The Master Assassin (MA) title will be awarded to the winner and to any other most outstanding players.

This is not formal. Basically, it's set to measure who plays well, at the Umpire's discretion. You get points for surviving, for killing, for originality. To score well, kill decent players and use good tactics.
NB: game points + duel points = total points

The Top Ten positions in the Game

  1. Charlie "The Purple Cola Bottle"="The Pink Pepsi Can"="Ken Juan" Baylis
  2. George "Misfire"="Mr Spider"="Stripey"="The Auntie" Savva
  3. Kien "The Mask"="Wunhunglow" Hoang
  4. Jon Stafford
  5. Ben "The Man in Black"=""Brit.Ann.J'nal.Roof-tiling"="JML"="Bill Roosevelt" Reddi
  6. Joel Ayoub-Fowler
  7. James "Fundi" Yea
  8. Kathleen Brazier (one of the Femmes Fatales from Fitz)
  9. Matthew "The Warden" Rose
  10. Mustafa "D'Artagnian" = "Mr Blond 666" Hadi

The final ratings...

Other Awards