3 October:

The Michaelmas game registration email will go out late on Wednesday.
The game will probably start one week later.

An influx of new assassins has entered Cambridge. Veterans are readying their weapons, unsure of this new avenue of danger.

The retired master assassin Overkill was sighted in Cambridge today, though sources indicated he had left to study at another university... What could this mean?

5 October

The Chiefs of Police have been appointed and sworn in.

6 October

The registration email has gone out. Apologies for the delay... Sabotage in the system and all that. Anyone who hasn't received the email but wants to play should email the umpire.

7 October

Shady characters have been sighted leaving the Magic Joke Shop on Bridge Street carrying suspicious packages. Perhaps rumours of it being a front for an international arms dealer are true.

10 October

Ian Caulfield has been appointed Minister for Justice. He will assist the Umpire in running the game. He is impartial, not a player, and should not be shot.

Friday 13 October

The targetting program is being worked on, targets should be sent before 5pm. I hope.

Targets were sent out shortly after 3pm. The game starts at 6pm today.