-5 Make sure you stay out of real trouble and be careful

-4 Do not be seen with weapons in your hands. This is to avoid trouble with College porters/ officials etc thinking you're going to make a mess, or, worse still, that you're brandishing a real knife/pistol. We are not an official society, so we rely on being discreet about our "buisness". Besides, openly baring a weapon makes you a legitimate target for any players that see it.

-3 Carry college or University id with you, in case you get into trouble...If college authorities ask where you're going, have "I'm going to see if my friend x is in" which, after all, is true...

-2 There are a lot of mafias out there this term - judging from the ammount of death-threats reported so far

-1 Stay on the right side of the law - being on the Wanted List is not good for longevity - you multiply how many people are after you by a factor of twenty or thirty...

0 Anybody could be your assassin. Your friend, your supervision partner, your college mum... Be aware of betrayal.

Send dodgy mail NOW to register the Attempt. If you want a duel, kill those who may oppose it in a sudden outburst of direct violence. If you don't want a duel, kill those who do want a duel and take your time over it. In either case, gather supporters you can trust to watch out for you