo water, and no sprays/aerosols or perfume due to extreme allergies
InspectorRandom LeeSimon FordQ19 , EmmanuelNo water
SergeantSmithMike Smith49S , ChurchillNo Water
Sergeant EkhanpiltRobert Hiersemenzel Q14 , EmmanuelNo water
PCBeastSarah BirdF16, Girton No Water
PCThe Dangerous GeezerJames Milnerc80, Harvey Court, CaiusNo water
PCKharnDaniel WilliamsI14 , RobinsonNo water
PCSamuel VimesStewart BeckerFF24 , QueensWater with care
PCDandylionDan Owen3. Elsworth Place , HomertonWater with care
PCEviiil OneNicholas OwenHoward Court 6 , DowningNo water
PCSemisaneDaniel Seymour53 Jesus Lane, Rm 5 , JesusNo water
PC AxisRichard Murray E14 Cripps , St JohnsNo water
PCLittle Miss TeacherHannah DennisonRoom 316 West House, HomertonNo water
PCFire-girlVicki HillRoom 408 West House, HomertonNo water
PCArchangelMuhammed EsaE2, Cripps, St. JohnsNo water
PCRoscoeGeorge SandisonI9a, DowningWater with care
PCHarland QuinnStu Gill24 Castle House, Clare Colony , ClareWater with care
PCSpocularChristian D'CruzDD14, Cripps Court, Queens'No water
PCThe Hand o' GodChris PearsonRm 29, Market Hostel, KingsWater allowed
PCManic Street ScreecherKit Ballantyne22H, Cripps Court, SelwynWater with care
PCMad Monkey AssassinMatthew SwarbrickH9, Cripps Court, SelwynNo water
PCCaptain PenguinJoseph ZuntzCC2, Cripps Court, QueensWater with care
PCLoweWill LoweL2, Pump Court, JesusWater with care
PCDirty HarryAditya MansinghP11 , WolfsonWater with care - WANTED
PCRahmatPaivi Pasi213 Old Hall , NewnhamNo water
PCImmortalAbdollah Ghavami71 Maids Causeway , QueensNo water
PCThe FerretJohn Miller30 Thompson's Lane, Rm 6 , MagdaleneWater with care
PCVarysClaire BordenaveW22 , NewnhamWater with care
PCInsankameelHafiz IsmailRm 3, 24 Parkside , PeterhouseNo Water
PCKelpieMorag Gray115 Gwydir St., ChristsNo Water

Dead Police
Commissioner KrimsonJohannes Nordstrom Rm 27 Market Hostel , KingsWater allowed
Deputy ChiefHitmanMario Sainz MartinezLibrary Court III, Rm 9, JesusWater with care (computer)
SergeantP ZeroPaul HickfordCC31 Cripps, QueensNo Water
PCStriderEdward Wallacec92, Harvey Court, CaiusNo Water
PCCaracolEloise Phippsc89 Harvey Court, CaiusNo Water
PCFluffycopAngela RaynerN12, RobinsonNo Water
PCBirchSam BirchE1 Cripps building, St. JohnsNo Water
PCDirector GeneralTim ReddingD23 Cripps, St. JohnsNo Water
PCSpirosDave FallaizeJ1 , DowningNo Water
PCThe MolePhil BennettE3 Cripps, St JohnsNo Water
PCKharnDaniel WilliamsI14 , RobinsonNo water
PCPatricianIan WalkerC8 Cripps Building, St JohnsNo Water
InspectorRedKatie Braine24 Oak Tree Avenue , HomertonWater weapons with care
PCSzatmaryPeter Szatmary44A, ChurchillNo Water
SergeantLyonsNick Lyons7L, Churchill No Water
Chief of Canine DivisionWowbaggerDave HammondCF7 Cromwell Court, Sidney SussexNo Water
PCDave HammondEd Nokes3, St. Pauls Rd. Rm 2, CaiusNo Water
It is their responsibility to ensure that no act of injustice goes unpunished.