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 KILLER   (Lent 93 game)
 Selected highlights from the mail, compiled by Julian Birch (JMB29).
 SPQR1 indicates a message to SPQR1.
 Square brackets indicate editing (usually paraphrase).
 Duncan Forsyth (the man so paranoid as to remove his college from his RNS
 entry) has been showing anti-social tendencies recently to the extent of
 wanting to blow up Trinity. The Organization feels that this is an
 over-reaction and is likely to bring it into disrepute. Prevent this occurence
 by any means you deem necessary.
 I have a choice assignment for you. Jon Knight, known as JMAK1, has been
 annoying people with his vacuous replies to groggs for over a year now. As with
 all social assignments like this, you will sadly recieve no fee. However, I am
 sure that the satisfaction of a job well done should suffice.
 The Organization has lifted its protection from James Bullock, who was known
 as JB10010. He is a master of poison gas, you have been warned.
 [This was shortly after the great tobacco rant last term.]
 It is understood that the man of many names, of which the most recognizable
 is NL105, has organized a date. He must not be permitted to reproduce at all
 costs. You are cleared to take any measures you see fit to prevent this.
 Paul Bolchover, codename PB10003, terminate with extreme prejudice.
 The University Senate has decided that too many Computer Scientists were
 admitted to Cambridge last year. You are asked to rectify this error in the
 person of David Taylor, DJT1000 of B2 Garden Hostel, King's College.
 After an ill-advised attempt on the life of the groggs editor, The
 Organization has declared RSC1004, codename Robert Carver, persona non grata.
 The Organization feels that CURPS requires new blood. Notably, it's
 chairman's (CC112, Chris Carr) spattered all over the User Area would be
 Ian Wells (IJW11) has a silly pony-tail. Remove it. Use of unnecessary force
 has been approved.
 [This was before Colin made his own attempt on Ian's hair.]
 Matthew Finlayson has been observed using a PC running Windows NT. He doesn't
 deserve to live.
 * THE GAME...
 [Following request for clarification of the rules including the question of
 what the precise definition of a computer room was and whether he could
 designate his room as one.]
 A place where the public use computers. Yes, I know they do, but your room
 still doesn't count. 8-)
 It has been brought to my attention that you committed an unprovoked act of
 aggression upon the person of Ian Wells earlier today. Good show. The
 Organization would like to see you continue your good work. Matthew Finlayson,
 aka MCF14, is considering turning crown evidence. Silence him.
   It has come to our attention that some unidentified group is attempting to
 curb the Organizations activities. It is possible you have been scheduled for
 termination. Be careful out there.
 You're on the police as of now. Your targets are listed in jmb29.killer:wanted.
 Remember, you only live twice.
 We take off his make-up.
 The subject of this record is a first-year undergraduate at Trinity Hall,
 Cambridge, studying mathematics. His approximate height is 5'11". He could
 be described as shifty-looking, with a very roughly shaven face, collar-
 length wavy dark brown hair, and a macabre smile which creeps slowly onto his
 face. This impression is accentuated by his long dark herring-bone pattern
 coat, which he perpetually wears, as well as metal-rimmed spectacles.
   His residence is room N2, Trinity Hall (Latham Court). He can also frequently
 be found in the Trinity Hall computer room, and in room S2, where he indulges
 in the deviant practice of "role-playing". He has been observed by reliable
 sources to travel secretly to Harvey Court every Thursday evening, where he
 pursues this suspect activity further - frequently carrying a large black
   His presence in his room can frequently be detected by the noise of loud
 music (notably that produced by an American group of subversives known as
 "Metallica") leaking from the hole in his door, a hole which he endeavours to
 cover with a message pad. A booby-trap which Forsyth himself had placed in
 this hole was responsible for the tragic death of Richard Fairhurst early
 in February this year.
 is possible by sitting in the toilet immediately adjacent to his door. This
 has been used by police officers several times recently. DISCLOSURE OF THIS
 Report filed: 08/02/93
           by: Inspector Norse
     research: Inspector Norse, Sergeant John Lewis
 >IJW11,RSC1004 [Addendum to Richard's description of Duncan]
 DF is in fact Public Enemy No.2, but MCF has killed any cops (yet)
 (Message number 117)
 Submitted: 19:14:25 10 Feb 93
 IPMessageId: A706C5BA9BA73420
 From: Julian 
 To: DF10003
 In-Reply-To: A706792322B9EE50
 Subject: Re: [NOTE: ]
 Could you clarify?
 I have destroyed the nest of conspirers that were using Trinity, Angel Court as
 a base.
   Ha ha ha ha.
   I'm logged on from Cockroft 4. 'cos I wasn't taking any chance with the amount
 of explosive I used!
   1 very large bomb outside Ian's staircase detonated by timer.
   an intermediary bomb with LOS to both the 1st bomb and...
   a 3rd bomb outside Paul's room.
   When the first explodes it sets off the second and that detonates the third.
 Bye, Bye Conspirers.
   The redeemer has returned!!!!
 [It's not absolutely clear I should have allowed this bomb but there are all
 sorts of problems with the bomb rules anyway.]

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