Police Form

The number in stars denotes the number of criminals the police officer has killed.

penguin Chiefs of Police

(the idea being that the "penguins" will enforce the Law efficiently in this game)

Nadim "the Nyth" Nehmé, DEAD - *(0)*
House 7, Room 1 St Clements' Gardens, Tit Hall. No water weapons.

Edmund "the Uncle" Pringle, DEAD - *(1)*
T7 Mem Court Clare. Water weapons with care
He Lives in Cambridge. His family home is strictly out of bounds.

Sam "the Cat" Taylor - *(2)*
23 Market Hostel, Kings'. No water weapons.

Clare Boothby - *(0)*
Q13 Queens'. No water weapons
(currently on leave, but still kill her you criminals...)

Police Officers

Tamsyn George, DEAD - *(0)*
R5A, Christs'. Water weapons with care.

Chloe Sherlock, CORRUPT - *(0)*
N7 Tit Hall, No water weapons

Jeremy "Patrician" Bickerstaffe, DEAD
19 Malcolm street, Room 5, Jesus. No water weapons.

Thomas Voice - *(0)*
E15 St Johns'. No water weapons.

David Dowsett - *(1)*
Trinity, A3 Butler House, Burrell's field. No water weapons.

"Sam" Saifullah al-Masum Shaikh - *(1)*
Q10 Blue Boar Court, Trinity. No water weapons.

Yunus Sajad Hussein - *(0)*
DD21 Cripps Cort, Queens'. No water weapons.

Andrew "Llama Man" Macbeth - *(1)*
CC2 Cromwell Court Sidney. No water weapons.

Colin "Big Splodge" Towers - *(0)*
Bedroom 13 in H staircase, Old Court Clare. Allows water in this room.
Make sure you get the right room, the other rooms near there are full of computers.

Daniel Hon - *(0)*
Room A14 Harvey Court, Caius College. No water weapons

Bertrand Ohsan-Berthelsen, DEAD - *(0)*
002 Blundell Court, Sidney Sussex. No water weapons...

...because of his guitar & amp. And the Dean who lives on his floor - ie. don't besiege this guy or use high-calibre in his corridor and CLEAN UP immediately.

Judith "Cannon Fodder" Philip - *(1)*
Room 6 Braeside, Clare colony. No water weapons.

Adam Sibson - *(1)*
31 market hostel, Kings'. No water weapons.

Matthew "Mr Higgs" Garrett AKA "Cam Winstanley", DEAD - *(1)*
W16 North Court, Jesus. No water weapons.

Alex "Hologram" Churchill, DEAD
I3, Robinson. Water OK only if you miss the stereo.

Duncan "Slakko" Richer, DEAD AND SUSPENDED - *(0)*
G/1 73 Maids Causeway, Queens'. No water weapons.

Morag "Kelpie" Gray, DEAD - *(0)*
E3 Christs'. No water or messy weapons of any kind.

Will "Paragon" Harris, DEAD - *(0)*
Q7 North Court, Emma. No water weapons.

Ben "Mr Magoo" Mansell, DEAD - *(0)*
T16 Queens'. No water weapons.

Thomas "Ominous Pseudonym" Peters, DEAD - *(2)*
AA34 Pembroke. Water with care.

Natalia "Nia" Early AKA The Trilobite - *(0)*
Jesus, 17 Malcolm Street, Room 6. Allows water.

Michael "Puma" Jeggo, DEAD - *(0)*

Ollie Weekes - *(0)*
T4, Mem. Court, Clare. Water with care... careful with the piano.

Christopher Jefferson - *(0)*
Girton: Top Boots 5. No water weapons.
Monday to Saturday: lectures in Cockroft 10:00 till 12:00. Prefers being killed after lectures.

Jonathan Amery, DEAD and SUSPENDED - *(0)*
N2 Trinity Hall. No Water Weapons.
Oh, and it would be helpful for all concerned if you'd add the fact that there is an official society meeting in my room from 9.30 till whenever on a Sunday Evening.

Matthew Bloch - *(0)*
Kings' K226. No water weapons.

Emma Bennett, CORRUPT and DEAD - *(0)*
B20a Fitz. Water ok only if you miss exposed electronic equipment.
Is now a Zombie so her attacks don't count.

Tom "Archaeonecros" Lansdale, DEAD - *(4)*
B17 Wolfson Building Trinity. No water weapons.

Mark "Almarkienna" Harman, CORRUPT and DEAD - *(0)*
B13 Bishop Bateman Court, New Park Road, Tit Hall. No water weapons.

Fred Sharrock - *(0)*
L5 Burrells Field, Trinity. No water weapons.

Cristian "Mr Pengo" Asby, DEAD - *(0)*
V1A Kings'. No water weapons.
Be Warned: his door still smells of Vanilla.

Amanda Turner - *(0)*
E19 Cripps Court, St Johns'. No Water Weapons.

Richard the Criminal Hainsworth - *(0)*
Jesus, 36 Jesus Lane Room 1. Allows Water Weapons.

Richard Jones
10 Market Hostel, opposite Great St. Mary's, [Green Door], King's College, pigeonhole 716.

Jon Roiser

James Lingard
M4 Robinson. No water Weapons

Stu "sdg27" Gill - *(1)*
S11 Memorial Court, Queens' Road, Clare. No water weapons in room!

Toby "Jerabaim" Norfolk-Thompson - *(0)*
Z9 North Court Emma. No water weapons.

Dan "Satan's Child" Rowles
40 Lensfield Road, Downing. No water weapons.